The British chain, Costa Coffee, have opened their first store in Madrid. The new café is located at Moda Shopping Mall.

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The café is 155 m2 with an outdoor seating area of 41 m2 and can accommodate up to 70 people.

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With the opening of the new café in Madrid, the company now has 7 stores in operation in Spain.
Costa Coffee was founded by Italian brothers Sergio and Bruno Costa who emigrated to London in 1971. Costa Coffee started as a coffee roasting business and its main goal was to bring authentic Italian coffee to the UK. Today the firm has over 2,700 stores in 30 countries. At Costa Coffee skilled baristas are coffee makers, using special techniques to ensure that guests enjoy a quality experience and unique taste. The company controls the entire production process, as well as distribution of their coffee: roasting, import and sale.

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For the past 7 years the British coffee chain has managed through its Foundation to give back to the coffee communities who have rendered their services. The Costa Foundation has conducted more than 41 school projects in Guatemala, Colombia, Uganda, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Vietnam, Peru and Honduras.
We want to invite you to taste Costa Coffee by giving you an invitation valid for a drink. Just leave a comment here to win a free coffee. VALID UNTIL 15TH AUGUST (5 drinks on offer)
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