Magnolia, new KORRES line for initial wrinkles

KORRES creates a new product line to fight against those first wrinkles. Here is some background about this Greek company:


With the passage of time fine lines start to appear on the face, as well as wrinkles and sagging skin. No big deal however the problem is that we tend to realize too late.

To prevent the effects of skin aging, KORRES has focused on the clinically proven benefits of Magnolia bark extract to create a new product line.


The active substance isolated from the plant contains anti-inflammatory properties that help to neutralize skin aging.

The main objectives of Magnolia KORRES are to:

1 Repair early wrinkles.

2 Prevent permanent wrinkles.

3 Moisturize the skin.



Friendly-Madrid-Magnolia- serum-KORRES


Friendly-Madrid-Magnolia- cream-KORRES


Friendly-Madrid-Magnolia- night_KORRES

Clinically proven results: after testing the product, 95% of women see a reduction in visible fine lines. 100% show a significant improvement in skin texture and increased levels of skin elasticity and hydration. And 100% of women who tested the product showed more radiant, elastic, compact and smooth skin.


KORRES is a Greek brand with roots in the first homeopathic pharmacy in Athens. KORRES‘s first product was a herb syrup with honey and aniseed, a recipe inspired by the “rakomelon” a mixed with honey liquor used by the grandfather of George Korres to help in his hometown on the island of Naxos. Created in 1996 with the aim to use their extensive scientific knowledge and experience developing health products, the company now offers a line of natural products and certificates for skin care and hair, and makeup line products for sun well prepared with herbs.




Somatoline revolutionizes fat reducing and anti-cellulite treatments.

We attended recently a press presentation by Somatoline Cosmetic.
For those who do not know yet about Somatoline, this is a firm that has many different body care products: from figure reduction to combatting cellulite to regulating perspiration.
Resistant Action Intensive Cellulite Treatment
An intensive treatment that combats the effects of resistant cellulite. Formulated to reduce the appearance of even the most rebellious cellulite, the product tones and firms the skin in as little as 4 weeks.
Tough cellulite occurs with subcutaneous fatty nodules that may be hard and tender. The skin loses elasticity and starts to look like an “orange peel”.
Friendly-Madrid-Somatoline- Anticelulitico
This product contains Active Cell Phyto-complex, with 5% caffeine for multiple action:
– Helps burn and mobilize fat in adipocytes (lipolysis).
Prevents the development of adipocytes.
Helps eliminate retained fluids.
Minimizes the appearance of cellulite.
– Reduces fatty nodules of cellulite.
– Smoothes the “orange peel” effect and visibly reshapes cellulite.
Recommended for women with cellulite. Apply once a day over the treatment area, facilitating absorption with a circular massage, applying pressure upwards. The hot-cold feeling, sometimes accompanied by a slight tingling feeling, and even a possible appearance of temporary redness, is a sign that the product is working.
For sale in drugstores.
P.V.P: 36.90  (150 ml.)
Reducer Intensive Treatment 7 nights
Somatoline introduces a new enhanced and concentrated formula to reduce that takes advantage of the receptivity of the skin during the night.
Fast action with clinically proven results in just 7 nights. From the first week of application obtain noticeable results, however, if treatment is continued for at least four weeks, its efficiency is enhanced.
Contains exclusive Triple Complex BioSlim7-reducing action:
1. Lipolytic: helps reduce localized fat accumulations.
2. Anti-accumulation: prevents the formation of new adipose accumulations.
3. Draining: favors the elimination of excess fluids.
Recommended for women with localized fat on the hips, thighs and/or waist.
Apply in a circular motion until absorbed. After application, you may perceive a warm feeling, itching and even a slight redness. All these symptoms are temporary, and disappear in 30 minutes, and indicate that the product is working.
For sale in drugstores.
P.V.P 49,90 € (450 ml.)

Garden Scape Clarins Spring 2015 Makeup Collection

A few weeks before the start of Spring, Clarins presents its new makeup collection. A visit to nature. Garden Escape.



This new collection is inspired by the colors and light of flowers and nature. Shades from pink to coral, taupe and green forest.


Teint Haute Tenue + Makeup SPF 15

Perfect complexion, long duration (18 hours), coverage and luminosity with treating action.

Teint Haute Tenue 107 BeigePerfect skin thanks to bamboo powder that absorbs excess fat, conceals blemishes, redness and other imperfections.




Clarins Laboratories has developed Light-Optimizing+ which captures, diffuses and instantly enhances light.

* Recommended price 39,00 €


Eclat Minute Baume Embellisseur Lèvres

New texture, enriched with plants, moisturizes, brightens and creates a wet-lips effect. Maintains hydration for four hours.



Extracts of Wild Mango and Karite nourishes lips all day with “Bright 3D” pigments.

Available in six shades. In my case I chose a pink tone that fits with the color of lips creating a natural pink.

* Recommended price 20,00 €


Eclat Minute Huile Confort Lèvres

Nutrition and comfort with hazelnut oil, ingredients included in all Clarins oils for face and body.


In this case I chose the raspberry version with organic jojoba and raspberry, a fruity perfume and a pink color.

* Recommended price 20,00 €


Yeux 6 Couleurs Palette (Limited Edition)

Eye shadows are satin and iridescent long lasting and smoothing.

Friendly-Madrid-Graden-Escape-Palette-YeuxSix colors: Dégradé of roses, pearl white, two green and taupe.

Application tips: overlay and matching eye shadow, can be used dry or wet for a natural or a more sophisticated result.

* Recommended price 48,00 €


Blush Prodige

Provides extra vitality. Mineral and vegetable texture, bamboo powder and tomato extract creates a pink cheeks effect with long duration.

Friendly-Madrid-Clarins-Blush-Prodige08 sweet rose

* Recommended price 36,00 €


Crayon Khol 09 intense green

This spring changes the black eyeliner for green.

Crayon Khol 09 intense green

09 intense green

* Recommended price 16,50 €

Clarins Autumn Makeup-Ladylike style

In fashion we love to change colors each season and are always interested in innovating with textures. In makeup we also love to change styles, with a mix of essential products with dependable results and new products that adapt to the latest trends.
Makeup Foundation
This season Clarins offers a new luminous foundation, True Radiance SPF 15.
High-tech reflectors multiply the ability of the skin to reflect natural light. Luminosity is synonymous with vitality and one of the main beauty concerns for women.
True Radiance acts against dull complexions. Moringa seed, an active ingredient was used by the Pharaohs for purifying, limited adhesion of contamination in the skin.
Urban pollution particles do not let the skin breathe normally. Clarins, a pioneer in anti-pollution systematically integrated into their foundations flowing white tea extract with anti-free radical virtues.
Obtain bright and homogeneous skin without mask effect. A new generation formula based on plant extracts and moisturizing anti-pollution.
Thanks to tara gum, which has a moisturizing effect on the surface of the skin, the water balance remains for 24 hours.
Triple action to complete the antipollution, brightness and hydration, True Radiance corrects imperfections and redness while giving the impression of skin without makeup.
Fine texture with a reduced content of dust which perfectly corrects without mask effect, or feeling thick.
82.5% unified complexion
91.4% attenuated redness and imperfections
Recommended price 39 
Colorful eyes and lips
The essentials of the season have a matte effect. Nude, beige and red tones to match the fall. Velvet textures, chic, natural and ultra-feminine style. Very ladylike.
Kit Sourcils “Pro”
Clarins presents a kit that includes:
Three makeup eyebrow powders to work the line of the eyebrows, apply alone or mixed.
• A eyelids makeup pressed powder in a nude pink hue to brighten the look.
• A clear wax to fix eyebrows throughout the day, perfect for a structured effect.
• A double eye shadow applicator brush and Smudger, a brush to comb, and fix the eyebrows, and a mini tweezers ultra-precise.
Recommended price 46.25 
Eclat Minute Fixante Base Yeux
Before applying the shadows Clarins recommends Eclat Minute Fixante Base Yeux, which increases the duration of the makeup and brightens the look.
Oat sugars provide immediate tightening effect. 3D light pigments.
Friendly-Madrid-Clarins-Eclat -Minute-Base-Fixante-Yeux
Recommended price 25.75 
Matte Eye Shadow Ombre
Cream-powder” Matte finish and texture that combines the feeling of comfort with a smoothing effect. Delicacy and duration of a powder.
Apply with fingertips or a brush.
Smoky soft inverse effect.
Apply on the eyelid a light shade 02 – nude pink. Apply after a deeper color 03 – taupe below the eye, as if we drew a line with a pencil. Smudge the line toward the outer corner of the eye.
                                       Friendly-Madrid-Clarins-Ombre-Matte-Nude-Pink  Friendly-Madrid-Clarins-Ombre-Matte
Recommended price 24.58 
Rouge Eclat
The double action, nutrition and anti-aging properties, nutri-youth complex, keep your lips looking youthful.
Feel your lips with flexibility and immediate comfort thanks to the association of mimosa vegetable waxes, jojoba, sunflower and cacao.
Phytosphingosine enhances the protective barrier of the skin hydration that preserves and stimulates collagen synthesis and also  combats the appearance of fine lines.
The more you wear this lipstick, the more your lips will be nourished, repaired, smoothed and visibly rejuvenated.
Recommended price 23.50