Chantelle New Collection Autumn-Winter 2014

The French fashion firm returns to its origins with pieces made from fabrics of the moment, craft lace, satin, embroidery reminiscent of corsets centuries old.


CH-1749-0A-MERCI_Tanga-PS1The new collection is inspired by an urban woman who loves lingerie but does not want to give up comfort; pieces of craftsmanship that ensure a perfect fit and while remaining invisible.







Cool green for the “Graphique” line, combines legendary blue signature floral motifs with a resolutely modern style.

CGraphique Fresco





The famous geisha grey –caracteristic of the brand, filled with elegance and softness of the “Aurore” line, is also present.

Aurore Grisgeisha

Bright red and ultra feminine for the “Superbe” series, which offers all the design expertise of Chantelle for women with generous breasts.

Superbe Cosmo

Superbe 3parties NoirViolet

Superbe Capuccino

Gold and black for the “Palazzo” line, an ode to “The Thousand and One Nights”, the perfect line for holidays like New Year.

Palazzo NoirOr





140 years at the service of women

In the late nineteenth century, the company that later would lead to Chantelle was created. At that time, the feminine silhouette lived daily with corsets trying to crush any hint of feminine curvature.

Chantelle, a name invented by the grandfather of Claude Kretz (creator of the band that catapulted the success the firm) in 1912, resembled one of the names of an American fashion label after the Second World War, Chantal.

After five generations in the hands of the same family, Chantelle continues to create the most sophisticated and cutting edge women’s lingerie.

Friendly Madrid

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