The Beauty Concept

Thanks to the revolutionary “personal beauty” concept, this center has become a favorite among celebrities in Madrid.


The Beauty Concept, led by Paz Torralba and her team of 14 professionals.


The objective of the center is to correct the defects that have always bothered us and fight the effects of aging with harmony and subtlety.

Goya Toledo y Paz Torralba

Paz Torralba and actress Goya Toledo

Eugenia Silva, Belén Rueda, Hiba Abouk, Goya Toledo, Pastora Vega, Paula Prendes, Marta Hazas or Marta Torne, among other celebrities, have chosen The Beauty Concept as a center of reference for their personal care and attention and to find the latest techniques. 

After a personalized study, I was recommended the Facial Swiss Intensive Elasto-Collagen treatment. 


Victoria Lorenzo from Friendly Madrid

The Beauty Concept uses Swiss Revitalizing Anti-Age Cellfacial from Cellcosmet, an intelligent skin care

While most of the cosmetics on the market have between 0.5% and 1% of active ingredients, the Cellcosmet products have up to 30% active cells obtained by biotechnology. They also contain vegetable oils, 100% pure essential oils, algae and marine extracts. They are completely hypoallergenic and do not contain alcohol.

Swiss Revitalizing Anti-Age Cellfacial Treatment adapts to the physiological age of the skin. The result is a healthy, bright and rejuvenated complexion.

Pre-treatment steps:

Deep cleaning. Makeup removal and cleansing the skin with a massage. It is essential to clean the skin of impurities.


Toning. The pH of the face and neck is rebalanced, and prepared for subsequent treatments.

Exfoliation. Dead cells are removed so the skin develops a bright and clear tone. Double action peeling: enzyme to release accumulated impurities from deep in pores.

Application of the activator gel. Stimulates blood microcirculation, promote oxygenation, metabolism of the cells and prepares the skin for absorption of active ingredients.


Totally clean, the skin is ready for the application of the treatment.

1.    Intensive Elasto Collagen Ampoule, a firming and hydrating isotonic complex is applied through a deep massage, focusing on the most necessary points, until completely absorbed.


2. Eye contour, accompanied by a relaxing massage in the area, focusing on bags or wrinkles.

3.  Enlightening and detox mask, illuminates the skin and provides a powerful lightening effect.

4. Ultracell Intensive Ampoule, improves skin circulation, tones and accelerates regeneration, repairing it intensively. Covering the face for 15 to 20 minutes with bandages soaked in an energizing lotion.

5. Cell cream, applied by a relaxing massage on the face and neck with the type corresponding to each age and skin type.


For best results, The Beauty Concept recommends seven sessions for a period of three months. During the first month, one treatment per week; in the second month, once every two weeks, and finally, one treatment in the third month. Price per treatment: 100 euros.

From the first session you will appreciate the result of noticing your skin more luminous, smooth and soft.

More information and contact:

The Beauty Concept

C/Chile, 10 28016, Madrid

Tf. 914 57 25 31

Friendly Madrid

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