The Beauty Concept

Thanks to the revolutionary “personal beauty” concept, this center has become a favorite among celebrities in Madrid.


The Beauty Concept, led by Paz Torralba and her team of 14 professionals.


The objective of the center is to correct the defects that have always bothered us and fight the effects of aging with harmony and subtlety.

Goya Toledo y Paz Torralba

Paz Torralba and actress Goya Toledo

Eugenia Silva, Belén Rueda, Hiba Abouk, Goya Toledo, Pastora Vega, Paula Prendes, Marta Hazas or Marta Torne, among other celebrities, have chosen The Beauty Concept as a center of reference for their personal care and attention and to find the latest techniques. 

After a personalized study, I was recommended the Facial Swiss Intensive Elasto-Collagen treatment. 


Victoria Lorenzo from Friendly Madrid

The Beauty Concept uses Swiss Revitalizing Anti-Age Cellfacial from Cellcosmet, an intelligent skin care

While most of the cosmetics on the market have between 0.5% and 1% of active ingredients, the Cellcosmet products have up to 30% active cells obtained by biotechnology. They also contain vegetable oils, 100% pure essential oils, algae and marine extracts. They are completely hypoallergenic and do not contain alcohol.

Swiss Revitalizing Anti-Age Cellfacial Treatment adapts to the physiological age of the skin. The result is a healthy, bright and rejuvenated complexion.

Pre-treatment steps:

Deep cleaning. Makeup removal and cleansing the skin with a massage. It is essential to clean the skin of impurities.


Toning. The pH of the face and neck is rebalanced, and prepared for subsequent treatments.

Exfoliation. Dead cells are removed so the skin develops a bright and clear tone. Double action peeling: enzyme to release accumulated impurities from deep in pores.

Application of the activator gel. Stimulates blood microcirculation, promote oxygenation, metabolism of the cells and prepares the skin for absorption of active ingredients.


Totally clean, the skin is ready for the application of the treatment.

1.    Intensive Elasto Collagen Ampoule, a firming and hydrating isotonic complex is applied through a deep massage, focusing on the most necessary points, until completely absorbed.


2. Eye contour, accompanied by a relaxing massage in the area, focusing on bags or wrinkles.

3.  Enlightening and detox mask, illuminates the skin and provides a powerful lightening effect.

4. Ultracell Intensive Ampoule, improves skin circulation, tones and accelerates regeneration, repairing it intensively. Covering the face for 15 to 20 minutes with bandages soaked in an energizing lotion.

5. Cell cream, applied by a relaxing massage on the face and neck with the type corresponding to each age and skin type.


For best results, The Beauty Concept recommends seven sessions for a period of three months. During the first month, one treatment per week; in the second month, once every two weeks, and finally, one treatment in the third month. Price per treatment: 100 euros.

From the first session you will appreciate the result of noticing your skin more luminous, smooth and soft.

More information and contact:

The Beauty Concept

C/Chile, 10 28016, Madrid

Tf. 914 57 25 31

New Beauty Products Fall Winter 2014

Here we introduce the new products of select international cosmetic brands:

Quelques Notes d’Amour, the perfume of love by Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher interprets the scent of love with a new perfume. The French company, creator of Cosmétique Végétale created this perfume in cooperation with Domitille Bertier, one of the most renowned perfumiers who has worked with major international perfume houses.

Domitille Bertier has chosen Rosa Damascena with notes of fruit, Guayacán wood and Benjoin extract. Available in two sizes 50 and 30 ml.

Friendly-Madrid-Quelques-Notes- d'Amour-Yves-Rocher

Price: 19,90 EUR 30ml

              28.90 EUR 50ml


Oil Night Active Serum7 Boots Laboratories

An innovative anti-aging oil for night-time that helps to nourish and hydrate the skin while you sleep. In the morning, you feel your skin repaired.

The skin is in a constant state of repair, but night-time is the best time since there is so much stress during the day.

This is especially important after age 25, when the processes of cellular skin renewal slow down.

Fits all types of skin, the oil is hypoallergenic, paraben-free and dermatologically tested.

Results: Illuminator, easy to apply, smooth and glossy, easily absorbed and non-greasy.


Davines Essential Haircare

A new product line that, in addition to taking care of our hair, is committed to the environment by contributing to the biodiversity of our planet.

Also part of the Slow Food Project, supporting more than 10,000 small producers technically and financially so they can continue producing indigenous plants, offsetting the loss of biological heritage of inestimable value.

la foto 5

Shampoo 250ml Price: 14,50 EUR

Conditioner 250ml: 16.25 euros

Mask 250ml: 22.70 euros

Germinal 3.0

Anti-aging treatment in a format of 30 blisters with dispenser. Each blister contains enough product for two applications. The treatment lasts two months.

Indicated to combat signs of aging skin such as wrinkles, sagging and dryness. Hydrates, firms and nourishes the skin, reduces fine lines, brightens the skin, sets makeup and prevents oxidation of the cells.


Rodial presents their first makeup line

Friendly-Madrid-Rodial- Make-Up

Rodial instaglam Skin Tint Moisturizer makeup provides medium coverage and hydration. Contains SPF30 and hyaluronic acid, which works to fill in wrinkles. Available in four shades; Aspen, Capri, Hamptons and St Bart’s.

Friendly-Madrid-Rodial-skbbvnmtintdrk40_3Price: 40.50 € / 40ml

Glamolash XXL Mask. This mask defines and provides extra volume, ideal for a night look, it is also long lasting. The thick brush helps cover all the lashes with a black smoked, elevates and adds volume and definition.

Friendly-Madrid-Rodial-glamolash-mascara-xxl-printPrice: 30 € / 10.5ml

You can find Rodial Make up at Marionnaud Perfumeries.

GERMINAL Premium antiaging

Alter Laboratories launched Germinal in 1977, the first Spanish brand of high end cosmetics.
In 2014 the Germinal Premium Collection, the first anti-aging line from Alter, was created.
Colección Germinal
Germinal Cell Collection = Intensive Nutrition
Intensive Day Cream Cellular Nutrition is an anti-aging day shock treatment designed to counter the effects of oxidative skin elements.
Apply in the morning on clean skin.
Fills wrinkles from the inside and moisturizes the skin, contains hyaluronic acid.
Vitamin C provides shine to the face.
Ceramide-3 acts on the skin, leaving smooth, soft and flexibility.
Friendly-Madrid-Colección-Germinal-celularPrice: 25,30 EUR
Germinal Collection = Facial Intensive Care Serum
A concentrate of antioxidants to combat the damage caused by the accumulation of free radicals. SPF15
Use it once or twice a day to combat wrinkles and give your skin a lifting effect.
Contains black currant oil, an important antioxidant that protects the skin from external agents.
The smooth texture is light and absorbed rapidly.
Friendly-Madrid-Colección-Germinal-serum   Price: 30,54 EUR

Germinal Collection = Oxygenating Intensive Cellular
Oxygenating Intensive Cellular Night Cream is an anti-aging product designed to repair damaged skin. Apply before bedtime.
Combats skin aging thanks to the effect of apple stem cells, which increase the longevity of skin cells and protect DNA.
Friendly-Madrid-Colección-Germinal-oxigenante   Price: 27,05 EUR
These products do not contain fragrance, parabens or colorants. They are also oil free so you do not have to worry about greasy residue.
From Friendly Madrid, if we had to choose one of these three products, we would choose the serum that you can apply it day and night, as the texture is very light and gives your skin a lifting effect.