Clarins Autumn Makeup-Ladylike style

In fashion we love to change colors each season and are always interested in innovating with textures. In makeup we also love to change styles, with a mix of essential products with dependable results and new products that adapt to the latest trends.
Makeup Foundation
This season Clarins offers a new luminous foundation, True Radiance SPF 15.
High-tech reflectors multiply the ability of the skin to reflect natural light. Luminosity is synonymous with vitality and one of the main beauty concerns for women.
True Radiance acts against dull complexions. Moringa seed, an active ingredient was used by the Pharaohs for purifying, limited adhesion of contamination in the skin.
Urban pollution particles do not let the skin breathe normally. Clarins, a pioneer in anti-pollution systematically integrated into their foundations flowing white tea extract with anti-free radical virtues.
Obtain bright and homogeneous skin without mask effect. A new generation formula based on plant extracts and moisturizing anti-pollution.
Thanks to tara gum, which has a moisturizing effect on the surface of the skin, the water balance remains for 24 hours.
Triple action to complete the antipollution, brightness and hydration, True Radiance corrects imperfections and redness while giving the impression of skin without makeup.
Fine texture with a reduced content of dust which perfectly corrects without mask effect, or feeling thick.
82.5% unified complexion
91.4% attenuated redness and imperfections
Recommended price 39 
Colorful eyes and lips
The essentials of the season have a matte effect. Nude, beige and red tones to match the fall. Velvet textures, chic, natural and ultra-feminine style. Very ladylike.
Kit Sourcils “Pro”
Clarins presents a kit that includes:
Three makeup eyebrow powders to work the line of the eyebrows, apply alone or mixed.
• A eyelids makeup pressed powder in a nude pink hue to brighten the look.
• A clear wax to fix eyebrows throughout the day, perfect for a structured effect.
• A double eye shadow applicator brush and Smudger, a brush to comb, and fix the eyebrows, and a mini tweezers ultra-precise.
Recommended price 46.25 
Eclat Minute Fixante Base Yeux
Before applying the shadows Clarins recommends Eclat Minute Fixante Base Yeux, which increases the duration of the makeup and brightens the look.
Oat sugars provide immediate tightening effect. 3D light pigments.
Friendly-Madrid-Clarins-Eclat -Minute-Base-Fixante-Yeux
Recommended price 25.75 
Matte Eye Shadow Ombre
Cream-powder” Matte finish and texture that combines the feeling of comfort with a smoothing effect. Delicacy and duration of a powder.
Apply with fingertips or a brush.
Smoky soft inverse effect.
Apply on the eyelid a light shade 02 – nude pink. Apply after a deeper color 03 – taupe below the eye, as if we drew a line with a pencil. Smudge the line toward the outer corner of the eye.
                                       Friendly-Madrid-Clarins-Ombre-Matte-Nude-Pink  Friendly-Madrid-Clarins-Ombre-Matte
Recommended price 24.58 
Rouge Eclat
The double action, nutrition and anti-aging properties, nutri-youth complex, keep your lips looking youthful.
Feel your lips with flexibility and immediate comfort thanks to the association of mimosa vegetable waxes, jojoba, sunflower and cacao.
Phytosphingosine enhances the protective barrier of the skin hydration that preserves and stimulates collagen synthesis and also  combats the appearance of fine lines.
The more you wear this lipstick, the more your lips will be nourished, repaired, smoothed and visibly rejuvenated.
Recommended price 23.50 

New Beauty Products Fall Winter 2014

Here we introduce the new products of select international cosmetic brands:

Quelques Notes d’Amour, the perfume of love by Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher interprets the scent of love with a new perfume. The French company, creator of Cosmétique Végétale created this perfume in cooperation with Domitille Bertier, one of the most renowned perfumiers who has worked with major international perfume houses.

Domitille Bertier has chosen Rosa Damascena with notes of fruit, Guayacán wood and Benjoin extract. Available in two sizes 50 and 30 ml.

Friendly-Madrid-Quelques-Notes- d'Amour-Yves-Rocher

Price: 19,90 EUR 30ml

              28.90 EUR 50ml


Oil Night Active Serum7 Boots Laboratories

An innovative anti-aging oil for night-time that helps to nourish and hydrate the skin while you sleep. In the morning, you feel your skin repaired.

The skin is in a constant state of repair, but night-time is the best time since there is so much stress during the day.

This is especially important after age 25, when the processes of cellular skin renewal slow down.

Fits all types of skin, the oil is hypoallergenic, paraben-free and dermatologically tested.

Results: Illuminator, easy to apply, smooth and glossy, easily absorbed and non-greasy.


Davines Essential Haircare

A new product line that, in addition to taking care of our hair, is committed to the environment by contributing to the biodiversity of our planet.

Also part of the Slow Food Project, supporting more than 10,000 small producers technically and financially so they can continue producing indigenous plants, offsetting the loss of biological heritage of inestimable value.

la foto 5

Shampoo 250ml Price: 14,50 EUR

Conditioner 250ml: 16.25 euros

Mask 250ml: 22.70 euros

Germinal 3.0

Anti-aging treatment in a format of 30 blisters with dispenser. Each blister contains enough product for two applications. The treatment lasts two months.

Indicated to combat signs of aging skin such as wrinkles, sagging and dryness. Hydrates, firms and nourishes the skin, reduces fine lines, brightens the skin, sets makeup and prevents oxidation of the cells.


Rodial presents their first makeup line

Friendly-Madrid-Rodial- Make-Up

Rodial instaglam Skin Tint Moisturizer makeup provides medium coverage and hydration. Contains SPF30 and hyaluronic acid, which works to fill in wrinkles. Available in four shades; Aspen, Capri, Hamptons and St Bart’s.

Friendly-Madrid-Rodial-skbbvnmtintdrk40_3Price: 40.50 € / 40ml

Glamolash XXL Mask. This mask defines and provides extra volume, ideal for a night look, it is also long lasting. The thick brush helps cover all the lashes with a black smoked, elevates and adds volume and definition.

Friendly-Madrid-Rodial-glamolash-mascara-xxl-printPrice: 30 € / 10.5ml

You can find Rodial Make up at Marionnaud Perfumeries.

KORRES the natural alternative for a perfect look

KORRES, the natural cosmetics brand from Greece, always uses high quality active ingredients derived from natural products. All the products are clinically proven for effectiveness.

KORRES new makeup collection is a natural alternative with professional and long lasting results.



Formulated with volcanic minerals that provide a deep dark color, there are several eyeliner options, from neutral eyes to dramatic black:



















The end of the pencil is specially designed to apply the right amount of liquid, and releases it gradually to achieve a perfect black line with professional precision. Non-staining, long lasting, fast drying that maintains a black finish without fading.



Helps to strengthen lashes and create an intense black / brown color. The mascara brush is designed to reach even the tiniest lashes. It is the first mask in the market to be enriched with volcanic minerals. The result is lashes with less weight, increasing the volume [up to six times *] and duration [up to 20% after a single stroke].


Friendly-Madrid-KORRES-Nail Colour






Another new product is the nail polish, NAIL COLOUR KORRES developed with mild solvents, without compromising the effectiveness of color, offering a natural look. Long term formula, respectful to the nails and surrounding skin.




The composition of the nail color is based on the blend of five essential nutrients for healthy nails: silicon, calcium, zinc, iron and sulfur. A natural hardener, myrrh extract, trace elements, provitamin B5 with moisturizing properties, all contribute to the elasticity and flexibility of the nails.

These components create stronger, more flexible nails, and also helps increase moisture levels in the skin under the nail.

A very important characteristic of KORRES is the exclusion of parabens, silicones, mineral oils, propylene glycol and ethanolamine with acetone, phthalates, formaldehyde, camphor, toluene and xylene.

For autumn-winter we suggest these three colors:










PRICE – 8 €


What do you think about this new line from KORRES?






Omega Pharma presents the first advanced anti-aging fat burner

Bloggers con Isabel Sartorius

Xanthigen® is the first double-acting fat burner that helps the body metabolize fat with anti-aging action (antioxidant).

The patented formulation Xanthigen® bases its success on the unique combination of active natural substances that act synergistically to produce unique results.

Brown algae (fucoxanthin)

This type of algae increases energy expenditure of the body at rest, prompting him to consume more energy, reduces fat accumulation and impinges directly on fat cells, limiting the absorption of new fatty acids (the fat in blood).

Granada seed oil (Punic acid).

Reduces adipose tissue, increases fat oxidation and suppresses the production and secretion of triglycerides.

The synergistic action of these two ingredients:

– Progressively increases basal metabolism.

– Reduces fat accumulation.

– Increase of the Sirt-1 enzyme (sirtuin 1), known as “youth factor” which acts as a cellular antioxidant, optimizes maintenance of cells and their ability to repair damage. This antioxidant affects all organs of the body acting as a true anti-aging treatment.

Security from the Omega Pharma guarantee:

Xanthigen® does not interact with other products (food, drugs or complements) and there are no contraindications. In addition, Xanthigen® does not reduce muscle mass and does not stimulates the central nervous system of the individual (no caffeine or protein).

The clinical dossier confirms the absence of safety problems.

Xanthigen® comes in a box with 90 soft capsules. Each box corresponds to a month of treatment, with a minimum of 2 months required to clearly appreciate results.

Instructions for use: ingest one capsule 15-30 minutes before each intake (breakfast, lunch and dinner). 3 capsules daily.

Recommended selling price: 90 euros

For sale at the pharmacy and drugstore of El Corte Inglés.


This product is a dietary supplement. Food supplements should not replace a balanced diet. It is important to have a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Do not use during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Do not use if allergic to any of its ingredients. Keep out of reach of children. Not for use by children under 18 years. Do not exceed recommended daily dose. Store in a dry place at room temperature. Read the prospectus carefully.

New products with Argan oil from The Body Shop

The Body Shop presents a new line of bath and body products with Argan oil.
The organic Argan oil from The Body Shop is carefully extracted by pressing the seeds of Argan, split by hand by Berber women of southwestern Morocco. The seeds are crushed and subjected to a slow filtration process of 48 hours, to extract the purest possible oil.
The Body Shop collaborates with Targanine, a network of women’s cooperatives, which helps to empower its 334 members to become socially and economically independent. This project offers women the opportunity to support their families with a stable income and an affable working environment.
Argan is indigenous to Morocco, specifically to the foothills of the Atlas mountains, whose forests have been declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.
Argan oil is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, above all linoleic acid (Omega 6) and natural tocopherols.
The tree takes 5 years to produce its first fruit, and then every two seasons produces another. The berries are harvested in the summer, early in the morning when temperatures are cooler.
The fruits are dried in the sun and then transported to Targanine cooperatives where Berber women process the precious Argan oil.
The dried fruit pulp is removed. From each fruit 2 to 3 seeds are obtained.
There are four steps to have a beautiful skin:
1. A bath with Argan oil to prepare the skin
2. Exfoliate the skin and remove dead cells
3. Hydration with body lotion
4. Apply the oil for a radiant tone
Share your beauty tips with us!!