Introduction to Macrobiotic cooking

Friendly Madrid recently attended a macrobiotic cooking class at La Magdalena de Proust.

La Magdalena de Proust, is a bakery, organic grocery store and cooking school located in the charming Justicia neighborhood at 8 Regueros Street, with 200 square meters dedicated to gastronomy, high quality organic product.

The school offers weekly classes on natural cuisine, baking bread, and international cuisines such as creative sushi.

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We chose the introductory macrobiotic cooking course because we are looking for ways to eat more healthily.

Macrobiotics is not the same as a vegetarian diet; it is based on the principle of balance between yin (sodium) and yang (potassium) and reflects an adaptation of the culinary traditions of the Far East.

A macrobiotic diet is composed of whole grains, vegetables, various animal products, and foods like seaweed, miso, tamari, soy and green tea.

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We learned to cook a vegetable soup that while deceptively simple, requires a special knowledge of unusual ingredients and their particular method of cooking.

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We also made brown rice with almond sauce, lentils, and different types of algae.

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Tasty dishes that can be prepared everyday as they do not require excessive preparation.

And these were the results:

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