Casa Decor 2016

Casa Decor abre sus puertas del 19 de mayo hasta el 16 de junio, en la Casa Palacio Atocha (Calle Atocha, 34) Madrid.
Como en años anteriores se exponen las últimas tendencias en interiorismo, novedades tecnológicas y materiales de última generación.
Este año se celebra en la Casa Palacio Atocha, un edificio de 1885, reformado en 2006 que cuenta con 4.000 m2 y que conserva algunos de los elementos de su arquitectura decimonónica como la escalera, la fachada, el patio de manzana y las amplias ventanas abalconadas.
En este vídeo podéis ver como se ha realizado la transformación del espacio:

Un gran espacio en el que este año participan 13o interioristas, arquitectos, diseñadores, artistas y paisajistas. Las tendencias decorativas apuntan hacia una renovación estética, lujosa y ecléctica, donde priman las geometrías decorativas. Cocinas, dormitorios, cuarto de baño integrados y zonas de estar que se adapatan al estilo de vida actual.
Color block, tonos ácidos sin olvidar el estilo minimalista en blanco y negro.
También destacan las piezas doradas y acabados brillantes y un estilo con toques vintage que recuerda a la decoración de la famosa  serie ¨Mad Men¨.
En definitiva un despliegue de creatividad y buen gusto donde cada año se dan cita los mejores profesionales del mundo de la decoración. Del centenar de empresas participantes el 50% son fabricantes europeos o multinacionales.
Esta cocina, dormitorio y salón son algunos de mis espacios favoritos de Casa Decor 2016.
Después o durante la visita haz una parada en su maravillosa terraza.
Horario de la Exposición:
Todos los días, de 11 a 21 h
(domingos y festivos incluidos)
Cómo llegar
Plaza de santa Ana, Plaza de Jacinto Benavente, Las
Cortes o Sevilla
Antón Martín (L1),
Sevilla (L2) y Sol (Líneas 1, 2, 3, 10)
Líneas 6 y 32
De venta en taquilla o en la página web de Casa Decor:
General: 12,50 €
Grupos de 10 o más: 10 €
Promociones especiales, preguntar en taquilla

DecorAccion 2015

Hello! How was your weekend? Today we show a summary and some photos of the street fair we visited last week, DecorAccion 2015.


From June 11 al 14 in the Barrio de Las Letras in Madrid the ever expanding edition of DecorAccion 2015 took place.


Friendly Madrid Blog


The streets are decorated with flags, flowers and original ornaments.






This is already the sixth edition of the event, where more than 80 shops and stands participate in the fair with home goods, decoration pieces, fashion items and furniture. 


People come out to enjoy the good weather on the cafe terraces around the fair. Definitely pay a visit to the fair during the next edition. 


New Beauty Products June 2015

CAUDALIE presents a collection of 4 different masks (Instant Detoxifying Mask, Hydrating Cream Mask, Glycolic Peeling and Purifying Mask) all inspired by Vinothérapie CAUDALIE Spas, helping the skin to look perfect in record time.
Born of nature, CAUDALIE always takes care of packaging. This line comes in white and green tubes made of recycled plastic, sealed with a plug of wood from sustainably managed forests.
To adapt the masks for each area of the face, CAUDALIE proposes Mix&Mask using various masks simultaneously. In my case I am using Hydrating Cream Mask and Purifying Mask, Duo Balancing.
For all skin types, softer more flexible skin in minutes, a rehydrated moreover, with a pleasant perfume.
Ingredients: Vinolevure, grape seed oil and hyaluronic acid. Results: skin calmly 90%.
PURIFYING MASK (23€, 75ml.)
For mixed skin with imperfections. Absorbent, clarifies and exfoliates the epidermis. Leaves the skin soft, purified and matte. Ingredients: White Clay, Zinc and eight essential oils. Results: skin purified 82%.
If I had to choose only one, I would choose the Hidrating Cream Mask. I love its texture, not like other masks that you apply yourself that feel like paste, this one spreads quickly.




LOVIUM, the first fragrance oil for body and hair

The first elixir in 3 phases for body and hair with oils that come in a bottle.
LOVIUM formula contains chamomile oil, monoï oil and grapeseed oil. Illuminates, moisturizes, protects and repairs hair fiber, and deeply moisturizes the skin.

LOVIUM is presented in 5 fragrances: Love Time, Mystery Time, Play Time, Sensual Seduction Time and Time.

Love time – with emphasis on gardenia and magnolia and notes of amber.
Mystery time – Amber, musk and patchouli background.
Play Time – Citrus notes and blackcurrant geranium. White flowers: gardenia, jasmine and lily.
Seduction Time- Bergamot water bamboo output notes, orange blossom, peony and vanilla background and amber.
Sensual Time- Scent of ylang ylang, bergamot and jasmine.
All fragrances smell great but my favorites are Love Time and Play Time.
0% Parabens
0% Phthalates
0% Phenoxyethanol
Shake &Enjoy!!!


Price: 8,95 .


SABON Cleopatra Treatment
The famous Cleopatra bath oils used in ancient times, return with SABON.
For relaxation and moisturizing the body, SABON proposes its new Cleopatra bath consisting to add two tablespoons of Mineral Powder and a few drops of Shower Oil and Massage Oil. Recommended to enjoy this bath once a week to achieve the full benefits.

Mineral Powder: Powder made from the mixture of salts and minerals. Very good for muscle pain and ideal for a relaxing bath.


Shower Oil: Gel bath to nourish and hydrate the skin. Enriched with 4 natural oils (olive, jojoba, avocado and wheat germ).
Massage Oil: Based on highly nutritious and soothing natural ingredients. Besides being used for SABON Cleopatra bath, ideal for massage.



Yves Rocher Vegetal Nail Polish
Yves Rocher presents their new collection of Vegetal Nail Color under the concept of Speaking Colors, relating shades with the emotions.
According to the Theory of Color, women choose our manicure tones depending on how we feel that day (Funny, Dreamer, Rockera or Sexy). 50 nail polish, 10 with gel effect and a renewed line of nail care treatment.
Thanks to Elemi resin from the Philippines can reflects an intense gloss on the nail, respects the nail and dry quickly. In addition the new brush shape it is easier to apply.



Color Vegetal Nail Polish: 2,95  (5ml)


Color Vegetal Nail Polish Gel Effect4,95€ (5ml)
Frezyderm Sun Screen
The Greek firm Frezyderm, brings to Spain their sunscreens line Velvet Sun Screen to protect face and body against UVA, UVB, visible and IR radiation.
It is available in four formats: Velvet Sun Screen SPF 30 Facial; Velvet Sun Screen SPF 50+ Facial, Velvet Sun Screen Facial Color SPF 50+ y Velvet Sun Screen SPF 50+ Body.
I’m trying Velvet Sun Screen SPF 50+ Facial and I love the texture. It is very light, and can be used under makeup, while it blends with the skin and leaves a velvet appearance. The formula has antioxidants and plant extracts also protects against photoaging.
The solar treatment Frezyderm does not contain parabens, is resistant to water and sweat and allows the skin to breathe. Recommended to use it throughout the year to all ages and skin.



Price: 19,95 €


After Sun 202 Maria Galland

After Sun in gel texture, light and refreshing for face and body. After exposure to sunlight the skin needs extra hydration, moisture and cell protection. This after sun gel-cream contains extracts of Opuntia and Schisandra that reduces redness and itchy skin.
With a very pleasant aroma, this after sun is rich in vitamins, anti-aging, antioxidants and minerals with a soothing and regenerating effect on the skin.
Besides the multi active substances like bisabol, allantoin and panthenol soothe and combat dehydration.


Price: 35  200ml



Vita Liberata Sun Self Tanning Powders

In addition to providing a deep tan, having self-tanning effect that is continuous when you remove the makeup. Apply to the face (cheeks, chin and T-Zone) and neck after moisturizer or makeup. If you want to define the angles of your face apply more on your cheekbones.
Containing no parabens, sulfates or phthalates. I am using the 01 Tone Sunkissed which is a light toned and makes your face look good after adding a touch of color. The pack includes a luxury mini kabuki brush like the one shown in this photo.
Find VITA MINERALS TRYSTAL LIBERATA at Sephora or on the company’s website


Price: Around 50 €

Have you tried any of these products? If you use any of these please let us know your impressions.



Black & white dress

Hello everyone!! How’s your week going? I’m back in Madrid. These are photos I made in Tarifa last weekend.


It was a great long weekend, we enjoyed exploring Tarifa and spending a day in Tanger. Soon I will tell you more details and tips from our trip.


One afternoon, I wore this dress to go for a walk and dinner.



The classic Rayban Wayfarer sunglasses in black.



Clarins makeup.


A very comfortable easy look for summer, with this black and white Mango dress (new). For a casual evening to wear with other accessories, heels, or black bag to create a more sophisticated look.


Gladiator sandals are a must for Spring-Summer 2015. These from Uterque (new), I found them in the store by chance they were supposedly out of stock. You can tie the strips lower down or around your legs like in the photo.


What do you think of this look, do you like the dress and sandals?




April 2015 Beauty News


ISDIN recently presented their new sunscreen products, the press presentation took place at ABC Museum in Madrid.

ISDIN Presentacion FW_FA Madrid_13

Sunscreen ISDIN Fusion Water:

The first water-based sunscreen. Provides the feeling of freshness and a silky finish. Fusion technology, easy to apply with immediate absorption. Incorporates two advanced technologies: Safe-Eye Technology, to not irritate eyes; Wet-Skin, which allows the application on the wet skin and waterproof. SPF 50+ UVA and UVB protection.

This new product also has anti-aging properties with hyaluronic acid and antioxidants such as vitamin E. For all skin types, oil-free.

ISDIN Presentacion FW_FA Madrid_14

Sunscreen ISDIN Fusion Air:

A light, dry by mixing a gas and nebulized fusion technology, which forms an air finished with a dry mist. Has soft touch packaging and Moritz 360 valve, which allows to apply the product in any position. UVB and UVA protection 50+ waterproof.

Exclusively in pharmacies:

Sunscreen ISDIN Fusion Water – 19.80 €, 50 ml.

Sunscreen ISDIN Fusion Air – 22.80 €, 200 ml.

OPI Infinite Shine at NENHA

OPI Infinite Shine achieved in three steps a super-manicure. We have been trying this week at Nenha Salon (C/Jorge Juan,63 Madrid) a manicure with Infinite Shine and confirm that after five days the enamel remains perfect and very bright.


It consists of three steps:




5 free, has no toluene, formaldehyde resin, DBP (Dibutiftalato) and camphor fastener except the base does contain camphor.


Apply, dry and removed like a traditional nail polish, OPI says it can take up to 10 days. Available in 30 colors.

Biocuantica, natural cellular stimulation at LEFORM clinic

A balance system that provides the necessary stimulation to improve the quality level of elasticity, density, oxygen saturation, etc.

BIOQUANTICA works by creating a closed circuit in the treatment area. Make readings several hundred times per second, interpreted the data and works according to them to improve the detected problem.


How it works?

Is the combination of two electronic systems: a computer with a very sophisticated software that facilitates the instructions, how to work with doctors, maps anatomy and a hardware that controls electronic of micro-current with mathematical calculation algorithm.

Is used for facial rejuvenation, body contouring, breast lift, firming, stimulating circulation, stretch marks, scars, acne, burns.

Human + Kind

A new beauty brand we met at the Sephora press presentation event.

The philosophy of Human + Kind is based on natural products (Aloe Vera, Bamboo, Avena, Broccoli, Cucumber, Calendula).


We tested 3 in 1 oil for face, body and hair. When applied is absorbed quickly, leaving skin hydrated and not greasy, with a pleasant aroma. It is recommended to use after bathing. Helps reduce marks or scars on the skin. Avoid contact with eyes.

We love the packaging.


MARIA GALLAND PARIS is a cosmetic firm present around the world.

A tighter skin and a body full of energy are the purposes of their new products. Highly effective with active substances provide a defined silhouette contour.


We have tried Poudre de Bain 438A Minceur use de contain of the envelop in a bath and relax feeling like in a spa. The  ingredients are lemon, rose and muguet to hidrate the skin and reshape the figure.

Application: Add the content into the bath water and enjoy the experience of the spa fragrance.