Spanish women are the Europeans most concerned about marks on their faces and 71% of them report having skin spots.

This according to the IPSOS / CAUDALIE study conducted in 5 European countries, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal with 2,500 women between 20 and 60 years of age, between December 2014 and January 2015.


A few days ago in Madrid we attended the press presentation of CAUDALIE Vinoperfect.


 As we can see in the study, light and skin spots are a major concern.

So CAUDALIE created:



The secret of both products is viniferine, the most powerful antioxidant from the vegetable world and corrector of blemishes.

Many years ago, in the vineyards, women applied vine sap to their faces and hands to remove and prevent stains and to illuminate their skin.


Vinoperfect GLOW SERUM ANTI SPOTS is the No. 1 treatment for blemishes sold in pharmacies since 2008.

Unlike other depigmentation products, this is not aggressive or photo sensitive. It can be used for day and evening before applying sun cream or moisturizer.

It provides a luminosity that is noticeable from the first application and gradually decreases blemished skin. The ideal way is to use it with the PERFECT SKIN FLUID COLOR FPS20 Vinoperfect.

My skin is clear with freckles so I have to care for my face to avoid blemishes, especially with the arrival of summer. I am using the two products together and the results are great.


CAPACITY: 30 ml.

P.V.P. RECOMMENDED:  47.10 €


This new product fixes blemishes thanks to its special formula. It works well with the serum, as a powerful blemish remover for amazing skin.

Contains hyaluronic acid and Viniferina and thanks to its light-reflecting pigments it blends into the skin and perfectly fits with skin tones.

Oil-free texture unifies and covers irregularities. Available in two shades, one for lighter skin and another for medium to darker skin. In my case, although I have clear skin sometimes I use medium tone for a little more color.


CAPACITY: 40 ml.


For sale in pharmacies.


 Have you tried any of these products by CAUDALIE Vinoperfect? What do you think?

Summer Breeze Facial Treatment by Schrammek Kosmetik

Last week just before the long weekend, we went to Le Petit Salon to try the new facial treatment Summer Breeze by Schrammek Kosmetik.


In summer it is very important to take special care of the face, neck and hemline, where exposure to the sun is more intense and where it’s possible to prevent sun spots and wrinkles as well as get a uniform and lasting tan.


The German cosmetics company Schrammek has designed a treatment specifically to prepare and maintain perfect skin during summer: SUMMER BREEZE.

The treatment consists of 4 steps:


Step 1: Prepare the skin for treatment to remove makeup with aloe vera mint oil cleaning gel that refreshens and calms the skin and tones with a smooth lotion with a licorice root.


Step 2: Peeling with enzymes of papaya and pineapple, that helps to remove dead cells, stimulate celular renovation and helps to fix and maintain a lasting tan.


Step 3: To hydrate the skin, apply a serum of hydraulic acid that hydrates deeply and smoothens lines of expression. Together with the algae mascara, it allows strengthening of the skin against solar radiation.


Step 4: A final massage with the cream and apply Global Defense SPF20, a revitalizing cream that protects the skin from UV and IR rays.

Duration: 50 minutes

Price: 70€ (depending on the center)

More information:  

Online shop:



Clarins Makeup Summer 2015

 Aquatic Treasures– The new Clarins makeup collection inspired by the depths of the sea and its turquoise waters.

 The seabed, hidden treasures in pink, gold, beige or green tones with a shiny effect.


Friendly-Madrid- Aquatic-Treasures-Clarins


Clarins proposes for this summer more luminous skin, iridescent eyes and natural lips with a touch of brightness.


Ombre Iridescent

Clarins Laboratories have developed three shades with a “cream powder” texture, an iridescent blend of soft focus pigments and bamboo powder for a highly durable results.

Ombre Iridescent delights the gaze with a veil of shine during the day and high color intensity at night. Eye makeup adapted to your needs. A flux formula applied easily (with the fingertips), for a uniform and bright color.

02 Aquatic Green




Visage Poudre Soleil

For the face, Visage Poudre Soleil, provides a tan effect with a touch of brush, available in 4 matte colors (for light skin, tan or brown). A beautiful compact with mirror and dark print.

– For pale skin:

1. Pass the brush by the 4 shades insisting on top. 2. Apply evenly across the face.

– For dark or tanned skin:

1. Pass the brush by the 4 shades insisting on below. 2. Apply evenly across the face.



Friendly-Madrid-Clarins-Poudre- Soleil-Visage jpg


Truly Waterproof Mascara

A deep and mysterious look with the new intense black or green eye mask. Soft for the eyes containing orange flower wax and olive squalane providing a protective barrier against humidity, sea water and the sun.

The brush adapts to the natural curve of the eyelashes, for more elongated lashes. 12 hours without leaving dark spots under the eyes.


Friendly-Madrid-Truly-Waterproof-Mascara 03 aquatic green


Crayon Yeux Waterproof

Ultra-resistant to water and humidity, Crayon Yeux Waterproof is used to fine-stroke  eyelash, or to get more intense as kohl pencil inside the eye. It remains unchanged from morning till night.



Crayon Yeux Waterproof 05 aquatic green                                                                                       Friendly-Madrid-Crayon-Yeux-Waterproof 05 aquatic green abierto


Eclat Minute Illuminatrice Teint Base

To complete the sunny effect, Clarins created two new limited edition shades, one for pale skin and the other for brunettes. You can get hydrated skin with a bright appearance and flexibility.

Hydrated skin thanks to the soft-focus pigments that optically hidden wrinkles and imperfections.

As I already told you in the presentation of  Clarins Spring Makeup the makeup and treatment products contain a complex air pollution control that fights against skin aging and loss of brightness. It consists of vegetable properties and is continuously improved to adapt to the environment.

A formula half makeup half treatment with a soft scent of jasmine that leaves your skin feeling fresh.






April 2015 Beauty News


ISDIN recently presented their new sunscreen products, the press presentation took place at ABC Museum in Madrid.

ISDIN Presentacion FW_FA Madrid_13

Sunscreen ISDIN Fusion Water:

The first water-based sunscreen. Provides the feeling of freshness and a silky finish. Fusion technology, easy to apply with immediate absorption. Incorporates two advanced technologies: Safe-Eye Technology, to not irritate eyes; Wet-Skin, which allows the application on the wet skin and waterproof. SPF 50+ UVA and UVB protection.

This new product also has anti-aging properties with hyaluronic acid and antioxidants such as vitamin E. For all skin types, oil-free.

ISDIN Presentacion FW_FA Madrid_14

Sunscreen ISDIN Fusion Air:

A light, dry by mixing a gas and nebulized fusion technology, which forms an air finished with a dry mist. Has soft touch packaging and Moritz 360 valve, which allows to apply the product in any position. UVB and UVA protection 50+ waterproof.

Exclusively in pharmacies:

Sunscreen ISDIN Fusion Water – 19.80 €, 50 ml.

Sunscreen ISDIN Fusion Air – 22.80 €, 200 ml.

OPI Infinite Shine at NENHA

OPI Infinite Shine achieved in three steps a super-manicure. We have been trying this week at Nenha Salon (C/Jorge Juan,63 Madrid) a manicure with Infinite Shine and confirm that after five days the enamel remains perfect and very bright.


It consists of three steps:




5 free, has no toluene, formaldehyde resin, DBP (Dibutiftalato) and camphor fastener except the base does contain camphor.


Apply, dry and removed like a traditional nail polish, OPI says it can take up to 10 days. Available in 30 colors.

Biocuantica, natural cellular stimulation at LEFORM clinic

A balance system that provides the necessary stimulation to improve the quality level of elasticity, density, oxygen saturation, etc.

BIOQUANTICA works by creating a closed circuit in the treatment area. Make readings several hundred times per second, interpreted the data and works according to them to improve the detected problem.


How it works?

Is the combination of two electronic systems: a computer with a very sophisticated software that facilitates the instructions, how to work with doctors, maps anatomy and a hardware that controls electronic of micro-current with mathematical calculation algorithm.

Is used for facial rejuvenation, body contouring, breast lift, firming, stimulating circulation, stretch marks, scars, acne, burns.

Human + Kind

A new beauty brand we met at the Sephora press presentation event.

The philosophy of Human + Kind is based on natural products (Aloe Vera, Bamboo, Avena, Broccoli, Cucumber, Calendula).


We tested 3 in 1 oil for face, body and hair. When applied is absorbed quickly, leaving skin hydrated and not greasy, with a pleasant aroma. It is recommended to use after bathing. Helps reduce marks or scars on the skin. Avoid contact with eyes.

We love the packaging.


MARIA GALLAND PARIS is a cosmetic firm present around the world.

A tighter skin and a body full of energy are the purposes of their new products. Highly effective with active substances provide a defined silhouette contour.


We have tried Poudre de Bain 438A Minceur use de contain of the envelop in a bath and relax feeling like in a spa. The  ingredients are lemon, rose and muguet to hidrate the skin and reshape the figure.

Application: Add the content into the bath water and enjoy the experience of the spa fragrance.


Magnolia, new KORRES line for initial wrinkles

KORRES creates a new product line to fight against those first wrinkles. Here is some background about this Greek company:


With the passage of time fine lines start to appear on the face, as well as wrinkles and sagging skin. No big deal however the problem is that we tend to realize too late.

To prevent the effects of skin aging, KORRES has focused on the clinically proven benefits of Magnolia bark extract to create a new product line.


The active substance isolated from the plant contains anti-inflammatory properties that help to neutralize skin aging.

The main objectives of Magnolia KORRES are to:

1 Repair early wrinkles.

2 Prevent permanent wrinkles.

3 Moisturize the skin.



Friendly-Madrid-Magnolia- serum-KORRES


Friendly-Madrid-Magnolia- cream-KORRES


Friendly-Madrid-Magnolia- night_KORRES

Clinically proven results: after testing the product, 95% of women see a reduction in visible fine lines. 100% show a significant improvement in skin texture and increased levels of skin elasticity and hydration. And 100% of women who tested the product showed more radiant, elastic, compact and smooth skin.


KORRES is a Greek brand with roots in the first homeopathic pharmacy in Athens. KORRES‘s first product was a herb syrup with honey and aniseed, a recipe inspired by the “rakomelon” a mixed with honey liquor used by the grandfather of George Korres to help in his hometown on the island of Naxos. Created in 1996 with the aim to use their extensive scientific knowledge and experience developing health products, the company now offers a line of natural products and certificates for skin care and hair, and makeup line products for sun well prepared with herbs.




Sérum Végétal Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher presents Sérum Végétal line, the first anti-wrinkle product developed with the Natural Treatment Technology Assimilation.


A technology that allows the skin to better assimilate the treatment and therefore the results are effective from the first moment.
The new line consists of ficoide glacial and is called “Life Plant”, for its ability to survive in extreme conditions and stimulate protein that reactivates cells against aging.


The treatment I am using is composed of three products: Sérum Végétal Day cream, eye contour and Serum Végétal night cream.


Some application tips:

Straightening– This expert cosmetic gesture serves to correctly apply a cream every morning and evening to smooth the tissues.
Place the cream in the palm of your hand and warm it by gently rubbing the hands together.
Place hands on either side of the nose and enjoy the aroma.
Apply the product extending from the nose to the cheeks, ending at the temples.


Type – an expert beauty trick that facilitates the microcirculation and penetration of the active cream.

Place your hands on the neckline and perform small round movements with fingers, moving hands horizontally to the face.

Pinch – This gesture tones and firms skin tissue by stimulating muscles of the face.
Soft pinches to the skin between the thumb and forefinger, this movement must be rapid and light.
Start from the neckline to the front avoiding the area of the trachea, hands moving horizontally.

Garden Scape Clarins Spring 2015 Makeup Collection

A few weeks before the start of Spring, Clarins presents its new makeup collection. A visit to nature. Garden Escape.



This new collection is inspired by the colors and light of flowers and nature. Shades from pink to coral, taupe and green forest.


Teint Haute Tenue + Makeup SPF 15

Perfect complexion, long duration (18 hours), coverage and luminosity with treating action.

Teint Haute Tenue 107 BeigePerfect skin thanks to bamboo powder that absorbs excess fat, conceals blemishes, redness and other imperfections.




Clarins Laboratories has developed Light-Optimizing+ which captures, diffuses and instantly enhances light.

* Recommended price 39,00 €


Eclat Minute Baume Embellisseur Lèvres

New texture, enriched with plants, moisturizes, brightens and creates a wet-lips effect. Maintains hydration for four hours.



Extracts of Wild Mango and Karite nourishes lips all day with “Bright 3D” pigments.

Available in six shades. In my case I chose a pink tone that fits with the color of lips creating a natural pink.

* Recommended price 20,00 €


Eclat Minute Huile Confort Lèvres

Nutrition and comfort with hazelnut oil, ingredients included in all Clarins oils for face and body.


In this case I chose the raspberry version with organic jojoba and raspberry, a fruity perfume and a pink color.

* Recommended price 20,00 €


Yeux 6 Couleurs Palette (Limited Edition)

Eye shadows are satin and iridescent long lasting and smoothing.

Friendly-Madrid-Graden-Escape-Palette-YeuxSix colors: Dégradé of roses, pearl white, two green and taupe.

Application tips: overlay and matching eye shadow, can be used dry or wet for a natural or a more sophisticated result.

* Recommended price 48,00 €


Blush Prodige

Provides extra vitality. Mineral and vegetable texture, bamboo powder and tomato extract creates a pink cheeks effect with long duration.

Friendly-Madrid-Clarins-Blush-Prodige08 sweet rose

* Recommended price 36,00 €


Crayon Khol 09 intense green

This spring changes the black eyeliner for green.

Crayon Khol 09 intense green

09 intense green

* Recommended price 16,50 €