Biosil arrives in Spain

Last week I attended the presentation of Biosil, a dietary supplement leader for over 10 years in the US and market, leader in South America and Northern Europe.





BioSil has been awarded for 7 years in the US for having the best products in its category.

After 21 years of age our bodies stop producing collagen. The compound ch-OSA® patented by BioSil, helps the body produce his own collagen.


BioSil activates cells that generate their own collagen and the mechanism runs through natural pathways, so is generated under its own DNA template.

BioSil has more than 10 clinical trials and is proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by 30%, increase skin elasticity by 89%, provide more voluminous hair, strengthening by 13% and increasing thickness by 12%. The product also reduces by 25% the brittleness in nails, regenerates cartilage and increases the adhesion of calcium in bones.


We can find this product in pharmacies, El Corte Ingles and Hipercor. It comes in a box of 30 capsules for 15 days or 60 capsules for one month. It is a suitable product and suitable for vegetarians or vegans due to its mineral origin.


The event was organized by Lily Herrera Management and took place at Club 31, a restaurant in the center of Madrid (C/Jovellanos, 5) recently reopened after reforming the space and decoration.