El Columpio, new restaurant in Madrid

A few months ago the restaurant ‘El Columpio‘  opened at  C/Caracas, 10  a new project from restauranteur Stephen Arnáiz, who also owns ‘Le Cocó‘, which we reviewed in an earlier post.
El Columpio‘ is located in the Almagro section of Chamberí and is open all day (09:00 to 00.00), so you can go for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just have a drink after work at the bar.
The cuisine by chef Juan Rioja offers Mediterranean dishes such as ravioli of fresh prawn, squid tentacles, beef cheeks, pork confit with pears in wine or verdins with black sausage, prawns and squid noodles.
We recommend the eggplant sticks with honey, wok mushrooms, artichokes, and green asparagus. You should also try the mushroom pizza with truffle.
Friendly-Madrid-El- Columpio-postre
For dessert try the homemade cakes as carrot cake or coulant au chocolate with vanilla ice cream.
The architect Marta Banus designed ‘El Columpio‘ with three distinct spaces.
First the bar, very rustic with traditional tools hanging on the walls and wood beams on the ceiling.
Friendly-Madrid-barra-El Columpio
The chic and sophisticated front room, with its cocktail bar, has 1920’s inspired retro lamps, gilt mirrors and colored velvet sofas.
And finally a more informal space, with tables and stools and a relaxed ambiance.
Every day from 09:00 to 00.00; Thursday through Saturday until 2:00 a.m.
Caracas, 10 Madrid

Navy Style

As we talked about a few weeks ago, stripes are one of the trends for this Spring- Summer season.




Navy has invaded the catwalks as well as the streets and shops. You can find jackets like this one with blue nave stripes and white in a variety of versions.




I chose this long jacket from Stradivarius that combines easily with jeans, beige colors, white, black and offers many possibilities.




With one piece of clothing, you can create various looks, more casual or dressed up, depending on the type of shoes and accessories.




Shoes from ZARA.




Wedges from UNISA.




Scarf from MISSONI and necklace with my initial personalized by Be a Princess Jewelry.




Bracelet from Pippa and Jean, the German jewelry firm that has just arrived in Spain.




A more comfortable sporty look with a Neverfull by Louis Vuitton and sneakers by ZERO CENT CINQ.



April 2015 Beauty News


ISDIN recently presented their new sunscreen products, the press presentation took place at ABC Museum in Madrid.

ISDIN Presentacion FW_FA Madrid_13

Sunscreen ISDIN Fusion Water:

The first water-based sunscreen. Provides the feeling of freshness and a silky finish. Fusion technology, easy to apply with immediate absorption. Incorporates two advanced technologies: Safe-Eye Technology, to not irritate eyes; Wet-Skin, which allows the application on the wet skin and waterproof. SPF 50+ UVA and UVB protection.

This new product also has anti-aging properties with hyaluronic acid and antioxidants such as vitamin E. For all skin types, oil-free.

ISDIN Presentacion FW_FA Madrid_14

Sunscreen ISDIN Fusion Air:

A light, dry by mixing a gas and nebulized fusion technology, which forms an air finished with a dry mist. Has soft touch packaging and Moritz 360 valve, which allows to apply the product in any position. UVB and UVA protection 50+ waterproof.

Exclusively in pharmacies:

Sunscreen ISDIN Fusion Water – 19.80 €, 50 ml.

Sunscreen ISDIN Fusion Air – 22.80 €, 200 ml.

OPI Infinite Shine at NENHA

OPI Infinite Shine achieved in three steps a super-manicure. We have been trying this week at Nenha Salon (C/Jorge Juan,63 Madrid) a manicure with Infinite Shine and confirm that after five days the enamel remains perfect and very bright.


It consists of three steps:




5 free, has no toluene, formaldehyde resin, DBP (Dibutiftalato) and camphor fastener except the base does contain camphor.


Apply, dry and removed like a traditional nail polish, OPI says it can take up to 10 days. Available in 30 colors.

Biocuantica, natural cellular stimulation at LEFORM clinic

A balance system that provides the necessary stimulation to improve the quality level of elasticity, density, oxygen saturation, etc.

BIOQUANTICA works by creating a closed circuit in the treatment area. Make readings several hundred times per second, interpreted the data and works according to them to improve the detected problem.


How it works?

Is the combination of two electronic systems: a computer with a very sophisticated software that facilitates the instructions, how to work with doctors, maps anatomy and a hardware that controls electronic of micro-current with mathematical calculation algorithm.

Is used for facial rejuvenation, body contouring, breast lift, firming, stimulating circulation, stretch marks, scars, acne, burns.

Human + Kind

A new beauty brand we met at the Sephora press presentation event.

The philosophy of Human + Kind is based on natural products (Aloe Vera, Bamboo, Avena, Broccoli, Cucumber, Calendula).


We tested 3 in 1 oil for face, body and hair. When applied is absorbed quickly, leaving skin hydrated and not greasy, with a pleasant aroma. It is recommended to use after bathing. Helps reduce marks or scars on the skin. Avoid contact with eyes.

We love the packaging.


MARIA GALLAND PARIS is a cosmetic firm present around the world.

A tighter skin and a body full of energy are the purposes of their new products. Highly effective with active substances provide a defined silhouette contour.


We have tried Poudre de Bain 438A Minceur use de contain of the envelop in a bath and relax feeling like in a spa. The  ingredients are lemon, rose and muguet to hidrate the skin and reshape the figure.

Application: Add the content into the bath water and enjoy the experience of the spa fragrance.


Ethnic Style Look

One of the Spring-Summer trends is ethnic style. We have already seen this trend with clothing, decoration, art. In fashion the key characteristics are intense colors, frayed fabrics and fringes. Often fabrics or materials from Africa and India.
We suggest this look with an ethnic pull over in burgundy, black and white, with some fringe. (ZARA)
Combined with a black leather skirt, this mix of clothing gives a different touch to the outfit. (ZARA)
Beige wedges. (ZARA)
Bag also in beige. (The Lunch Bag)
Black sunglasses. (Jimmy Choo)
These photos were taken in the garden of the College of Architects of Madrid (COAM) C/Hortaleza, 63 Madrid.
Inside the COAM garden there is an Italian restaurant, Bosco de Lobos, with a bar and outdoor terrace.
What do you think of this look? Do you like ethnic style?

Magnolia, new KORRES line for initial wrinkles

KORRES creates a new product line to fight against those first wrinkles. Here is some background about this Greek company:


With the passage of time fine lines start to appear on the face, as well as wrinkles and sagging skin. No big deal however the problem is that we tend to realize too late.

To prevent the effects of skin aging, KORRES has focused on the clinically proven benefits of Magnolia bark extract to create a new product line.


The active substance isolated from the plant contains anti-inflammatory properties that help to neutralize skin aging.

The main objectives of Magnolia KORRES are to:

1 Repair early wrinkles.

2 Prevent permanent wrinkles.

3 Moisturize the skin.



Friendly-Madrid-Magnolia- serum-KORRES


Friendly-Madrid-Magnolia- cream-KORRES


Friendly-Madrid-Magnolia- night_KORRES

Clinically proven results: after testing the product, 95% of women see a reduction in visible fine lines. 100% show a significant improvement in skin texture and increased levels of skin elasticity and hydration. And 100% of women who tested the product showed more radiant, elastic, compact and smooth skin.


KORRES is a Greek brand with roots in the first homeopathic pharmacy in Athens. KORRES‘s first product was a herb syrup with honey and aniseed, a recipe inspired by the “rakomelon” a mixed with honey liquor used by the grandfather of George Korres to help in his hometown on the island of Naxos. Created in 1996 with the aim to use their extensive scientific knowledge and experience developing health products, the company now offers a line of natural products and certificates for skin care and hair, and makeup line products for sun well prepared with herbs.




Mexico trip

If you follow us on our social networks @FriendlyMadrid you’ve probably seen that we spent a few days recently in Mexico.

After a 10 hour flight from Madrid, we landed in Mexico City and two hours later in Cancun.

When we arrived in Cancun we collected our rental car (highly recommended if you want to organize your own excursions).

Playa del Carmen was our first destination where we stayed the first four nights. The most famous beaches are Mamitas and Playacar but in my opinion they are little  touristic.


To stay in Playa del Carmen we recommend Cacao, a modern boutique hotel, with a spectacular penthouse pool and bar.

Restaurants in Playa del Carmen: if you want to try Mayan food, Yaxche is a good option. If you are looking for a place with international dishes try Plank.


Plank Restaurant


Nearby Playa del Carmen, Xpu-Ha is one of the most beautiful beaches on the coast with kite surfing possible on windy days.


The second day we went to Holbox Island. The road there is a little long (one hour, thirty minutes by car and thirty minutes by ferry) but the trip is worth it.


We recommend you to stay at Casa Sandra Boutique Hotel.

If you go to Mexico you should certainly visit their cenotes. Natural water pools, outdoors, surrounded by greenery and a privileged environment. Thre are many cenotes but Cenote Ik Kil , Cenote Azul and Cenote Escondido are very beautiful.


Cenote Escondido


Cenote  Ik Kil 


Another worthwhile excursion is Chichén Itza,World Heritage.


The Temple of Kukulcan is one of the seven wonders of the modern world.


Chichen Itza is a Sacred Mayan Center.


Close to Chichén Itza is Valladolid, a colonial city considered ‘The capital of Eastern Mayan region’. Valladolid was found in 1543 by a group of Spanish.

A one hour’s drive from Playa del Carmen is Tulum (meaning wall in Mayan).


In Tulum tour around the ruins, which are very close to downtown and only take a few hours to visit.


The Flyers Dance

Before entering the archaeological park we saw a Mayan dance performance with acrobatics.


Tulum beach is amazing with many bars and hotels on the seafront. Our favorites are Ana y Jose, Ziggy Beach, Villa de las Estrellas and Sanará.


Photo Eco-Hotel Sanará, Tulum

We also recommend the Italian restaurant Posada Margarita to have lunch or dinner in front of the sea.


Nearby is Hartwood Restaurant, with a lovely scented dining terrace, but book in advance because it is always very popular.


Very pleasant to bathe in Laguna Luun Kaan, Tulum.


Forty minute drive from Tulum to Cobá, an impressive archaeological site of pre-Columbian culture.


Nohoch Mul pyramid, which can be climbed to see a panoramic view.


We suggest that you rent bicycles inside the park since it is a pleasant way to visit all the ruins across the park.

We hope you enjoyed our trip report and recommendations.

Spring 2015 beauty products


We recently attended the press presentation of the new sunscreen product line Protextrem (Laboratorios Ferrer). One new brand from Protextrem is Sun & Slim. In addition to protecting the skin with SPF 30, the product has a body reductor for the abdomen (up to 2.8 cm), thighs (up to 2.1 cm) and arms (up to 1.3 cm). Thanks to ActigymTM component, the photo resistant effect mimics the reduction achieved with regular exercise, improving muscle tone and reducing body perimeter. It is a dry oil that absorbs quickly, leaving skin smooth and hydrated.

Friendly-Madrid-Protextrem- Sun-SlimPVP 22 € in pharmacies


After achieving success in Los Angeles and New York ReGenesis Hair Enhancing System is now available in Spain. A line of unisex anti-aging hair treatment, consisting of six products: Hair Enhancing System (spray and foam treatment) Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner, Hair and Scalp Detox Masque and Spot Serum. For thin hair, hair weakened due to stress, or by frequent use of irons or coloring… Formulated to enhance natural hair volume and promote the rebirth of stronger, revitalized and healthy hair.


For sale in late April at New Look (Barcelona) and Art Lab Salon (Madrid).

Angel Parfum new jewel bottle

The new  three-dimensional star, Angel was created by Mugler design studio. A sculpture carved by light and by the glassmakers of Brose House, who created the first bottles of Angel 23 years ago. They created a complex mold for the glass bottle to reach the points of the star and to ensure a homogeneous distribution of the crystal.

Thierry Mugler‘s obsession is to create a light blue star for every woman, that evokes the vastness of the sky and cosmic mystery. The new bottle is refillable, a jewel for all your life.


Recommended Price * New Star Angel Eau de Parfum 75 ml € 124.00

Self-Tanning Fresh Indulgence

Products made from natural ingredients, Eco-Friendly and 100% free of parabens. The product we recommend is Caribbean Indulgence, rich in antioxidants and moisturizing ingredients to the skin. Contains extracts of green and white tea that stimulate immune function and protect against cell damage. It combines the effects of a fire hydrant and anti-aging due to its composition based on Aloe Vera Organic Grapefruit, Acai Berry, Goji Berry and Banana. It tones the skin thanks to its composition of ginger root.


Before applying self-tanner it is advisable to exfoliate the skin. Fresh Indulgence also has a line of organic body scrubs Salt Sugar Scrubs & Smoothies (Sugar Body Scrub and minerals). Leaves skin bright and ready for a perfect tan.

MakeUp Revolution

Make Up revolution was launched in London in March 2014, and the firm could be describe as low cost makeup products. Their price range starts at 1.45 € and includes standard and limited edition products.Friendly-Madrid-Make-Up-Revolution

Contour Kit, bronzer, blush and highlighter in a palette that costs 4.45 euros.


Founded in 2013 in Stockholm (Sweden), Verso Skincare is a cosmetic firm whose goal is to revolutionize skin care for men and women. Based on  six products, thanks to the revolutionary Retinol 8, eight times more effective than basic retinol, the product stimulates the natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, reversing signs of aging, minimizing pores and discoloration, and improving the general appearance of the skin.


In Spain, Verso Skincare is sold in Nadia (Madrid).