Elizabeth Arden presents Flawless Future

Summer is over, back to work, a busy lifestyle and stress. These factors accelerate the aging process at the cellular level.

Psychological stress also causes cells to age. An active lifestyle destroys collagen and elastin, encouraging signs of premature age.
Telomeres, chromosome ends whose main function is to prevent DNA fragmentation and cell division, act as a biological clock. Recent studies have revealed that by the age of 30 detriment to lipid barrier occurs.
Flawless Future consists of three products: serum, moisturizer and eye contour treatment.

Serum with micro capsules specially formulated to prevent and treat the signs of aging skin.
85% of consumers reported smoother skin
75% confirmed that both the signs of fatigue and stress were visibly reduced
80% said they had less skin stress
87% confirmed a skin full of luminosity
Application: Once the skin is clean pressed the dispenser in the different areas of the face (forehead, cheeks, chin) both morning and evening before moisturizing treatment.
Friendly-Madrid- Flawless-Future-Serum
Moisturizing treatment specially formulated to prevent and treat the signs of skin characteristic at age 30.
A light texture with quick absorption, highly moisturizing formula that helps maintain youthful skin for longer. Evens tone and enhances the brightness.
Diminishes appearance of dark spots, minimizes the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles
94% of consumers saw a glare without providing optimally hydrated skin firm and smooth
89% of consumers noticed skin healthy and revitalized
SPF 30- Provides protection against UVA / UVB radiation
Application: Apply uniformly in both the face and neck after serum.
Friendly-Madrid-Moisture-Cream- Flawless-Future
Eye Contour Treatment specially formulated to prevent and treat the signs of the skin aging after 30 years old.
A Matrix Complex and Flawless +30 barrier with vitamin E to protect against oxidation as well as a complex of seaweed extracts to minimize the appearance of bags and dark circles.
Immediately provides a refreshing cooling effect
72% confirmed that both the signs of fatigue and stress around the eye area were visibly reduced
74% of consumers said that visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines
78% of consumers watched more light around the eye area
Ophthalmologist tested; Tested for sensitive skin and for use with contact lenses
Implementation: Perform gentle pressure around the eye area especially in the area of the external angle.
Friendly-Madrid- Eye-Gel- Flawless- Future

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