Winter Look

For the last days of winter in Cape Town and the beginning of Spring, here is a look I suggest that can be worn day or night and even to work if you change the jeans for something more formal.

The fine coat or long jacket are from a local brand here in South Africa that I have just discovered. They have cute things at very good prices. 



The bag is from Liu-Jo from the new collection, I chose this grey stone color because it is easy to match and is seasonless.




The jeans I had from a previous season, a basic I use a lot being one of my favorites, from SOS by Orza Studio.




The shoes, with black leather, are wardrobe standards, and the grey jersey are from the same shop as the coat





The neckless is from STRADIVARIUS and bought in Spain last year, made from intertwined pale rose twine with shiny stones in the center.


Sunglasses by VOGUE EYEWEAR.


I hope you liked the look, I’d love to know your opinion!


In the next post, we’ll visit a beautiful vineyard close to Cape Town.



Trench coat

Hello from South Africa!

How’s your weekend going? Around here we are going non-stop while we discover new places and organizing visits around Cape Town, beautiful and fascinating places that I will tell you about very soon.

I imagine that at this stage of the summer, you are still enjoying your holidays with great weather. Over here, it is the opposite end of the seasons, in the middle of winter, though it’s not that cold and we are looking forward to spring.

The look that I will show you today is for those days that start to get chilly, but are still not cold enough for a jacket.



The trench coat with new material and structure is without doubt one of the trends for this autumn.



We will see these coats in earth colors, kaki, black and beige. I chose one in a green military tone from STRADIVARIUS that appeared very easy to match and what’s more, to change a bit from the typical colors of the wardrobe standards of beige or black.



Sunglasses from DSQUARED.


I combined the trench in two ways, one option being more informal, with a tie-die sweater with stripes in beige and white from MANGO.




And the other option is a fine black sweater from MANGO that adding an accessory like this neckless, gives a more dressed up look.

Sunglasses by VOGUE EYEWEAR.


Boots with laces by ZARA, from a few years ago, but they are still worn a lot and we will see them again this Autumn-Winter.


Hope you liked this look. In the next posts, I will tell you about my life in South Africa and show you some beautiful places that I have visited.


Jean Paul Gaultier Autumn-Winter 2015/16

Jean Paul Gaultier presents his new collection of haute couture for Fall-Winter 2015/16  “Brittany”.

gau_hc15-16_012 copy

A total of fifty nine looks with exquisite cuts and an infinity of  Swarovski crystal crafted by hand, one of the most emblematic fashion houses shined on the catwalk.

gau_hc15-16_004 copy

Swarovski crystal are included in special collection pieces, including the innovative Kaputt (broken in German) cut, designed by Jean Paul Gaultier for Swarovski.

gau_hc15-16_105 copy

White blouses with crystals in black and golden accessories. 

gau_hc15-16_024 copy

Colorful and risqué adornments unify delicate applications of crystal with the aim of accentuating exquisite tailoring.

gau_hc15-16_138 copy

gau_hc15-16_053 copy

Adornments that stand out are the luminous crystal buttons. 

gau_hc15-16_190 copy

Footwear, hats, and jewels, as well as dress clothes, give a brilliant touch with hundreds of crystals. 

gau_hc15-16_058 copy

gau_hc15-16_188 copy

shoes with swarovski crystals copy

Visiting Tangier

A few weeks ago when we stayed in Tarifa for a weekend, and spent a day visiting Tangier across the straight of Gibralter.


Tanger 23

We took the ferry from Tarifa and within less than an hour we were there. We only had one day to explore the most charming places of Tangier so we decided to go with a guide. Normally I prefer to travel on my own, planning where the visit, restaurants and controlling the time to spend at each place but in this case it was certainly the best decision.

Tanger 2

When we arrived at the port we were greeted by our guide who took us to see the countryside around Tangier.

Tanger 29

Tanger 28


Tanger 24

taNGER 20

The day was not too sunny and no one was in the water though the sea looked quite inviting for a swim.

Tanger 25

Tanger 21

Tanger 1
Tanger 3

We visited the old center, called the Medina, including the Kasbah (fortifications), markets and squares.

Tanger 6

Tanger 18

Tanger 19

The colorful streets in blue, green and white and colored ceramic tiles add to the charm of Tangier.

Tanger 22

TAnger 16

Tanger 17

For lunch we went to La Mamounia restaurant where we tried the menu which consisted of several traditional dishes.

Tanger 9

Tanger 10

When we finished the meal we had time to walk, go to a cafe and explore the town.

Tanger 26

Tanger 11

Tanger 7Tanger 12


At the end of the trip, before returning to the port to catch our ferry, we went to see the local shops which sell products such as argan oil, cashmere foulards and pashminas and ceramics for home decoration.

It was a very packed day of sightseeing, shopping and eating, going all around Tangier, and leaving with the impression of having seen the most interesting parts. If you are in the region of Cadiz, this is a visit that we highly recommend.