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Hoy os quiero hablar de una firma de moda que acabo de descubrir. Si te gusta la ropa casual pero a la vez con estilo y buen diseño, te recomiendo 51 inc

51 inc es una firma de moda de Nueva York creada con la idea de estilo ¨effortless chic¨. Para no renunciar a ir bien vestida pero a la vez cómoda y con ropa de calidad.

Los tejidos son excelentes y eso se nota en la caída y como queda la ropa. Además, su colección es limitada por lo que dificilmente encontrarás a alguien vestido igual.


Today I want to introduce you to a fashion brand that I just discovered. If you like casual clothes with style and good design, I recommend you 51 inc.

51 inc is a New York fashion firm created with the idea of ​​¨effortless chic¨ style. Not to give up on going well dressed but at the same time being comfortable and with quality fabrics.

The fabrics are excellent which you can feel in the clothes and in how great they fit. In addition, the collection is limited so you will hardly find someone dressed the same.



Split Maxi Dress: https://51inc.com/collections/dresses/dresses




LS Double Front Tee: https://51inc.com/collections/mood-indigo


Friendly-Madrid-Steve- Madden


New beauty products winter 2015-16

Agua Refrescante Rose de Vigne de Caudalie

Nueva agua refrescante Rose de Vigne que se presenta en cofre con crema para manos y uñas Rose de Vigne (30ml), gel de ducha Rose de Vigne (50ml) y agua refrescante Rose de Vigne (50ml).

Una fragancia deliciosa y fresca de rosa con notas aciduladas de ruibarbo.



Crema ultra-reparadora anti-marcas para pieles alteradas después de intervenciones dermatológicas superficiales y alteraciones de la epidermis que pueden dejar marcas cutáneas (cara y cuerpo).

Gracias a su activo patentado el CICAHYALUMIDE, acelera la reparación de la piel. La textura, invisible y no pegajosa, de fácil aplicación, deja la piel suave e hidratada.

Consejos de utilización: Aplicar 1 a 2 veces al día, localmente o sobre una zona extensa.


Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Singles

Wet n Wild amplía su colección de sombras de ojos, con tres nuevos colores para este invierno: Suede, azul intenso; Unchained, gris perla; y Cheeky, rosa.

La fórmula de estas sombras de ojos incorpora tecnología de silicona y densidad de perla que le aporta una pigmentación duradera. La textura es ligera, lo que evita que se cuartee el color y permite, además, difuminar el tono según quieras un look sutil o más marcado.




Wet n Wild Color Icon Brown Pencil

Un lápiz con doble función, en uno de sus extremos tiene un pequeño cepillo con suaves cerdas y en el otro lado, un perfilador con color para corregir el trazo y si es necesario cubrir pequeñas calvas. Se presenta en dos tonos: Blonde Moments (marrón claro) y Brunettes Do It Better (marrón oscuro).

Friendly-Madrid-Color Icon Brow Pencil

Wet n Wild Color Icon Brow Shaper

Un lápiz elaborado a partir de ceras de abejas, para los pelos rebeldes de las cejas. Contiene aceite de ricino para hidratar y evitar la obstrucción de los folículos; y cera de carnauba que aporta brillo. Esta fórmula en stick consigue definir y fijar la forma perfecta de las cejas y el efecto dura todo el día.

Friendly-Madrid-Color Icon Brow Shaper

Wet n Wild Cherry Picking

Este labial en color marsala ha sido diseñado para que permanezca hasta cuatro horas. Su formulación incorpora microesferas hilaurónicas que se adhieren a los labios para que el color perdure intacto. De acabado semimate, se desliza con facilidad y aporta hidratación gracias a extractos de plantas marinas, con coenzima Q10, vitamina A y vitamina E.

Friendly-Madrid-WetnWild-Cherry Picking



Elizabeth Arden presents Flawless Future

Summer is over, back to work, a busy lifestyle and stress. These factors accelerate the aging process at the cellular level.

Psychological stress also causes cells to age. An active lifestyle destroys collagen and elastin, encouraging signs of premature age.
Telomeres, chromosome ends whose main function is to prevent DNA fragmentation and cell division, act as a biological clock. Recent studies have revealed that by the age of 30 detriment to lipid barrier occurs.
Flawless Future consists of three products: serum, moisturizer and eye contour treatment.

Serum with micro capsules specially formulated to prevent and treat the signs of aging skin.
85% of consumers reported smoother skin
75% confirmed that both the signs of fatigue and stress were visibly reduced
80% said they had less skin stress
87% confirmed a skin full of luminosity
Application: Once the skin is clean pressed the dispenser in the different areas of the face (forehead, cheeks, chin) both morning and evening before moisturizing treatment.
Friendly-Madrid- Flawless-Future-Serum
Moisturizing treatment specially formulated to prevent and treat the signs of skin characteristic at age 30.
A light texture with quick absorption, highly moisturizing formula that helps maintain youthful skin for longer. Evens tone and enhances the brightness.
Diminishes appearance of dark spots, minimizes the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles
94% of consumers saw a glare without providing optimally hydrated skin firm and smooth
89% of consumers noticed skin healthy and revitalized
SPF 30- Provides protection against UVA / UVB radiation
Application: Apply uniformly in both the face and neck after serum.
Friendly-Madrid-Moisture-Cream- Flawless-Future
Eye Contour Treatment specially formulated to prevent and treat the signs of the skin aging after 30 years old.
A Matrix Complex and Flawless +30 barrier with vitamin E to protect against oxidation as well as a complex of seaweed extracts to minimize the appearance of bags and dark circles.
Immediately provides a refreshing cooling effect
72% confirmed that both the signs of fatigue and stress around the eye area were visibly reduced
74% of consumers said that visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines
78% of consumers watched more light around the eye area
Ophthalmologist tested; Tested for sensitive skin and for use with contact lenses
Implementation: Perform gentle pressure around the eye area especially in the area of the external angle.
Friendly-Madrid- Eye-Gel- Flawless- Future

New products with Argan oil from The Body Shop

The Body Shop presents a new line of bath and body products with Argan oil.
The organic Argan oil from The Body Shop is carefully extracted by pressing the seeds of Argan, split by hand by Berber women of southwestern Morocco. The seeds are crushed and subjected to a slow filtration process of 48 hours, to extract the purest possible oil.
The Body Shop collaborates with Targanine, a network of women’s cooperatives, which helps to empower its 334 members to become socially and economically independent. This project offers women the opportunity to support their families with a stable income and an affable working environment.
Argan is indigenous to Morocco, specifically to the foothills of the Atlas mountains, whose forests have been declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.
Argan oil is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, above all linoleic acid (Omega 6) and natural tocopherols.
The tree takes 5 years to produce its first fruit, and then every two seasons produces another. The berries are harvested in the summer, early in the morning when temperatures are cooler.
The fruits are dried in the sun and then transported to Targanine cooperatives where Berber women process the precious Argan oil.
The dried fruit pulp is removed. From each fruit 2 to 3 seeds are obtained.
There are four steps to have a beautiful skin:
1. A bath with Argan oil to prepare the skin
2. Exfoliate the skin and remove dead cells
3. Hydration with body lotion
4. Apply the oil for a radiant tone
Share your beauty tips with us!!


Natural Honey presents the first line of body care to make your skin feel like a baby’s.
Who doesn’t want to have perfect skin without scars, blemishes, stretch marks or wrinkles?
These imperfections are the result of time and different life situations: pregnancy, sun exposure and stress are factors involved in the loss of perfect natural skin.
The dream of every woman is to have perfect skin: smooth, moisturized, illuminated protected, immaculate, like a baby’s.
Natural Honey takes the successful concept of BB creams to facial skin care and has revolutionized the world of body lotions, launching the first BB in two versions: BB LOTION for normal skin and BB CREAM, body lotion for dry skin.
BB Natural Honey Lotion, 330ml. Recommended price 5.50 euros
BB-Cream-Corporal-Natural-Honey-Friendly-Madrid  copy
BB Natural Honey Body Cream, 250ml. Recommended price 6.25 euros
The cream version for dry skin is enriched with phospholipids, to provide the optimum level of hydration and nutrition.
Main ingredients:
– Hyaluronic acid, responsible for the maintenance of good hydration, reconstructs the skin tissue fibers
– Collagen, prevents the occurrence of wrinkles and sagging
– Shea butter, regenerates and prevents skin aging
The use of BB Cream Body Lotion and BB Natural Honey, and ensure the daily care of the skin, helps progressively to:
– Dim spots and wrinkles
– Minimize Scars
– Reduce stretch marks
– Provide hydrated and silky skin
Natural Honey is present in the daily life of most Spanish women, as one of the leading brands in skin care. Their values ​​and image are embodied in products formulated from natural ingredients, which have become true allies of beauty.