René Furterer Triphasic Regeneration Serum

For 50 years René Furterer has selected the quintessence of plants and essential oils from around the world. Rare and precious, distinguished for their therapeutic and aromatic properties, and rich in ingredients, their action is specifically targeted to purify, soothe and revitalize. Constantly expanding on ethno-botanical and hair cosmetics René Furterer travels around the world to improve the mixture of future treatments.

The new patented formula consisting of three active phases helps to keep hair from falling out and stimulates hair growth. Suitable for sensitive scalps.

Triphasic 1

Acts directly on the following three factors:

Vascular Factor (Natural extract of Pfaffia and essentials oil of orange and lavender)

Hormonal Factor (hydrolyzed extract of Curbicia)

Tissue Factor (HMC, extract of Citrus auriantium)

René Furterer Triphasic Progressive Hair Loss Treatment stimulates micro-circulation necessary for nourishing the hair and supports anchorage and control. Hair loss slows and hair growth is stimulated. Without rinsing. No caking.


Applied stripe by stripe on a clean scalp. Massage the scalp to penetrate the product. Do not rinse.

For best results René Furterer recommends to use the Triphasic treatment with Forticea shampoo. The shampoo stimulates the micro-circulation thanks to the action of the natural extract Pfaffia and essential oils.


Apply on a wet scalp massaging with circular movements from the neck to the forehead. Leave on for one to three minutes. It can be used as often as desired.

With this treatment the hair regains strength and vigor.

About René Furterer

Based on an original and unique method, custom diagnostic, brush and massages, personalized care program to prepare / wash / brush, and treat, René Furterer treatments unite hair health and beauty.