Eat & drink in Madrid: our selection


C/ Meléndez Valdés, 54.
Telephone number : 620 70 93 99.
One of the hottest restaurants in Madrid. Open at 9pm, no reservations so go early and don’t be surprised if there are already people waiting.
The space is modern with open kitchen, a bar with stools for 10-12 people, the menu is on a blackboard.
The food is Asian fuision cuisine from quality Iberia nigiri, garlic shrimp, dim sum, yakitori and spring rolls all delicious and inexpensive.
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C/ Ventura de la Vega, 5
Tel. for booking: 914 20 44 74
This new tapas bar and restaurant located in Barrio de las Letras has a cozy decor and a remarkable covered terrace with live music.
We recommend the leek cocotte with Edam and Parmesan cheese, salmon tartare with broccoli and mild or spicy steak tartar.
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C/ Castelló, 12
Telephone number: 917526586
High-end French pastries have just landed in the Salamanca district.
Modern, sophisticated and homely coffee with its own bakery and shop. All products are made on site and are of high quality.
We recommend the lemon cream tart with Italian meringue and strudel with vanilla cream.
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C/ Bárbara de Braganza, 2
Tel. for booking: 913199457
A tapas bar on the top floor and cocktail lounge on the lower floor.
The perfect place for an afterwork drink or after dinner near the lovely Plaza Salesas. The price of a cocktail is around 12 euros. Le Cabrera has a relaxed after work atmosphere.
Try some of the best cocktails in Madrid including the mango mojito.
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