Eyefi Mobi WiFi card

Today we share with you our latest tech discovery, the Eyefi Mobi WiFi card.
With the Eyefi Mobi you get a WiFi connection for your camera, without need for additional accessories.
Transfer photos and videos instantly from your camera to your smartphone or tablet.
No wireless network is required since Eyefi has created its own WiFinetwork.
How does it work?
You need to install the Eyefi application on a smartphone or tablet to connect to the Eyefi Mobi WiFi card.
Once matched, the card transfers photos and videos whenever new content is detected in the device. Once the transfer is complete, the card disconnects from the WiFi network to save battery life.
Smartphones are sometimes inadequate as cameras, especially when extra zoom is required, for high-speed shooting, low light and other situations where digital cameras show superiority.
Eyefi offers photography enthusiasts a simple solution: high quality photos and videos from a digital camera and instant access on your smartphone to share and enjoy them.
Transfer images to the reel or photo album on your smartphone or tablet, so they are ready to use on Facebook, Instagram, Camera Awesome, in a text message or email.
Eye-Fi Mobi
What do you need?
1. Camera
Digital camera with SDHC card slot.
2. Device
Smartphone or tablet with WiFi connectivity and iOS or Android operating system.
3. Application
Eye-Fi app installed on your mobile device. App Store, Google Play or Kindle Fire.
4. Code
Activation code 10 digits indicated on the back of the box Mobi card.
Are you already using the Eyefi Mobi card? Let us know your feedback.