Over the knee boots

This winter knee high and even boots that reach the thighs are more fashionable than ever.

Undoubtedly this is due to Mr. Stuart Weitzman and his famous model boots (highland and 5050).

Many times we love foreign designers and fashion houses without realizing that their products (especially footwear) are actually manufactured in Spain. This is the case with these made ​​in Spain boots.

Stuart Weitzman’s father had a shoe factory in Massachusetts in 1950. When he was 20, Stuart began designing shoes for his father.

When his father died in 1965 Stuart and his brother Warren took over the business. The brothers sold the business to a Spanish company in 1972 but SW still desigs shoes for the brand.

In 1994 Stuart Weitzman bought back his company and continues to manufacture his designs in Spain.


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