Casual Look

It’s nearly summer but the weather has not been too hot. For these days that it’s more difficult to decide what to wear, where we still have to dress up but informal, here are a few suggestions.


A fine black sweater and jacket from MANGO. 




Jeans from MET, an Italian firm that makes pants that fit great. You’ll love them!


Friendly-Madrid- Details

Jimmy Choo inspired clutch from SUITE BLANCO just like the hat.



Black sunglasses by Vogue Eyewear. Available at Optica Roma, Madrid.


Wedges from Castañer in white and transparent, these sandals are really comfortable and go with everything, the only thing is the color, since they get dirtily easily.

Gilda´s Closet

And lastly, I wanted to show you this aquamarine neckless designed by Coral de la Croix that you can find in at Gilda´s Closet. Hand made with glass and metal, available as well in celestial and nude.

White Winter

 Often we associate colors to a season, black for winter, white for summer, like fluorine ringtones.


This winter more than ever, wearing white is the fashion, from coats, jackets, sweaters, dresses to skirts.

la foto 3 la foto 1

Abrigo blanco la foto 2

la foto 1-3la foto 1

la foto 2-2 la foto 1-2

Find similar items to these on sale:

la foto 5-2 Pantalón ZARA

Leather biker Jacket 39,99 euros, ZARA

Basic jeans 12,00 euros ZARA

la foto 1-2 la foto 5-2

Military style chiffon blouse 14,99 euros Mango

Biker style jacket 24,99 euros Mango

la foto 3-2 la foto 4-2

Pants with zippers 9,99 euros Mango

Crepe pants suit 14,99 euros Mango

la foto 2-2 la foto 3


Chanel bag

Mango new collection look book

la foto 3-3 la foto 4-3


Chanel Sunglasses

Chanel bag

la foto 5-2la foto 4

Open back pullover 9,99 euros Blanco

Pullover 25,99 euros Pull &Bear

la foto 5-3 la foto 5

Chanel belt

Feather flared coat 34,99 euros Blanco