The natural window just opened the 100th store in Spain

After 30 years in the industry, Ynsadiet Laboratories created Natural Window in 1999, a completely innovative range of consumer products that include a mentoring program and customized for weight control and made of natural therapies.


Ynsadiet Laboratories is targeted to consumers interested in maintaining patterns of healthy and natural lifestyles with products of the highest standards of quality at a competitive price.


Now Nature’s Window is celebrating the opening of its 100th store.

What services can be found at the 100th Natural Window store?

Located at Alcalá street, 168 in Madrid, the store offers a variety of services, including an intolerance test, weight diet, revolutionary NUTRIOX program, aesthetics or natural therapies.


The consumer has more than 3000 references of dietary supplements and food products to choose from and the guaranty of a leading manufacturer.


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About Ynsadiet Laboratories

Ynsadiet Laboratories was founded in 1980 to bring the consumer products from beekeeping, specializing in the production and packaging of honey, pollen and royal jelly.

From 1985, the company began their journey by establishing a factory in Getafe, which had modern facilities including research and development, and quality control departments.

The company quickly gained a privileged position in the industry with great success in product sales like Molkesol, weight loss programs, vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

In 2003, due to the growth of the company, the headquarters was moved to their current location in Leganés. They are also positioned internationally in markets such as Algeria, Morocco, Portugal, Britain, France and Germany.

Their portfolio includes more than 700 references, complementary products based on medicinal plants, the OB line, natural and organic sun Daughters Food, Natural Cosmetics Bifemme (pure rosehip oil) Melatonin, and Zentrum Menoyn.