Galería LOEWE

The Galería Loewe is situated within the historic site at 8 Gran Vía, Loewe‘s oldest store, designed by the architect Francisco Ferrer Bartolomé and opened in 1939.

Escaparate Loewe


Its entire lower-ground floor has become a gallery-like space exploring the history, tradition and sensual appeal of Spain’s foremost luxury brand through art installations and interactive experiencies specially designed to delight the senses.


The Loewe scarves are inspired in the Spanish culture. The prints from the house´s most emblematic silk collections come to life projected onto a suspended piece of fabric.


With different areas each focusing on a specific aspect of Loewe‘s 166 years of artisanal expertise, Galeria Loewe showcases the house’s most iconic products and leathers.




The tools used today to work the leather date back to the Bronze Age. This exhibition shows a selection of these utensils, inherited from father to son, along with the artesian know-how necessary to use them.


The Amazona bag has more than 65 parts, most of which are handmade.


As a tribute to the talented José Pérez de Rozas, Loewe´s designer and art director from 1945 to 1978, there is a full reconstruction of one of his most memorable window displays.


This tree, symbol of Loewe‘s enduring leather expertise, offers a sensorial experience with an unlimited range of textures, colors and finishes. By caressing the leather branches, visitors will discover a chapter of Loewe’s history.