Platea Madrid

The new Gastronomic Leisure Space Platea Madrid is located in the heart of the Golden Mile in Madrid.

With 6.000 square meters, spread over four floors, Platea occupies the former space the Carlos III cinema and Cleofas nightclub.


Star architect Lázaro Rosa-Violán designed the  amazing interior.

Ground Floor: Platea Court and Mama Framboise

Tapas area: bechamel croquettes, tempura salads, oysters, octopus, pickles, iberian ham and cheese…With a full bar counter, cocktails and vermouth and a special beer corner.

The sweetest place in Platea is Mama Framboise where the best French pastry of the city is served daily.


Lower level: International Food at Platea

Mediterranean and international cuisine. Rices, stews, roast chicken, steaks, burgers and hot dogs.

Four international food corners: Mexican (Beso de Sal, Peruvian (Kinua), Italian (Fortino) and Asian (Shikku).

Level 1: Upstairs

Signature cuisine is a hard job that requires invention, risk and the best taste.

Ramon Freixa reunited all these ingredients in his restaurant called Arriba.

The chefs Pepe Solla, Paco Roncero, Marcos Morán and Ramón Freixa with a total of 6 Michelin Stars and 11 Soles Repsol to their name.


These two barmen, Diego Cabrera and Luca Anastasio set the benchmark in the cocktails world.


Opening Times

-General Platea:

Sunday to Wednesday from 12:00pm to 00:30am

Thursday to Saturday from 12:00pm to 02:30am

Holidays from 12:00pm to 02:30am

-Gold Gourmet Mama Framboise

Monday to Saturday from 9:00am to 10:00pm

Sunday from 10:00am to 10:00pm


Monday to Sunday from 10:00am to 10:00pm



StreetXO is the informal and low cost version of start chef David Muñoz’s three Michelin star restaurant DiverXO.

Located in the Gourmet Experience of El Corte Ingles Callao (Floor 9), StreetXO is characterized by the originality of its fusion cuisine.

The small bar area is usually full and you have to wait to sit about 15 minutes. Disco music blasts in the background and the cooks explain over the din each dish being served. The atmosphere is young and frenetic.

la foto 1

la foto 2

la foto 4-2


la foto 4

la foto 5

We recommend the Chilli Crab with paprika, chipotle and manto, served with two Chinese fried bread.


la foto 3


Also try the sweet and sour Ramen with Spanish ham, egg, paprika, served with ham flavored broth.


la foto 4


la foto 3

Around 30 euros per person.