Clarins Autumn Makeup-Ladylike style

In fashion we love to change colors each season and are always interested in innovating with textures. In makeup we also love to change styles, with a mix of essential products with dependable results and new products that adapt to the latest trends.
Makeup Foundation
This season Clarins offers a new luminous foundation, True Radiance SPF 15.
High-tech reflectors multiply the ability of the skin to reflect natural light. Luminosity is synonymous with vitality and one of the main beauty concerns for women.
True Radiance acts against dull complexions. Moringa seed, an active ingredient was used by the Pharaohs for purifying, limited adhesion of contamination in the skin.
Urban pollution particles do not let the skin breathe normally. Clarins, a pioneer in anti-pollution systematically integrated into their foundations flowing white tea extract with anti-free radical virtues.
Obtain bright and homogeneous skin without mask effect. A new generation formula based on plant extracts and moisturizing anti-pollution.
Thanks to tara gum, which has a moisturizing effect on the surface of the skin, the water balance remains for 24 hours.
Triple action to complete the antipollution, brightness and hydration, True Radiance corrects imperfections and redness while giving the impression of skin without makeup.
Fine texture with a reduced content of dust which perfectly corrects without mask effect, or feeling thick.
82.5% unified complexion
91.4% attenuated redness and imperfections
Recommended price 39 
Colorful eyes and lips
The essentials of the season have a matte effect. Nude, beige and red tones to match the fall. Velvet textures, chic, natural and ultra-feminine style. Very ladylike.
Kit Sourcils “Pro”
Clarins presents a kit that includes:
Three makeup eyebrow powders to work the line of the eyebrows, apply alone or mixed.
• A eyelids makeup pressed powder in a nude pink hue to brighten the look.
• A clear wax to fix eyebrows throughout the day, perfect for a structured effect.
• A double eye shadow applicator brush and Smudger, a brush to comb, and fix the eyebrows, and a mini tweezers ultra-precise.
Recommended price 46.25 
Eclat Minute Fixante Base Yeux
Before applying the shadows Clarins recommends Eclat Minute Fixante Base Yeux, which increases the duration of the makeup and brightens the look.
Oat sugars provide immediate tightening effect. 3D light pigments.
Friendly-Madrid-Clarins-Eclat -Minute-Base-Fixante-Yeux
Recommended price 25.75 
Matte Eye Shadow Ombre
Cream-powder” Matte finish and texture that combines the feeling of comfort with a smoothing effect. Delicacy and duration of a powder.
Apply with fingertips or a brush.
Smoky soft inverse effect.
Apply on the eyelid a light shade 02 – nude pink. Apply after a deeper color 03 – taupe below the eye, as if we drew a line with a pencil. Smudge the line toward the outer corner of the eye.
                                       Friendly-Madrid-Clarins-Ombre-Matte-Nude-Pink  Friendly-Madrid-Clarins-Ombre-Matte
Recommended price 24.58 
Rouge Eclat
The double action, nutrition and anti-aging properties, nutri-youth complex, keep your lips looking youthful.
Feel your lips with flexibility and immediate comfort thanks to the association of mimosa vegetable waxes, jojoba, sunflower and cacao.
Phytosphingosine enhances the protective barrier of the skin hydration that preserves and stimulates collagen synthesis and also  combats the appearance of fine lines.
The more you wear this lipstick, the more your lips will be nourished, repaired, smoothed and visibly rejuvenated.
Recommended price 23.50 

Melissa, 100% recyclable shoes

We recently discovered Melissa, a brazilian footwear brand and one of the world’s largest plastic shoe companies. For the past 30 years Melissa has worked to produce jelly shoes that have a designer edge.


100% recyclable and manufactured with 30% recycled material, recycling of their last season stock.


The company has created partnerships with designers like Vivienne Westwood, Alexandre Herchcovitch, Isabela Capeto and Karl Lagerfeld.


The modern versatility of plastic has lead to imaginative shoes in new shapes and colors.



 Velvet has always been a sophisticated fabric


Nostalgic with a modern touch creating a “Stone Washed” effect


Top models like Alessandra Ambrosio


or  Cara Delevigne are fans of this brand


More info and online shop:


The new line of paddle rackets and accessories from Adidas

In Spain more than 3 million people of all ages play paddle, a sport that helps to eliminate stress, improve self-esteem, stimulate the cardiovascular system, tone the body, lose weight (burning up to 500 calories per hour) and increase social relationships.

For beginners and intermediates in the process of evolution as well as experts, Adidas has created a range of unique and pioneering rackets to suit all levels and playing styles.


The Pro rackets are made of premium quality carbon fiber, making them tough, light and powerful. Their durability has been tested successfully for over 100 hours with coaches and athletes on the professional circuit and adapted to the four styles of play that allows players to improve their technique in defense or attack and work on strength and agility.



The ideal complement to the Pro paddle racket is the Adidas Pro Racket Bag which can store up to three rackets. Ventilated compartment for shoes, four exterior pockets for clothes and adjustable straps that can also be hidden.



For sale at El Corte, Padelmanía and specialty stores.


Pro Racket: 295 €

Racket Bag Pro: 65 €



For those players who want to take their game to the next step need the Tour line.

More economical than the Pro, these rackets are made of fiberglass and carbon. There are four models, with varying shape and weight distribution to suit every type of player.

The Fast Precision allows greater control over the racket


Precision power equally favors power and precision


Fast Attack is perfect for a player who first decides where to place the ball, and then attacks with dramatic effect and agility


Power Attack is designed to help finish with strength and power



The bag is ideal for carrying as a compact backpack. Black, simple and very comfortable.




For sale in El Corte, Padelmanía and specialty stores.


Tour Racket: 185 €

Backpack Bag: 35 €


Finally Court rackets for beginners, designed for increased control and comfort in the game. Available in different colors, these rackets fit perfectly with the black, white or pink messenger bag.



The pink and black models are sold exclusively in Padelmanía.




For sale in El Corte, Padelmanía and special stores.


Court Racket: 70 €




Tous Fall-Winter 2014-2015 Collection

Tous proposes a return to the classic jewelry, in both the materials used and technique. The result is a futuristic collection with a traditional touch.







18Kt yellow gold necklace with various gemstones.




18Kt yellow gold earrings with various gemstones.





Blue titanium ring with blue topaz and pink sapphires.







18Kt yellow gold double solitaire ring with 0,32ct flat diamonds.







Vermeil sterling silver earrings with 0,016ct diamond and chrysoprase.







Vermeil sterling silver earrings with industrial ruby, hydrothermal green and blue quartz  and mother-of-pearl.







Vermeil sterling silver and leather bracelet with cultured freshwater pearl, industrial ruby, hydrothermal green and blue quartz and mother-of-pearl.






Vermeil sterling silver bracelet with cultured freshwater pearls.

New Beauty Products Fall Winter 2014

Here we introduce the new products of select international cosmetic brands:

Quelques Notes d’Amour, the perfume of love by Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher interprets the scent of love with a new perfume. The French company, creator of Cosmétique Végétale created this perfume in cooperation with Domitille Bertier, one of the most renowned perfumiers who has worked with major international perfume houses.

Domitille Bertier has chosen Rosa Damascena with notes of fruit, Guayacán wood and Benjoin extract. Available in two sizes 50 and 30 ml.

Friendly-Madrid-Quelques-Notes- d'Amour-Yves-Rocher

Price: 19,90 EUR 30ml

              28.90 EUR 50ml


Oil Night Active Serum7 Boots Laboratories

An innovative anti-aging oil for night-time that helps to nourish and hydrate the skin while you sleep. In the morning, you feel your skin repaired.

The skin is in a constant state of repair, but night-time is the best time since there is so much stress during the day.

This is especially important after age 25, when the processes of cellular skin renewal slow down.

Fits all types of skin, the oil is hypoallergenic, paraben-free and dermatologically tested.

Results: Illuminator, easy to apply, smooth and glossy, easily absorbed and non-greasy.


Davines Essential Haircare

A new product line that, in addition to taking care of our hair, is committed to the environment by contributing to the biodiversity of our planet.

Also part of the Slow Food Project, supporting more than 10,000 small producers technically and financially so they can continue producing indigenous plants, offsetting the loss of biological heritage of inestimable value.

la foto 5

Shampoo 250ml Price: 14,50 EUR

Conditioner 250ml: 16.25 euros

Mask 250ml: 22.70 euros

Germinal 3.0

Anti-aging treatment in a format of 30 blisters with dispenser. Each blister contains enough product for two applications. The treatment lasts two months.

Indicated to combat signs of aging skin such as wrinkles, sagging and dryness. Hydrates, firms and nourishes the skin, reduces fine lines, brightens the skin, sets makeup and prevents oxidation of the cells.


Rodial presents their first makeup line

Friendly-Madrid-Rodial- Make-Up

Rodial instaglam Skin Tint Moisturizer makeup provides medium coverage and hydration. Contains SPF30 and hyaluronic acid, which works to fill in wrinkles. Available in four shades; Aspen, Capri, Hamptons and St Bart’s.

Friendly-Madrid-Rodial-skbbvnmtintdrk40_3Price: 40.50 € / 40ml

Glamolash XXL Mask. This mask defines and provides extra volume, ideal for a night look, it is also long lasting. The thick brush helps cover all the lashes with a black smoked, elevates and adds volume and definition.

Friendly-Madrid-Rodial-glamolash-mascara-xxl-printPrice: 30 € / 10.5ml

You can find Rodial Make up at Marionnaud Perfumeries.

Tapa Tapa opens their first restaurant in Madrid



One of the leading restaurant groups in the country, AN GROUP, with a large presence in Barcelona opens their first restaurant in the center of Madrid.




AN GROUP was founded in 1995 and already had 26 restaurants before opening number 27 in Madrid.




Tapas, made fresh, as well as sandwiches, rice and other dishes, accompanied with German beer or good Spanish wine.







The hand-cut  jamón serrano is one of the notable dishes; the gin and tonics and bravas are delicious and the kitchen is ‘non-stop’ from 8h to 1h.

The space, with more than 220 m2, has capacity for more than 70 people, and also has a terrace with capacity for over 80 people.



C/ Montera 47 (Gran Via)- 28013 Madrid

Schedule: 8h to 1h.

All day open kitchen

The natural window just opened the 100th store in Spain

After 30 years in the industry, Ynsadiet Laboratories created Natural Window in 1999, a completely innovative range of consumer products that include a mentoring program and customized for weight control and made of natural therapies.


Ynsadiet Laboratories is targeted to consumers interested in maintaining patterns of healthy and natural lifestyles with products of the highest standards of quality at a competitive price.


Now Nature’s Window is celebrating the opening of its 100th store.

What services can be found at the 100th Natural Window store?

Located at Alcalá street, 168 in Madrid, the store offers a variety of services, including an intolerance test, weight diet, revolutionary NUTRIOX program, aesthetics or natural therapies.


The consumer has more than 3000 references of dietary supplements and food products to choose from and the guaranty of a leading manufacturer.


More information


About Ynsadiet Laboratories

Ynsadiet Laboratories was founded in 1980 to bring the consumer products from beekeeping, specializing in the production and packaging of honey, pollen and royal jelly.

From 1985, the company began their journey by establishing a factory in Getafe, which had modern facilities including research and development, and quality control departments.

The company quickly gained a privileged position in the industry with great success in product sales like Molkesol, weight loss programs, vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

In 2003, due to the growth of the company, the headquarters was moved to their current location in Leganés. They are also positioned internationally in markets such as Algeria, Morocco, Portugal, Britain, France and Germany.

Their portfolio includes more than 700 references, complementary products based on medicinal plants, the OB line, natural and organic sun Daughters Food, Natural Cosmetics Bifemme (pure rosehip oil) Melatonin, and Zentrum Menoyn.

GERMINAL Premium antiaging

Alter Laboratories launched Germinal in 1977, the first Spanish brand of high end cosmetics.
In 2014 the Germinal Premium Collection, the first anti-aging line from Alter, was created.
Colección Germinal
Germinal Cell Collection = Intensive Nutrition
Intensive Day Cream Cellular Nutrition is an anti-aging day shock treatment designed to counter the effects of oxidative skin elements.
Apply in the morning on clean skin.
Fills wrinkles from the inside and moisturizes the skin, contains hyaluronic acid.
Vitamin C provides shine to the face.
Ceramide-3 acts on the skin, leaving smooth, soft and flexibility.
Friendly-Madrid-Colección-Germinal-celularPrice: 25,30 EUR
Germinal Collection = Facial Intensive Care Serum
A concentrate of antioxidants to combat the damage caused by the accumulation of free radicals. SPF15
Use it once or twice a day to combat wrinkles and give your skin a lifting effect.
Contains black currant oil, an important antioxidant that protects the skin from external agents.
The smooth texture is light and absorbed rapidly.
Friendly-Madrid-Colección-Germinal-serum   Price: 30,54 EUR

Germinal Collection = Oxygenating Intensive Cellular
Oxygenating Intensive Cellular Night Cream is an anti-aging product designed to repair damaged skin. Apply before bedtime.
Combats skin aging thanks to the effect of apple stem cells, which increase the longevity of skin cells and protect DNA.
Friendly-Madrid-Colección-Germinal-oxigenante   Price: 27,05 EUR
These products do not contain fragrance, parabens or colorants. They are also oil free so you do not have to worry about greasy residue.
From Friendly Madrid, if we had to choose one of these three products, we would choose the serum that you can apply it day and night, as the texture is very light and gives your skin a lifting effect.

The designer Cristina Piña presents her Spring-Summer 2015 collection

The designer Cristina Piña presents her 10th collection with the essence of a Mediterranean summer.


Here Comes The Sun” highlights white color, prints and flowers.


Delicate folk style where short and long dresses with asymmetrical cuts and ruffles are the protagonists.


Day outfits with versatile fabrics that can also fit at night, thanks to the meticulous baguette pailettes and crystal rhinestones mounted by hand.

Friendly-Madrid-Cristina-Piña-Spring-Summer-2015Materials such as linen, organic cotton and georgette. Prints herbs, orange, peppermint, lavender and flowers like peony, lavender, crape myrtle.



For more information: