Somatoline revolutionizes fat reducing and anti-cellulite treatments.

We attended recently a press presentation by Somatoline Cosmetic.
For those who do not know yet about Somatoline, this is a firm that has many different body care products: from figure reduction to combatting cellulite to regulating perspiration.
Resistant Action Intensive Cellulite Treatment
An intensive treatment that combats the effects of resistant cellulite. Formulated to reduce the appearance of even the most rebellious cellulite, the product tones and firms the skin in as little as 4 weeks.
Tough cellulite occurs with subcutaneous fatty nodules that may be hard and tender. The skin loses elasticity and starts to look like an “orange peel”.
Friendly-Madrid-Somatoline- Anticelulitico
This product contains Active Cell Phyto-complex, with 5% caffeine for multiple action:
– Helps burn and mobilize fat in adipocytes (lipolysis).
Prevents the development of adipocytes.
Helps eliminate retained fluids.
Minimizes the appearance of cellulite.
– Reduces fatty nodules of cellulite.
– Smoothes the “orange peel” effect and visibly reshapes cellulite.
Recommended for women with cellulite. Apply once a day over the treatment area, facilitating absorption with a circular massage, applying pressure upwards. The hot-cold feeling, sometimes accompanied by a slight tingling feeling, and even a possible appearance of temporary redness, is a sign that the product is working.
For sale in drugstores.
P.V.P: 36.90  (150 ml.)
Reducer Intensive Treatment 7 nights
Somatoline introduces a new enhanced and concentrated formula to reduce that takes advantage of the receptivity of the skin during the night.
Fast action with clinically proven results in just 7 nights. From the first week of application obtain noticeable results, however, if treatment is continued for at least four weeks, its efficiency is enhanced.
Contains exclusive Triple Complex BioSlim7-reducing action:
1. Lipolytic: helps reduce localized fat accumulations.
2. Anti-accumulation: prevents the formation of new adipose accumulations.
3. Draining: favors the elimination of excess fluids.
Recommended for women with localized fat on the hips, thighs and/or waist.
Apply in a circular motion until absorbed. After application, you may perceive a warm feeling, itching and even a slight redness. All these symptoms are temporary, and disappear in 30 minutes, and indicate that the product is working.
For sale in drugstores.
P.V.P 49,90 € (450 ml.)

Friendly Madrid

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