Zamanda Pairing & Gastronomy

María Carmen and Félix Cabezudo are the owners of Zamanda Pairing & Gastronomy, a space designed to revolutionize the concept of gourmet food in Madrid.
Located at 14 Felix Boix Street, in the district of Chamartin, Zamanda is a gourmet boutique that sells unique products from around the world, offering an alternative to traditional shops and promoting the marriage of food and drink.
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Toast for Cheese
When introducing a new product, María Carmen and Félix focus primarily on its uniqueness and try to offer excellent price/quality.
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Black Truffle Butter
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The offering is constantly being updated with over 500 products, of which 120 are wines and spirits. You can find products from gourmet bread (from two euros) to the most exclusive caviar (up to three thousand euros a kilo). Not only selling products that are hard to find in any other shop in the city, María Carmen and Félix also advise customers to help them find the perfect gift or just something to enjoy at home.
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Along with the wide range of foods, Zamanda offers a selection of wines, spirits, beer and cocktail accessories. Their slogan is differentiation and quality. The customer can taste special brands of beer, brandy, gin, whisky or wine many of them also they recommend how to pairing.
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Contact Details:

Zamanda Maridaje & Gastronomía

C/ Felix Boix, 14

28036 Madrid

Phone number: 91 084 29 52



From Monday to Friday 10:00 -20:00 horas
Saturday 10:00 -14:00 horas


Zamanda Maridaje & Gastronomía:


Twitter: @zamandamaridaje

Instagram: zamandamaridajeygastronomía



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