This year saw the return of ARCO Madrid, now in its 33rd edition.

ARCO Madrid is a trade fair for contemporary art professionals, amateurs and the general public.

The first two days, February 19th and 20th, were dedicated to collectors, curators, museum directors, biennials and art centers. The 21st to 23th of February was for lovers of contemporary art and general public.

From 23 countries, 164 galleries were included in the general portion and 55 programs were part of the curated set painting, sculpture, installations, photography, video, new media, drawing and printmaking.

This year ARCO brought together more than 250 collectors worldwide and 150 special guests.

From Friendly Madrid we have chosen a selection of works from an assortment of galleries:


la foto 1


la foto 1-5


la foto 1-4


la foto 1-3


la foto 1-2



la foto 2-2



la foto 2-5


la foto 2



la foto 2-4



la foto 3-3



la foto 3-5



la foto 2-3