Yves Rocher Makeup Winter Collection

Yves Rocher presents its new winter collection which includes metallic and violet tones for this time of year.


Yves Rocher, creator of Botanical Beauty, started in 1959 by making effective cosmetics.

Seeking to offer new products, the French firm observed nature and captured the unique and unusual colors of Autumn and Winter 2014, to compose new shades of lipstick, shadow, and eyeliners.

A quartet of eye shadows that are smoky and easy to apply, merging with the skin evenly and maintaining their color for hours.

A palette of colors in satin or matte with pearlescent effects.


For the Winter 2015 Collection, the makeup of the firm offers the ability to create many looks to choose metallic colors like gold and silver that fuse with violet, amethyst and emerald tones.

The golden tones continue to be fashionable. Yves Rocher introduces Eye Shadow Cream and Brun Or Precieux that lasts up to 12 hours, and has a metallic effect. Bark extract containing Chestnut with illuminating properties. No parabens.


Price: 8.90 € 7 ml bottle

Yves Rocher intensifies a look with an unprecedented light pearly Gold Powder, 100% vegetable and mineral based, with sweet almond soothing organic oil. Price: 10,90 euros Flask 3 g.

A bold style is achieved with Bright Lipstick Violine. Full lips are highlighted with this line. Shiny Lipstick, also available in amethisthe, is enriched with nourishing organic sesame favoring hydration and regeneration of the lips and offers a satin finish and great coverage.


Price: 9,90 € 3.7 gr

Yves Rocher expands the palette of nail polish for Winter 2015 with nail colors Or, Amethyste and Violine that maintains a natural look of nails without damage. These products, presented in a mini format, feature an applicator brush that extends the nail comfortably and avoids lumps.


Price: 1.95 € 3 ml bottle

This is the new makeup line by Yves Rocher for Winter 2015, Do you like the results?


Stonefly Sneakers, Second Skin

In 1993 at Montebelluna Andrea Tomat and Adriano Sartor started Stonefly.

Their goal is to find a balance between a comfortable shoe and Italian style.




In 2013 a new brand by Stonefly was born: Second Skin, a line of soft and enveloping footwear.





Second Skin Oxy is one of the most popular models. A suede ankle boot is available in several colors.

All Second Skin footwear have the Blusoft Stonefly system, an exclusive gel system that allows you to walk lightly, gently and without fatigue.


Stonefly_Sidney 2 103488_M29


The inside is made of a special stretch fabric that adapts to the shape of the foot to enhance the effect of a “second skin“.



From the Stonefly Second Skin collection, we have chosen the model 103558 / M82 Finny 3 Sneakers made in soft suede and damask and contrasting black laces with a 9 cm toothed wedge sole.



 Sizes 35-41.



For more information: www.stonefly.it/en/


Gift ideas for less than 50 euros

Christmas is here, for those who have not bought all your Christmas presents yet, we propose some nice gifts that fit within a reasonable budget.

Caudalie Thé Des Vignes case

Refreshing Water 50ml and Shower Gel 75ml Thé Des Vignes

Refreshing Water Thé des Vignes evokes the warmth of a summer evening in the vineyards. A mysterious scent that combines white musk, neroli and ginger. Thé des Vignes is presented in a sublime case, together with a perfumed shower gel containing extracts from vegetables, to prolong the delicious fragrance.

 Price: 25.20€


 Makeup & Glitter Nail Color of Wet n Wild

Coverall Pressed Power , base powder-cream texture satin with matte effect. Makeup with light texture, very natural, like a second skin.

Available in 5 colors. Price: 3.99€

Friendly-Madrid-Coverall- Pressed- Power-Wet-N-Wild

MegaRocks Glitter Nail Color is an ultra-bright, soft and durable.

Uniform texture and fast drying, can be worn as a single color or top coat. Available in 9 shades, Price: 3.99€


Sold in drugstores Primor, IF Perfume, Perfume Arenal, Marvimundo, Macava, Gotta and www.maquillalia.com

New Cardenal Mendoza Angelus

If you are invited to a lunch or dinner, instead of taking just a standard bottle of wine, try Cardenal Mendoza Angelus, the latest creation of winery Sánchez Romate. This prestigious distillery was founded in 1824 and is known for its traditional distillation process.

Mahogany color with amber and luminous. The nose has citrus notes and spice with sweet aromas of dried fruit. The initial taste is citrusy, with hints of orange and toasted flavors, with a sweet, long finish.

It can be served with ice or water with gas, besides being a versatile liqueur for cocktails.

Approximate Price per bottle: 25.16€


Legging fabric combination Oysho

For sporty women or those intending to be in the new year. Ref. 0344/911 Price: 29.99€


Luxury Manicure Nenha Nails

An hour and a half including:

Normal – Sénev Manicure with the Japanese spa. Removal of cuticles and adapting to the needs thanks to a diagnosis personalized treatment.

– Rejuvenating ultra-hydrating paraffin treatment


– Painted nails and one nail decoration

Nenha Nails

C/Jorge Juan,64   Telephone number: 911397779

Price: 49 €


Rene Furterer Hair Care Masterclass

Recently we attended the Rene Furterer Paris hair care masterclass.

Diego Perez, an international trainer of the firm, highlighted the importance of a healthy scalp, using the example of a plant needing to grow in fertile land.


Each of the attendees was given a personalized hair diagnosis (visual, tactile, dialogue) by answering the following questions:


1- How does your hair feel?

2- Do you have a sensitive, dry or greasy scalp?

3-How often do you wash your hair?

4- How long does your hair stay clean?

5- What products do you use normally?

6- Are you losing your hair?

7- If your hair falls out, is it only during certain periods or more habitual?

Rene Furterer has created different product lines for hair covering all its necessities. Depending on how you would answer these questions you identify which product to use.

Curbicia– For greasy scalp or hair


Karite– Very dry scalp and hair

Melaleuca– Eliminates dandruff and improve the scalp


Anti-hair loss care – Solves both types of hair loss

Astera– For sensitive and irritated scalp

Tonucia-Helps regain strength and density in hair

Okara-Protects and sublimate the brightness of colored hair

Fioravanti– Increases shine

Some tips for healthy hair:

Prepare hair before washing by applying concentrated essential oils that tone the scalp, regulate sebum, stimulate blood microcirculation and reinforce the action of other treatment products.


Astera Soothing Serum (sensible scalp) or Complexe 5 to promote roots (normal scalp).


Instructions: spread the product in line with the hair roots massaging from the occipital region to the front, making upward circular motions with your fingertips to stimulate the circulation.

Wash hair when needed, no matter how often but always with the right products.

After washing apply the treatment (mask, conditioner, hair loss lotion, brightening spray)

Brush hairoften without touching the scalp with the brush. The sooner you remove any dead hair, the sooner new hair can grow.


We tested some Rene Furterer hair products from the different lines and the results have been very positive.


For more information you can visit Rene Furterer’s website: renefurterer.com

Platea Madrid

The new Gastronomic Leisure Space Platea Madrid is located in the heart of the Golden Mile in Madrid.

With 6.000 square meters, spread over four floors, Platea occupies the former space the Carlos III cinema and Cleofas nightclub.


Star architect Lázaro Rosa-Violán designed the  amazing interior.

Ground Floor: Platea Court and Mama Framboise

Tapas area: bechamel croquettes, tempura salads, oysters, octopus, pickles, iberian ham and cheese…With a full bar counter, cocktails and vermouth and a special beer corner.

The sweetest place in Platea is Mama Framboise where the best French pastry of the city is served daily.


Lower level: International Food at Platea

Mediterranean and international cuisine. Rices, stews, roast chicken, steaks, burgers and hot dogs.

Four international food corners: Mexican (Beso de Sal, Peruvian (Kinua), Italian (Fortino) and Asian (Shikku).

Level 1: Upstairs

Signature cuisine is a hard job that requires invention, risk and the best taste.

Ramon Freixa reunited all these ingredients in his restaurant called Arriba.

The chefs Pepe Solla, Paco Roncero, Marcos Morán and Ramón Freixa with a total of 6 Michelin Stars and 11 Soles Repsol to their name.


These two barmen, Diego Cabrera and Luca Anastasio set the benchmark in the cocktails world.


Opening Times

-General Platea:

Sunday to Wednesday from 12:00pm to 00:30am

Thursday to Saturday from 12:00pm to 02:30am

Holidays from 12:00pm to 02:30am

-Gold Gourmet Mama Framboise

Monday to Saturday from 9:00am to 10:00pm

Sunday from 10:00am to 10:00pm


Monday to Sunday from 10:00am to 10:00pm