Omega Pharma presents the first advanced anti-aging fat burner

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Xanthigen® is the first double-acting fat burner that helps the body metabolize fat with anti-aging action (antioxidant).

The patented formulation Xanthigen® bases its success on the unique combination of active natural substances that act synergistically to produce unique results.

Brown algae (fucoxanthin)

This type of algae increases energy expenditure of the body at rest, prompting him to consume more energy, reduces fat accumulation and impinges directly on fat cells, limiting the absorption of new fatty acids (the fat in blood).

Granada seed oil (Punic acid).

Reduces adipose tissue, increases fat oxidation and suppresses the production and secretion of triglycerides.

The synergistic action of these two ingredients:

– Progressively increases basal metabolism.

– Reduces fat accumulation.

– Increase of the Sirt-1 enzyme (sirtuin 1), known as “youth factor” which acts as a cellular antioxidant, optimizes maintenance of cells and their ability to repair damage. This antioxidant affects all organs of the body acting as a true anti-aging treatment.

Security from the Omega Pharma guarantee:

Xanthigen® does not interact with other products (food, drugs or complements) and there are no contraindications. In addition, Xanthigen® does not reduce muscle mass and does not stimulates the central nervous system of the individual (no caffeine or protein).

The clinical dossier confirms the absence of safety problems.

Xanthigen® comes in a box with 90 soft capsules. Each box corresponds to a month of treatment, with a minimum of 2 months required to clearly appreciate results.

Instructions for use: ingest one capsule 15-30 minutes before each intake (breakfast, lunch and dinner). 3 capsules daily.

Recommended selling price: 90 euros

For sale at the pharmacy and drugstore of El Corte Inglés.


This product is a dietary supplement. Food supplements should not replace a balanced diet. It is important to have a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Do not use during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Do not use if allergic to any of its ingredients. Keep out of reach of children. Not for use by children under 18 years. Do not exceed recommended daily dose. Store in a dry place at room temperature. Read the prospectus carefully.