Duyos Autumn-Winter 2015 Collection

Duyos presents their Autumn-Winter 2015 collection at Madrid Fashion Week (Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week).




The proposal takes us back to the days of 1980, disco fashion with catwalk turned into dance floor.




Dresses for sophisticated and elegant women.




Duyos presents feminine dresses with open back and silk fabrics.




Nude colors, gold, blue and multicolor palettes are protagonists of the new collection.




Great fur coats in different colors, from brown to classic white, and always with a modern and contemporary twist.




This is my favorite dress and coat from the new collection, perfect for attending a dance party in style.




Final carousel




The designer Juan Duyos at the end of the show



Beatriz Peñalver Catwalk at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid Samsung EGO

Forgiveness is the name of the new collection of the Granada based designer Beatriz Peñalver.

Tradition and our roots are what make us what we are. Forgiveness is forgetting, forgiveness is beginning again, forgiveness is a new opportunity.


25 dresses in a collection full of flared silhouettes, draped with fine silk, based on rigid backings, mixed with straight lines.

Oversize patterns resulting in dramatic volumes are the hallmark of the designer.

The colors most highlighted are purple, emerald green, blue, gray, cherry, black, white, gold and silver. Serigraph and prints that tell a story, the exaltation of gypsy women.

Before the caltwalk, Perfidia a short film by Raúl Rosillo was projected, paying tribute to gypsy women.

PERFIDIA from Raúl Rosillo on Vimeo.