Laboratories LIERAC introduce LIFTISSIME

Laboratories LIERAC, recognized specialists in anti-aging, introduce a new dimension of cosmetics.

Not in sale until October but we want to present you these revolutionary products with FACE LIFTING * 3D effects.


Thanks to its unique savoir faire in cosmetics hybridization, and the company’s use of science and nature, LIERAC Laboratories registered an innovative patent for anti-aging: CELL-JUNCTION COMPLEX. A synergy of saffron, esfingoceramida-BT and a vegetative peptide, Perlecan, a true center of gravity of the face.


The active ingredients, when activated at the dermo-epidermal junction (DEJ), ensures cell cohesion in the three dimensions of the skin to tighten the surface and densify the volume cross.

Profiling again, the face undergoes a 3D facelift.

Over time, the skin relaxes, the face becomes less defined, the cheekbones are less defined and wrinkles are accentuated. In the end, the face is less harmonious and loses its positive expression.

What do you get with LIFTISSIME? A defined oval face, more pronounced cheekbones, reduced wrinkles, an open look, a smile…

Cohesion within each skin layer

Perlecan protein is essential to store growth factors and signaling molecules distribute such as the skin needs. Once released, these messengers are focused on the key cells of the mesh and stimulate the skin: keratinocytes in the epidermis, dermal fibroblasts, adipocytes in the hypodermis.


But over time, perlecan decreases and this has an impact on cell cohesion:

•  The attachment points on each side of the UDE weaken: the different layers of the skin, less united, sink. The skin loses rigidity, its features relax.

• Regulation of the growth factors is affected. The activity of the key cells of the mesh of the skin (fibroblasts, keratinocytes, adipocytes) and slows down the creation of material is reduced in each skin layer. The skin loses volume and cheekbones are less marked.

Stimulate perlecan, at the center of gravity of the face, can restore cell cohesion in the three dimensions of the skin.

FROM the 1st APPLICATION: Stretched features again, filled and denser skin, wrinkles attenuated and put in place.

AFTER 4 WEEKS: the oval of the face redefined, rebalancing and filling volume and wrinkles.

Serum specific LIFTISSIME 89 euros

LIFTISSIME SERUM                   Textura serum


Restructuring agent LIFTISSIME Serum is made from a green chemistry process. It consists of three elements:

• A source of energy: MG6P (Methyl-Gluside-6-Phosphate)

 • Two essential amino acids, proline and lysine having a key role in production of collagen and elastin, which reactivates copper oxidase, required for maturation of collagen and elastin enzyme lysyl.

Authentic source of energy, again able to enhance senescent fibroblasts and allows the synthesis of dermal elements essential for youthful skin.

CREMA lifting effect DAY 85 euros


For all women who seek a harmonious face with a defined contour and balanced volume, looking for a natural facelift, without forgetting comfort and sensuousness.


The Cell-Junction Complex – Patent registered (3.6%) – is associated with hyaluronic acid (5%) for a 3D face lift. Enriched flower extract Candolle, SILKY CREAM LIFTING EFFECT durably hydrates normal to dry skin. Enriched with shea butter and cocoa nibs, RICA LIFTING EFFECT CREAM nourishes and soothes dry skin to very dry.


• Factions face tightened again.

• Oval face filled out.

• Volume rebalancing.

• Wrinkles filled and smoothed.

• LIFTING EFFECT SILKY CREAM moisturizes the skin.

Specific LIFTISSIME eyes and eyelids 55 euros


Plant extracts of Albizia and divine herb are used synergistically to treat the sensitive area around the eyes and eyelids. Albizia fights stress and fatigued skin, protecting skin cells. The divine herb is traditionally used for its soothing and healing properties. Darutoside rich molecule of the family of diterpenes, highly divine herb stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

The extract of ruscus selected by LIERAC Laboratories has a high dosage ruscogenine, allowing to preserve the integrity of the blood vessels and limit their permeability. It also has anti-inflammatory and vasoconstricting properties that allow to activate microcirculation to drain the tissues.

LIFTISSIME offers immediate and long-term effectiveness through active textures with stretch effect and full of filler and hyaluronic acid formulas.A NEW FRAGRANCE sublimated by ULTRA-FEMININE FLORAL, FRESH and subtly fruity.