Spanish women are the Europeans most concerned about marks on their faces and 71% of them report having skin spots.

This according to the IPSOS / CAUDALIE study conducted in 5 European countries, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal with 2,500 women between 20 and 60 years of age, between December 2014 and January 2015.


A few days ago in Madrid we attended the press presentation of CAUDALIE Vinoperfect.


 As we can see in the study, light and skin spots are a major concern.

So CAUDALIE created:



The secret of both products is viniferine, the most powerful antioxidant from the vegetable world and corrector of blemishes.

Many years ago, in the vineyards, women applied vine sap to their faces and hands to remove and prevent stains and to illuminate their skin.


Vinoperfect GLOW SERUM ANTI SPOTS is the No. 1 treatment for blemishes sold in pharmacies since 2008.

Unlike other depigmentation products, this is not aggressive or photo sensitive. It can be used for day and evening before applying sun cream or moisturizer.

It provides a luminosity that is noticeable from the first application and gradually decreases blemished skin. The ideal way is to use it with the PERFECT SKIN FLUID COLOR FPS20 Vinoperfect.

My skin is clear with freckles so I have to care for my face to avoid blemishes, especially with the arrival of summer. I am using the two products together and the results are great.


CAPACITY: 30 ml.

P.V.P. RECOMMENDED:  47.10 €


This new product fixes blemishes thanks to its special formula. It works well with the serum, as a powerful blemish remover for amazing skin.

Contains hyaluronic acid and Viniferina and thanks to its light-reflecting pigments it blends into the skin and perfectly fits with skin tones.

Oil-free texture unifies and covers irregularities. Available in two shades, one for lighter skin and another for medium to darker skin. In my case, although I have clear skin sometimes I use medium tone for a little more color.


CAPACITY: 40 ml.


For sale in pharmacies.


 Have you tried any of these products by CAUDALIE Vinoperfect? What do you think?

Summer Breeze Facial Treatment by Schrammek Kosmetik

Last week just before the long weekend, we went to Le Petit Salon to try the new facial treatment Summer Breeze by Schrammek Kosmetik.


In summer it is very important to take special care of the face, neck and hemline, where exposure to the sun is more intense and where it’s possible to prevent sun spots and wrinkles as well as get a uniform and lasting tan.


The German cosmetics company Schrammek has designed a treatment specifically to prepare and maintain perfect skin during summer: SUMMER BREEZE.

The treatment consists of 4 steps:


Step 1: Prepare the skin for treatment to remove makeup with aloe vera mint oil cleaning gel that refreshens and calms the skin and tones with a smooth lotion with a licorice root.


Step 2: Peeling with enzymes of papaya and pineapple, that helps to remove dead cells, stimulate celular renovation and helps to fix and maintain a lasting tan.


Step 3: To hydrate the skin, apply a serum of hydraulic acid that hydrates deeply and smoothens lines of expression. Together with the algae mascara, it allows strengthening of the skin against solar radiation.


Step 4: A final massage with the cream and apply Global Defense SPF20, a revitalizing cream that protects the skin from UV and IR rays.

Duration: 50 minutes

Price: 70€ (depending on the center)

More information:  

Online shop:



Yves Rocher Makeup Winter Collection

Yves Rocher presents its new winter collection which includes metallic and violet tones for this time of year.


Yves Rocher, creator of Botanical Beauty, started in 1959 by making effective cosmetics.

Seeking to offer new products, the French firm observed nature and captured the unique and unusual colors of Autumn and Winter 2014, to compose new shades of lipstick, shadow, and eyeliners.

A quartet of eye shadows that are smoky and easy to apply, merging with the skin evenly and maintaining their color for hours.

A palette of colors in satin or matte with pearlescent effects.


For the Winter 2015 Collection, the makeup of the firm offers the ability to create many looks to choose metallic colors like gold and silver that fuse with violet, amethyst and emerald tones.

The golden tones continue to be fashionable. Yves Rocher introduces Eye Shadow Cream and Brun Or Precieux that lasts up to 12 hours, and has a metallic effect. Bark extract containing Chestnut with illuminating properties. No parabens.


Price: 8.90 € 7 ml bottle

Yves Rocher intensifies a look with an unprecedented light pearly Gold Powder, 100% vegetable and mineral based, with sweet almond soothing organic oil. Price: 10,90 euros Flask 3 g.

A bold style is achieved with Bright Lipstick Violine. Full lips are highlighted with this line. Shiny Lipstick, also available in amethisthe, is enriched with nourishing organic sesame favoring hydration and regeneration of the lips and offers a satin finish and great coverage.


Price: 9,90 € 3.7 gr

Yves Rocher expands the palette of nail polish for Winter 2015 with nail colors Or, Amethyste and Violine that maintains a natural look of nails without damage. These products, presented in a mini format, feature an applicator brush that extends the nail comfortably and avoids lumps.


Price: 1.95 € 3 ml bottle

This is the new makeup line by Yves Rocher for Winter 2015, Do you like the results?


Rene Furterer Hair Care Masterclass

Recently we attended the Rene Furterer Paris hair care masterclass.

Diego Perez, an international trainer of the firm, highlighted the importance of a healthy scalp, using the example of a plant needing to grow in fertile land.


Each of the attendees was given a personalized hair diagnosis (visual, tactile, dialogue) by answering the following questions:


1- How does your hair feel?

2- Do you have a sensitive, dry or greasy scalp?

3-How often do you wash your hair?

4- How long does your hair stay clean?

5- What products do you use normally?

6- Are you losing your hair?

7- If your hair falls out, is it only during certain periods or more habitual?

Rene Furterer has created different product lines for hair covering all its necessities. Depending on how you would answer these questions you identify which product to use.

Curbicia– For greasy scalp or hair


Karite– Very dry scalp and hair

Melaleuca– Eliminates dandruff and improve the scalp


Anti-hair loss care – Solves both types of hair loss

Astera– For sensitive and irritated scalp

Tonucia-Helps regain strength and density in hair

Okara-Protects and sublimate the brightness of colored hair

Fioravanti– Increases shine

Some tips for healthy hair:

Prepare hair before washing by applying concentrated essential oils that tone the scalp, regulate sebum, stimulate blood microcirculation and reinforce the action of other treatment products.


Astera Soothing Serum (sensible scalp) or Complexe 5 to promote roots (normal scalp).


Instructions: spread the product in line with the hair roots massaging from the occipital region to the front, making upward circular motions with your fingertips to stimulate the circulation.

Wash hair when needed, no matter how often but always with the right products.

After washing apply the treatment (mask, conditioner, hair loss lotion, brightening spray)

Brush hairoften without touching the scalp with the brush. The sooner you remove any dead hair, the sooner new hair can grow.


We tested some Rene Furterer hair products from the different lines and the results have been very positive.


For more information you can visit Rene Furterer’s website:

Elizabeth Arden presents Flawless Future

Summer is over, back to work, a busy lifestyle and stress. These factors accelerate the aging process at the cellular level.

Psychological stress also causes cells to age. An active lifestyle destroys collagen and elastin, encouraging signs of premature age.
Telomeres, chromosome ends whose main function is to prevent DNA fragmentation and cell division, act as a biological clock. Recent studies have revealed that by the age of 30 detriment to lipid barrier occurs.
Flawless Future consists of three products: serum, moisturizer and eye contour treatment.

Serum with micro capsules specially formulated to prevent and treat the signs of aging skin.
85% of consumers reported smoother skin
75% confirmed that both the signs of fatigue and stress were visibly reduced
80% said they had less skin stress
87% confirmed a skin full of luminosity
Application: Once the skin is clean pressed the dispenser in the different areas of the face (forehead, cheeks, chin) both morning and evening before moisturizing treatment.
Friendly-Madrid- Flawless-Future-Serum
Moisturizing treatment specially formulated to prevent and treat the signs of skin characteristic at age 30.
A light texture with quick absorption, highly moisturizing formula that helps maintain youthful skin for longer. Evens tone and enhances the brightness.
Diminishes appearance of dark spots, minimizes the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles
94% of consumers saw a glare without providing optimally hydrated skin firm and smooth
89% of consumers noticed skin healthy and revitalized
SPF 30- Provides protection against UVA / UVB radiation
Application: Apply uniformly in both the face and neck after serum.
Friendly-Madrid-Moisture-Cream- Flawless-Future
Eye Contour Treatment specially formulated to prevent and treat the signs of the skin aging after 30 years old.
A Matrix Complex and Flawless +30 barrier with vitamin E to protect against oxidation as well as a complex of seaweed extracts to minimize the appearance of bags and dark circles.
Immediately provides a refreshing cooling effect
72% confirmed that both the signs of fatigue and stress around the eye area were visibly reduced
74% of consumers said that visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines
78% of consumers watched more light around the eye area
Ophthalmologist tested; Tested for sensitive skin and for use with contact lenses
Implementation: Perform gentle pressure around the eye area especially in the area of the external angle.
Friendly-Madrid- Eye-Gel- Flawless- Future