¿A la playa con maquillaje?

¿A la playa con maquillaje? La respuesta es sí y además sin que se note.


María Galland presenta una nueva línea para estar maquillada y natural en la piscina o en la playa. David Deibis maquillador de celebrities nos da sus cinco básicos para pasar el día bajo el sol, en el chiringuito y por la noche a una fiesta.



Primero aplicamos el protector solar SOIN PROTECTER VISAGE SPF 50.

194 SOIN PROTECTEUR VISAGE SPF 50 DE MARIA GALLAND PVP 36 EUROSDespués del protector evitamos las bases cubrientes y elegimos BB cream compact con SPF o Teint compact con SPF 182 TEINT COMPACT SPF 50+.

182 TEINT COMPACT SPF 50 DE MARIA GALLAND PVP 36 EUROSSi queremos efecto buena cara al instante, basta con añadir DUO POUDRE BRONZANTE ET BLUSH.

516 DUO POUDRE BRONZANTE ET BLUSH DE MARIA GALLAND PVP 39 EUROSEn los labios un tono natural o coral, 500 LE ROUGE un labial con protección y un toque de brillo.

500 LE ROUGE 28A FRUIT DOREÔ DE MARIA GALLAND PVP 28 EUROSSombra de ojos OMBRE UNIQUE aplicada con los dedos, hay que elegir un tono claro y aplicar con ligeros toques solo en el párpado móvil para un efecto natural.

526 OMBRE UNIQUE tono 19 beige ivoire de MARIA GALLAND PVP 21 EUROSMáscara de pestañas Waterproof simpre tiene que ser resistente al agua si queremos evitar el efecto panda. 522-21 MÁSCARA INFINI WATERPROOF, de larga duración y color intenso: el cepillo tiene un peine extra que ayuda a definir las pastañas.

522 MASCARA INFINI WATERPROOF (NEGRO) DE MARIA GALLAND PVP 27 EUROS - ABIERTOHay que evitar un fondo de maquillaje pesado, el corrector de ojeras, eyeliner, brillo de labios y sombra de ojos oscura.



Spanish women are the Europeans most concerned about marks on their faces and 71% of them report having skin spots.

This according to the IPSOS / CAUDALIE study conducted in 5 European countries, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal with 2,500 women between 20 and 60 years of age, between December 2014 and January 2015.


A few days ago in Madrid we attended the press presentation of CAUDALIE Vinoperfect.


 As we can see in the study, light and skin spots are a major concern.

So CAUDALIE created:



The secret of both products is viniferine, the most powerful antioxidant from the vegetable world and corrector of blemishes.

Many years ago, in the vineyards, women applied vine sap to their faces and hands to remove and prevent stains and to illuminate their skin.


Vinoperfect GLOW SERUM ANTI SPOTS is the No. 1 treatment for blemishes sold in pharmacies since 2008.

Unlike other depigmentation products, this is not aggressive or photo sensitive. It can be used for day and evening before applying sun cream or moisturizer.

It provides a luminosity that is noticeable from the first application and gradually decreases blemished skin. The ideal way is to use it with the PERFECT SKIN FLUID COLOR FPS20 Vinoperfect.

My skin is clear with freckles so I have to care for my face to avoid blemishes, especially with the arrival of summer. I am using the two products together and the results are great.


CAPACITY: 30 ml.

P.V.P. RECOMMENDED:  47.10 €


This new product fixes blemishes thanks to its special formula. It works well with the serum, as a powerful blemish remover for amazing skin.

Contains hyaluronic acid and Viniferina and thanks to its light-reflecting pigments it blends into the skin and perfectly fits with skin tones.

Oil-free texture unifies and covers irregularities. Available in two shades, one for lighter skin and another for medium to darker skin. In my case, although I have clear skin sometimes I use medium tone for a little more color.


CAPACITY: 40 ml.


For sale in pharmacies.


 Have you tried any of these products by CAUDALIE Vinoperfect? What do you think?

Sérum Végétal Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher presents Sérum Végétal line, the first anti-wrinkle product developed with the Natural Treatment Technology Assimilation.


A technology that allows the skin to better assimilate the treatment and therefore the results are effective from the first moment.
The new line consists of ficoide glacial and is called “Life Plant”, for its ability to survive in extreme conditions and stimulate protein that reactivates cells against aging.


The treatment I am using is composed of three products: Sérum Végétal Day cream, eye contour and Serum Végétal night cream.


Some application tips:

Straightening– This expert cosmetic gesture serves to correctly apply a cream every morning and evening to smooth the tissues.
Place the cream in the palm of your hand and warm it by gently rubbing the hands together.
Place hands on either side of the nose and enjoy the aroma.
Apply the product extending from the nose to the cheeks, ending at the temples.


Type – an expert beauty trick that facilitates the microcirculation and penetration of the active cream.

Place your hands on the neckline and perform small round movements with fingers, moving hands horizontally to the face.

Pinch – This gesture tones and firms skin tissue by stimulating muscles of the face.
Soft pinches to the skin between the thumb and forefinger, this movement must be rapid and light.
Start from the neckline to the front avoiding the area of the trachea, hands moving horizontally.