New beauty products winter 2015-16

Agua Refrescante Rose de Vigne de Caudalie

Nueva agua refrescante Rose de Vigne que se presenta en cofre con crema para manos y uñas Rose de Vigne (30ml), gel de ducha Rose de Vigne (50ml) y agua refrescante Rose de Vigne (50ml).

Una fragancia deliciosa y fresca de rosa con notas aciduladas de ruibarbo.



Crema ultra-reparadora anti-marcas para pieles alteradas después de intervenciones dermatológicas superficiales y alteraciones de la epidermis que pueden dejar marcas cutáneas (cara y cuerpo).

Gracias a su activo patentado el CICAHYALUMIDE, acelera la reparación de la piel. La textura, invisible y no pegajosa, de fácil aplicación, deja la piel suave e hidratada.

Consejos de utilización: Aplicar 1 a 2 veces al día, localmente o sobre una zona extensa.


Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Singles

Wet n Wild amplía su colección de sombras de ojos, con tres nuevos colores para este invierno: Suede, azul intenso; Unchained, gris perla; y Cheeky, rosa.

La fórmula de estas sombras de ojos incorpora tecnología de silicona y densidad de perla que le aporta una pigmentación duradera. La textura es ligera, lo que evita que se cuartee el color y permite, además, difuminar el tono según quieras un look sutil o más marcado.




Wet n Wild Color Icon Brown Pencil

Un lápiz con doble función, en uno de sus extremos tiene un pequeño cepillo con suaves cerdas y en el otro lado, un perfilador con color para corregir el trazo y si es necesario cubrir pequeñas calvas. Se presenta en dos tonos: Blonde Moments (marrón claro) y Brunettes Do It Better (marrón oscuro).

Friendly-Madrid-Color Icon Brow Pencil

Wet n Wild Color Icon Brow Shaper

Un lápiz elaborado a partir de ceras de abejas, para los pelos rebeldes de las cejas. Contiene aceite de ricino para hidratar y evitar la obstrucción de los folículos; y cera de carnauba que aporta brillo. Esta fórmula en stick consigue definir y fijar la forma perfecta de las cejas y el efecto dura todo el día.

Friendly-Madrid-Color Icon Brow Shaper

Wet n Wild Cherry Picking

Este labial en color marsala ha sido diseñado para que permanezca hasta cuatro horas. Su formulación incorpora microesferas hilaurónicas que se adhieren a los labios para que el color perdure intacto. De acabado semimate, se desliza con facilidad y aporta hidratación gracias a extractos de plantas marinas, con coenzima Q10, vitamina A y vitamina E.

Friendly-Madrid-WetnWild-Cherry Picking



Autumn Beauty products

In autumn our hair and skin need special care. We present the latest products we recently discovered that will help to keep your  skin and hair looking beautiful.

Galénic DD Teint Lumiere
A new cream that combines skin care and makeup for bright and youthful skin.



The formula mixes pigments, wetting agents and oil for a light, transparent no makeup effect.

SPF 25 sunscreen beautifies your natural tone bringing a touch of color with the guarantee of a pharmacy product.

– Covers uniformly

– Anti UV/pollution

– Light-effect and anti-fatigue

Like the leaves our hair falls out more than usual during autumn, becoming weak and losing vitality. To fortify the hair Klorane Laboratories created Quinine products.

Quinine shampoo with Vitamin B


This line is indicated for devitalized hair loses strength and density.

Stimulating and invigorating shampoo that stimulates and returns microcirculation and vigor to the hair.

Force tri-active

Hair spray with complex active quinine (high concentration that stimulates the hair), caffeine (stimulates microcirculation in the scalp) and arginine (natural amino acid that restores elasticity and comfort to the scalp).


In six weeks revitalizes hair from root to ends and regain their health.

Fortifying balm

The hair regains softness and flexibility thanks to the power of quinine and vitamin B that helps detangle, strengthen and structure.



AVENE Hydrance


Serum, moisturizing for sensitive skin, its goal is to revitalize and soothe. Composed with Avene thermal water, a source of hydration that revitalizes and smoothes stretch marks due to dehydration. Without parabens.


Optimale Hydrance

Indicated for younger skin, moisturizing and sun protection SPF 30. Available in two textures, light for normal and enriched for dry skin. Also reduces imperfections and contains no parabens or octocrylene.


Elancyl Gel Galénic energizing shower

Gel with Guarana extract that gently cleans without soap. The Guarana grain is rich in caffeine but also in oligo, minerals and anti-oxidants.


The result is rich and toned skin. Suitable for normal to dry skin, use daily for shower or bath. Avoid contact with eyes. Without parabens and phenoxyethanol.

What do you think these products? Have you tried any of them?

Magnolia, new KORRES line for initial wrinkles

KORRES creates a new product line to fight against those first wrinkles. Here is some background about this Greek company:


With the passage of time fine lines start to appear on the face, as well as wrinkles and sagging skin. No big deal however the problem is that we tend to realize too late.

To prevent the effects of skin aging, KORRES has focused on the clinically proven benefits of Magnolia bark extract to create a new product line.


The active substance isolated from the plant contains anti-inflammatory properties that help to neutralize skin aging.

The main objectives of Magnolia KORRES are to:

1 Repair early wrinkles.

2 Prevent permanent wrinkles.

3 Moisturize the skin.



Friendly-Madrid-Magnolia- serum-KORRES


Friendly-Madrid-Magnolia- cream-KORRES


Friendly-Madrid-Magnolia- night_KORRES

Clinically proven results: after testing the product, 95% of women see a reduction in visible fine lines. 100% show a significant improvement in skin texture and increased levels of skin elasticity and hydration. And 100% of women who tested the product showed more radiant, elastic, compact and smooth skin.


KORRES is a Greek brand with roots in the first homeopathic pharmacy in Athens. KORRES‘s first product was a herb syrup with honey and aniseed, a recipe inspired by the “rakomelon” a mixed with honey liquor used by the grandfather of George Korres to help in his hometown on the island of Naxos. Created in 1996 with the aim to use their extensive scientific knowledge and experience developing health products, the company now offers a line of natural products and certificates for skin care and hair, and makeup line products for sun well prepared with herbs.




New Beauty Products Fall Winter 2014

Here we introduce the new products of select international cosmetic brands:

Quelques Notes d’Amour, the perfume of love by Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher interprets the scent of love with a new perfume. The French company, creator of Cosmétique Végétale created this perfume in cooperation with Domitille Bertier, one of the most renowned perfumiers who has worked with major international perfume houses.

Domitille Bertier has chosen Rosa Damascena with notes of fruit, Guayacán wood and Benjoin extract. Available in two sizes 50 and 30 ml.

Friendly-Madrid-Quelques-Notes- d'Amour-Yves-Rocher

Price: 19,90 EUR 30ml

              28.90 EUR 50ml


Oil Night Active Serum7 Boots Laboratories

An innovative anti-aging oil for night-time that helps to nourish and hydrate the skin while you sleep. In the morning, you feel your skin repaired.

The skin is in a constant state of repair, but night-time is the best time since there is so much stress during the day.

This is especially important after age 25, when the processes of cellular skin renewal slow down.

Fits all types of skin, the oil is hypoallergenic, paraben-free and dermatologically tested.

Results: Illuminator, easy to apply, smooth and glossy, easily absorbed and non-greasy.


Davines Essential Haircare

A new product line that, in addition to taking care of our hair, is committed to the environment by contributing to the biodiversity of our planet.

Also part of the Slow Food Project, supporting more than 10,000 small producers technically and financially so they can continue producing indigenous plants, offsetting the loss of biological heritage of inestimable value.

la foto 5

Shampoo 250ml Price: 14,50 EUR

Conditioner 250ml: 16.25 euros

Mask 250ml: 22.70 euros

Germinal 3.0

Anti-aging treatment in a format of 30 blisters with dispenser. Each blister contains enough product for two applications. The treatment lasts two months.

Indicated to combat signs of aging skin such as wrinkles, sagging and dryness. Hydrates, firms and nourishes the skin, reduces fine lines, brightens the skin, sets makeup and prevents oxidation of the cells.


Rodial presents their first makeup line

Friendly-Madrid-Rodial- Make-Up

Rodial instaglam Skin Tint Moisturizer makeup provides medium coverage and hydration. Contains SPF30 and hyaluronic acid, which works to fill in wrinkles. Available in four shades; Aspen, Capri, Hamptons and St Bart’s.

Friendly-Madrid-Rodial-skbbvnmtintdrk40_3Price: 40.50 € / 40ml

Glamolash XXL Mask. This mask defines and provides extra volume, ideal for a night look, it is also long lasting. The thick brush helps cover all the lashes with a black smoked, elevates and adds volume and definition.

Friendly-Madrid-Rodial-glamolash-mascara-xxl-printPrice: 30 € / 10.5ml

You can find Rodial Make up at Marionnaud Perfumeries.