Autumn Beauty products

In autumn our hair and skin need special care. We present the latest products we recently discovered that will help to keep your  skin and hair looking beautiful.

Galénic DD Teint Lumiere
A new cream that combines skin care and makeup for bright and youthful skin.



The formula mixes pigments, wetting agents and oil for a light, transparent no makeup effect.

SPF 25 sunscreen beautifies your natural tone bringing a touch of color with the guarantee of a pharmacy product.

– Covers uniformly

– Anti UV/pollution

– Light-effect and anti-fatigue

Like the leaves our hair falls out more than usual during autumn, becoming weak and losing vitality. To fortify the hair Klorane Laboratories created Quinine products.

Quinine shampoo with Vitamin B


This line is indicated for devitalized hair loses strength and density.

Stimulating and invigorating shampoo that stimulates and returns microcirculation and vigor to the hair.

Force tri-active

Hair spray with complex active quinine (high concentration that stimulates the hair), caffeine (stimulates microcirculation in the scalp) and arginine (natural amino acid that restores elasticity and comfort to the scalp).


In six weeks revitalizes hair from root to ends and regain their health.

Fortifying balm

The hair regains softness and flexibility thanks to the power of quinine and vitamin B that helps detangle, strengthen and structure.



AVENE Hydrance


Serum, moisturizing for sensitive skin, its goal is to revitalize and soothe. Composed with Avene thermal water, a source of hydration that revitalizes and smoothes stretch marks due to dehydration. Without parabens.


Optimale Hydrance

Indicated for younger skin, moisturizing and sun protection SPF 30. Available in two textures, light for normal and enriched for dry skin. Also reduces imperfections and contains no parabens or octocrylene.


Elancyl Gel Galénic energizing shower

Gel with Guarana extract that gently cleans without soap. The Guarana grain is rich in caffeine but also in oligo, minerals and anti-oxidants.


The result is rich and toned skin. Suitable for normal to dry skin, use daily for shower or bath. Avoid contact with eyes. Without parabens and phenoxyethanol.

What do you think these products? Have you tried any of them?