Rene Furterer Hair Care Masterclass

Recently we attended the Rene Furterer Paris hair care masterclass.

Diego Perez, an international trainer of the firm, highlighted the importance of a healthy scalp, using the example of a plant needing to grow in fertile land.


Each of the attendees was given a personalized hair diagnosis (visual, tactile, dialogue) by answering the following questions:


1- How does your hair feel?

2- Do you have a sensitive, dry or greasy scalp?

3-How often do you wash your hair?

4- How long does your hair stay clean?

5- What products do you use normally?

6- Are you losing your hair?

7- If your hair falls out, is it only during certain periods or more habitual?

Rene Furterer has created different product lines for hair covering all its necessities. Depending on how you would answer these questions you identify which product to use.

Curbicia– For greasy scalp or hair


Karite– Very dry scalp and hair

Melaleuca– Eliminates dandruff and improve the scalp


Anti-hair loss care – Solves both types of hair loss

Astera– For sensitive and irritated scalp

Tonucia-Helps regain strength and density in hair

Okara-Protects and sublimate the brightness of colored hair

Fioravanti– Increases shine

Some tips for healthy hair:

Prepare hair before washing by applying concentrated essential oils that tone the scalp, regulate sebum, stimulate blood microcirculation and reinforce the action of other treatment products.


Astera Soothing Serum (sensible scalp) or Complexe 5 to promote roots (normal scalp).


Instructions: spread the product in line with the hair roots massaging from the occipital region to the front, making upward circular motions with your fingertips to stimulate the circulation.

Wash hair when needed, no matter how often but always with the right products.

After washing apply the treatment (mask, conditioner, hair loss lotion, brightening spray)

Brush hairoften without touching the scalp with the brush. The sooner you remove any dead hair, the sooner new hair can grow.


We tested some Rene Furterer hair products from the different lines and the results have been very positive.


For more information you can visit Rene Furterer’s website: