Stonefly Sneakers, Second Skin

In 1993 at Montebelluna Andrea Tomat and Adriano Sartor started Stonefly.

Their goal is to find a balance between a comfortable shoe and Italian style.




In 2013 a new brand by Stonefly was born: Second Skin, a line of soft and enveloping footwear.





Second Skin Oxy is one of the most popular models. A suede ankle boot is available in several colors.

All Second Skin footwear have the Blusoft Stonefly system, an exclusive gel system that allows you to walk lightly, gently and without fatigue.


Stonefly_Sidney 2 103488_M29


The inside is made of a special stretch fabric that adapts to the shape of the foot to enhance the effect of a “second skin“.



From the Stonefly Second Skin collection, we have chosen the model 103558 / M82 Finny 3 Sneakers made in soft suede and damask and contrasting black laces with a 9 cm toothed wedge sole.



 Sizes 35-41.



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