We recently visited the beauty center MASSUMEH and tried one of their star treatment, “Hydrolifting with Caviar.”

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For those who still do not know this wonderful cosmetic company, their products actually work from the first application.


Many famous faces trust in MASSUMEH from Empress Farah Diba, Isabel Preysler, Nieves Alvarez, Tamara Falcó, Pablo Motos, Ana Duato, Emma Suárez and others.

Hydrolifting with caviar” is perfect for the days before a wedding, a photo shoot or a special event.

An effective, firming, anti-aging personalized treatment for all ages, that combines MASSUMEH products, in addition to massage.


Here are the steps of the treatment:




First an examination of the skin is performed to choose the right products for the salon and for everyday use at home.

After cleansing and toning the skin properly with CLEANSING EMULSION and CAVIAR CAVIAR FIRMING LOTION the skin is exfoliated with a series of products, tailored to different skin types.


A drainage is then done to eliminate toxins, leaving the skin with a feeling of well-being and and an improved appearance.


The next step is to apply over the skin the HYDROLIFTING CAVIAR SERUM, which is based on extracts of caviar, gold, silk, amethyst, rhodochrosite, DNA & RNA complex, hyaluronic acid, resveratrol, saffron, marine elastin, aloe vera, arnica and other unique ingredients such as Persian botanical extracts.




Depending on your skin type, the experts at the salon will work with the most suitable appliances for firming, anti-wrinkle and soothing. Then they will place a firming mask and caviar ESSENTIAL ANTI-AGING SERUM, a select blend of botanicals and pure essential oils formulated from evening primrose, borage, rosehip, grapeseed, argan, soy, sesame, roses, wheat germ, avocado, sunflower and vitamin E.


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After removing the mask, the aesthetician applies CAVIAR ANTI AGING DAY CREAM SPF 50 formula with extracts of caviar, gold, sapphire, silk, saffron, marine elastin, hyaluronic acid, resveratrol, UVA & UVB filters and vitamin E for its anti-aging, remineralizing, regenerative and protective benefits for the epidermis, thanks to the patented biotechnology, with favors regeneration of skin tissue and promote long-term cell renewal.


The results are immediately apparent, giving the skin smoothness, firmness and radiance. It is based on ancient Persian secrets and selected ingredients, combined with the highest Swiss technology.







MADRID   28010


TEL.: 91 448 76 00/01


TWITTER: @MassumehSL

INSTAGRAM: Massumeh Cosmetics

YOUTUBE: Massumeh Cosmetics

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