Somatoline revolutionizes fat reducing and anti-cellulite treatments.

We attended recently a press presentation by Somatoline Cosmetic.
For those who do not know yet about Somatoline, this is a firm that has many different body care products: from figure reduction to combatting cellulite to regulating perspiration.
Resistant Action Intensive Cellulite Treatment
An intensive treatment that combats the effects of resistant cellulite. Formulated to reduce the appearance of even the most rebellious cellulite, the product tones and firms the skin in as little as 4 weeks.
Tough cellulite occurs with subcutaneous fatty nodules that may be hard and tender. The skin loses elasticity and starts to look like an “orange peel”.
Friendly-Madrid-Somatoline- Anticelulitico
This product contains Active Cell Phyto-complex, with 5% caffeine for multiple action:
– Helps burn and mobilize fat in adipocytes (lipolysis).
Prevents the development of adipocytes.
Helps eliminate retained fluids.
Minimizes the appearance of cellulite.
– Reduces fatty nodules of cellulite.
– Smoothes the “orange peel” effect and visibly reshapes cellulite.
Recommended for women with cellulite. Apply once a day over the treatment area, facilitating absorption with a circular massage, applying pressure upwards. The hot-cold feeling, sometimes accompanied by a slight tingling feeling, and even a possible appearance of temporary redness, is a sign that the product is working.
For sale in drugstores.
P.V.P: 36.90  (150 ml.)
Reducer Intensive Treatment 7 nights
Somatoline introduces a new enhanced and concentrated formula to reduce that takes advantage of the receptivity of the skin during the night.
Fast action with clinically proven results in just 7 nights. From the first week of application obtain noticeable results, however, if treatment is continued for at least four weeks, its efficiency is enhanced.
Contains exclusive Triple Complex BioSlim7-reducing action:
1. Lipolytic: helps reduce localized fat accumulations.
2. Anti-accumulation: prevents the formation of new adipose accumulations.
3. Draining: favors the elimination of excess fluids.
Recommended for women with localized fat on the hips, thighs and/or waist.
Apply in a circular motion until absorbed. After application, you may perceive a warm feeling, itching and even a slight redness. All these symptoms are temporary, and disappear in 30 minutes, and indicate that the product is working.
For sale in drugstores.
P.V.P 49,90 € (450 ml.)

Duyos Autumn-Winter 2015 Collection

Duyos presents their Autumn-Winter 2015 collection at Madrid Fashion Week (Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week).




The proposal takes us back to the days of 1980, disco fashion with catwalk turned into dance floor.




Dresses for sophisticated and elegant women.




Duyos presents feminine dresses with open back and silk fabrics.




Nude colors, gold, blue and multicolor palettes are protagonists of the new collection.




Great fur coats in different colors, from brown to classic white, and always with a modern and contemporary twist.




This is my favorite dress and coat from the new collection, perfect for attending a dance party in style.




Final carousel




The designer Juan Duyos at the end of the show



Garden Scape Clarins Spring 2015 Makeup Collection

A few weeks before the start of Spring, Clarins presents its new makeup collection. A visit to nature. Garden Escape.



This new collection is inspired by the colors and light of flowers and nature. Shades from pink to coral, taupe and green forest.


Teint Haute Tenue + Makeup SPF 15

Perfect complexion, long duration (18 hours), coverage and luminosity with treating action.

Teint Haute Tenue 107 BeigePerfect skin thanks to bamboo powder that absorbs excess fat, conceals blemishes, redness and other imperfections.




Clarins Laboratories has developed Light-Optimizing+ which captures, diffuses and instantly enhances light.

* Recommended price 39,00 €


Eclat Minute Baume Embellisseur Lèvres

New texture, enriched with plants, moisturizes, brightens and creates a wet-lips effect. Maintains hydration for four hours.



Extracts of Wild Mango and Karite nourishes lips all day with “Bright 3D” pigments.

Available in six shades. In my case I chose a pink tone that fits with the color of lips creating a natural pink.

* Recommended price 20,00 €


Eclat Minute Huile Confort Lèvres

Nutrition and comfort with hazelnut oil, ingredients included in all Clarins oils for face and body.


In this case I chose the raspberry version with organic jojoba and raspberry, a fruity perfume and a pink color.

* Recommended price 20,00 €


Yeux 6 Couleurs Palette (Limited Edition)

Eye shadows are satin and iridescent long lasting and smoothing.

Friendly-Madrid-Graden-Escape-Palette-YeuxSix colors: Dégradé of roses, pearl white, two green and taupe.

Application tips: overlay and matching eye shadow, can be used dry or wet for a natural or a more sophisticated result.

* Recommended price 48,00 €


Blush Prodige

Provides extra vitality. Mineral and vegetable texture, bamboo powder and tomato extract creates a pink cheeks effect with long duration.

Friendly-Madrid-Clarins-Blush-Prodige08 sweet rose

* Recommended price 36,00 €


Crayon Khol 09 intense green

This spring changes the black eyeliner for green.

Crayon Khol 09 intense green

09 intense green

* Recommended price 16,50 €

Desigual presents their Autumn-Winter 2015 collection

Desigual presents their Autumn-Winter 2015 collection at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid.


Over a bare catwalk Desigual started the fashion week in Madrid surprising guests with their innovative proposals.


Accessories like colorful hats bring an original touch to the look.


Desigual once more shows a young and carefree spirit.


A fun style with new forms and materials through a proposal with earth tones, green, lilac and burgundy.


A very colorful collection, not suitable for monochrome lovers.


The model Winnie Harlow, the image of the brand for this season, was the star of the catwalk, opening and closing the parade.


The final carousel was unconventional as models came out dancing to the rhythm of Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off.


Muchochupchup Illustrated Calendar Featuring Friendly Madrid

This post is dedicated to María from the blog Muchochupchup, a magnificent illustrator.

A few months ago, I read a proposal about a calendar that was going to contain illustrations depicting Spanish bloggers.

When María told me that I would be included in the calendar, I was delighted and began to chose my look that would be the inspiration for the illustration.

These are the clothes that I chose for the winter look.


Hat by Maison Michel


White high collared sweater


White skinny jeans


Oversize jacket


High boots by Stuart Weitzman


Celine bag

And the result:

febrero friendlymadridA million thanks to Maria, the result is great and captures my style.

What do you think? Do you like it?

Here you can download the calendar as a screensaver:

calendario salvapantalla febrero

The Beauty Concept

Thanks to the revolutionary “personal beauty” concept, this center has become a favorite among celebrities in Madrid.


The Beauty Concept, led by Paz Torralba and her team of 14 professionals.


The objective of the center is to correct the defects that have always bothered us and fight the effects of aging with harmony and subtlety.

Goya Toledo y Paz Torralba

Paz Torralba and actress Goya Toledo

Eugenia Silva, Belén Rueda, Hiba Abouk, Goya Toledo, Pastora Vega, Paula Prendes, Marta Hazas or Marta Torne, among other celebrities, have chosen The Beauty Concept as a center of reference for their personal care and attention and to find the latest techniques. 

After a personalized study, I was recommended the Facial Swiss Intensive Elasto-Collagen treatment. 


Victoria Lorenzo from Friendly Madrid

The Beauty Concept uses Swiss Revitalizing Anti-Age Cellfacial from Cellcosmet, an intelligent skin care

While most of the cosmetics on the market have between 0.5% and 1% of active ingredients, the Cellcosmet products have up to 30% active cells obtained by biotechnology. They also contain vegetable oils, 100% pure essential oils, algae and marine extracts. They are completely hypoallergenic and do not contain alcohol.

Swiss Revitalizing Anti-Age Cellfacial Treatment adapts to the physiological age of the skin. The result is a healthy, bright and rejuvenated complexion.

Pre-treatment steps:

Deep cleaning. Makeup removal and cleansing the skin with a massage. It is essential to clean the skin of impurities.


Toning. The pH of the face and neck is rebalanced, and prepared for subsequent treatments.

Exfoliation. Dead cells are removed so the skin develops a bright and clear tone. Double action peeling: enzyme to release accumulated impurities from deep in pores.

Application of the activator gel. Stimulates blood microcirculation, promote oxygenation, metabolism of the cells and prepares the skin for absorption of active ingredients.


Totally clean, the skin is ready for the application of the treatment.

1.    Intensive Elasto Collagen Ampoule, a firming and hydrating isotonic complex is applied through a deep massage, focusing on the most necessary points, until completely absorbed.


2. Eye contour, accompanied by a relaxing massage in the area, focusing on bags or wrinkles.

3.  Enlightening and detox mask, illuminates the skin and provides a powerful lightening effect.

4. Ultracell Intensive Ampoule, improves skin circulation, tones and accelerates regeneration, repairing it intensively. Covering the face for 15 to 20 minutes with bandages soaked in an energizing lotion.

5. Cell cream, applied by a relaxing massage on the face and neck with the type corresponding to each age and skin type.


For best results, The Beauty Concept recommends seven sessions for a period of three months. During the first month, one treatment per week; in the second month, once every two weeks, and finally, one treatment in the third month. Price per treatment: 100 euros.

From the first session you will appreciate the result of noticing your skin more luminous, smooth and soft.

More information and contact:

The Beauty Concept

C/Chile, 10 28016, Madrid

Tf. 914 57 25 31