GERMINAL Premium antiaging

Alter Laboratories launched Germinal in 1977, the first Spanish brand of high end cosmetics.
In 2014 the Germinal Premium Collection, the first anti-aging line from Alter, was created.
Colección Germinal
Germinal Cell Collection = Intensive Nutrition
Intensive Day Cream Cellular Nutrition is an anti-aging day shock treatment designed to counter the effects of oxidative skin elements.
Apply in the morning on clean skin.
Fills wrinkles from the inside and moisturizes the skin, contains hyaluronic acid.
Vitamin C provides shine to the face.
Ceramide-3 acts on the skin, leaving smooth, soft and flexibility.
Friendly-Madrid-Colección-Germinal-celularPrice: 25,30 EUR
Germinal Collection = Facial Intensive Care Serum
A concentrate of antioxidants to combat the damage caused by the accumulation of free radicals. SPF15
Use it once or twice a day to combat wrinkles and give your skin a lifting effect.
Contains black currant oil, an important antioxidant that protects the skin from external agents.
The smooth texture is light and absorbed rapidly.
Friendly-Madrid-Colección-Germinal-serum   Price: 30,54 EUR

Germinal Collection = Oxygenating Intensive Cellular
Oxygenating Intensive Cellular Night Cream is an anti-aging product designed to repair damaged skin. Apply before bedtime.
Combats skin aging thanks to the effect of apple stem cells, which increase the longevity of skin cells and protect DNA.
Friendly-Madrid-Colección-Germinal-oxigenante   Price: 27,05 EUR
These products do not contain fragrance, parabens or colorants. They are also oil free so you do not have to worry about greasy residue.
From Friendly Madrid, if we had to choose one of these three products, we would choose the serum that you can apply it day and night, as the texture is very light and gives your skin a lifting effect.