Over time the beer brand Alhambra Reserva 1925 has become a landmark of prestige thanks to its expertise and exceptional quality that captivates the most discerning palates.



Alhambra Reserva 1925 offers an experience evoking the magic of the incomparable monument of Granada and the origins of the first beers of this famous brand. It is about Art is by Discovery.

As you can see in the video, Diego Rodriguez, master glass-blower of the Royal Glass Factory of La Granja (Segovia), creates artisanal glass specially developed to accompany the beer. The glass is designed to make the most of the texture of the beer, with notes of bitter orange and a slightly caramelized finish, refreshing and delicious.

Participate in the contest on Facebook and you could win an exclusive case of Alhambra Reserva 1925 with a bottle and glass screen printed with your initials, plus a trip to Granada for two people for two nights with flight and hotel. We also recommend a tourist route so that you can experience the most authentic Granada.


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Laboratories LIERAC introduce LIFTISSIME

Laboratories LIERAC, recognized specialists in anti-aging, introduce a new dimension of cosmetics.

Not in sale until October but we want to present you these revolutionary products with FACE LIFTING * 3D effects.


Thanks to its unique savoir faire in cosmetics hybridization, and the company’s use of science and nature, LIERAC Laboratories registered an innovative patent for anti-aging: CELL-JUNCTION COMPLEX. A synergy of saffron, esfingoceramida-BT and a vegetative peptide, Perlecan, a true center of gravity of the face.


The active ingredients, when activated at the dermo-epidermal junction (DEJ), ensures cell cohesion in the three dimensions of the skin to tighten the surface and densify the volume cross.

Profiling again, the face undergoes a 3D facelift.

Over time, the skin relaxes, the face becomes less defined, the cheekbones are less defined and wrinkles are accentuated. In the end, the face is less harmonious and loses its positive expression.

What do you get with LIFTISSIME? A defined oval face, more pronounced cheekbones, reduced wrinkles, an open look, a smile…

Cohesion within each skin layer

Perlecan protein is essential to store growth factors and signaling molecules distribute such as the skin needs. Once released, these messengers are focused on the key cells of the mesh and stimulate the skin: keratinocytes in the epidermis, dermal fibroblasts, adipocytes in the hypodermis.


But over time, perlecan decreases and this has an impact on cell cohesion:

•  The attachment points on each side of the UDE weaken: the different layers of the skin, less united, sink. The skin loses rigidity, its features relax.

• Regulation of the growth factors is affected. The activity of the key cells of the mesh of the skin (fibroblasts, keratinocytes, adipocytes) and slows down the creation of material is reduced in each skin layer. The skin loses volume and cheekbones are less marked.

Stimulate perlecan, at the center of gravity of the face, can restore cell cohesion in the three dimensions of the skin.

FROM the 1st APPLICATION: Stretched features again, filled and denser skin, wrinkles attenuated and put in place.

AFTER 4 WEEKS: the oval of the face redefined, rebalancing and filling volume and wrinkles.

Serum specific LIFTISSIME 89 euros

LIFTISSIME SERUM                   Textura serum


Restructuring agent LIFTISSIME Serum is made from a green chemistry process. It consists of three elements:

• A source of energy: MG6P (Methyl-Gluside-6-Phosphate)

 • Two essential amino acids, proline and lysine having a key role in production of collagen and elastin, which reactivates copper oxidase, required for maturation of collagen and elastin enzyme lysyl.

Authentic source of energy, again able to enhance senescent fibroblasts and allows the synthesis of dermal elements essential for youthful skin.

CREMA lifting effect DAY 85 euros


For all women who seek a harmonious face with a defined contour and balanced volume, looking for a natural facelift, without forgetting comfort and sensuousness.


The Cell-Junction Complex – Patent registered (3.6%) – is associated with hyaluronic acid (5%) for a 3D face lift. Enriched flower extract Candolle, SILKY CREAM LIFTING EFFECT durably hydrates normal to dry skin. Enriched with shea butter and cocoa nibs, RICA LIFTING EFFECT CREAM nourishes and soothes dry skin to very dry.


• Factions face tightened again.

• Oval face filled out.

• Volume rebalancing.

• Wrinkles filled and smoothed.

• LIFTING EFFECT SILKY CREAM moisturizes the skin.

Specific LIFTISSIME eyes and eyelids 55 euros


Plant extracts of Albizia and divine herb are used synergistically to treat the sensitive area around the eyes and eyelids. Albizia fights stress and fatigued skin, protecting skin cells. The divine herb is traditionally used for its soothing and healing properties. Darutoside rich molecule of the family of diterpenes, highly divine herb stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

The extract of ruscus selected by LIERAC Laboratories has a high dosage ruscogenine, allowing to preserve the integrity of the blood vessels and limit their permeability. It also has anti-inflammatory and vasoconstricting properties that allow to activate microcirculation to drain the tissues.

LIFTISSIME offers immediate and long-term effectiveness through active textures with stretch effect and full of filler and hyaluronic acid formulas.A NEW FRAGRANCE sublimated by ULTRA-FEMININE FLORAL, FRESH and subtly fruity.

New Tapas at El Mandil de Maravillas

El Mandil de Maravillas opened a year ago at 5 Calle Colón, between Chueca and Malasaña, Madrid.



A quiet and cozy place to have tapas with friends.

la foto 1


A traditional menu of tapas, freshly made and carefully presented, and renewed every month. Seafood cocktail, fried cuttlefish with caramelized onions and garlic sauce or morcilla bonbon.






In addition, there are low temperature truffled eggs, with ham and foie gras,  asparagus and mushrooms, or eggplant confit and crispy bacon Iberian.




Of course there is no shortage of classics like: Iberian ham with apple and honey sauce, teriyaki chicken skewer or smoked salmon roll with cream cheese.




ST. Tropez

If you still have not been to the beach or pool this year and you want to look tan we suggest this brand of sunless tanning that leaves skin with a beautiful tone and looking very natural.


The self-tanning product line includes these two brands:

Gradual Tan Everyday Body


A combination of moisturizing elements. Form with Aloe Vera, this nourishing lotion leaves skin feeling soft yet firm and with a touch of color. The new fragrance technology Aromaguard reduces DHA odor by 70%, leaving only a subtle and refreshing fragrance. Suitable for all skin types.

The rich moisturizing formula can be used alone or between tanning applications for a more intense color. Perfect for those looking for a subtle tone as well as for those seeking a more intense tone, the gradual self-tanner is available in two shades, Light/Medium and Medium/Dark allowing you to get the intensity level you choose. This product does not contain SPF.

For best results it is important to exfoliate the skin beforehand. After application wait a few minutes before dressing.

St. Tropez Everyday Body, 200 ml – 17 euros.
 Self Tan Bronzing Mousse
A soft texture, light, easy to apply and provides a complete and uniform tan. Contains apricot oil to provide a longer lasting color. The self-tanning foam dries instantly when applied for  natural and professional results.
The new fragrance technology Aromaguard reduces DHA odor by 70%, leaving only a subtle and refreshing fragrance.
How to use:
First exfoliate the skin to make it soft and smooth. After applying the foam to the palm of your hand (with the St. Tropez applicator glove), apply from head to toe, making sure that the whole body is covered. Wait at least 60 seconds before dressing and 4 hours before showering for a perfect natural looking tan.
St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse
-120ml – 24,50 euros
-240ml – 36,50 euros
Friendly-Madrid- St. Tropez- Tan- Applicator-Mitt
St. Tropez Glove – 4,50 euros
Only at El Corte Inglés
More information at


The Omega Pharma Laboratories launched in Spain SilinCode SOS, silicone bracelet with a QR code that will help protect you and your friends and family.


The bracelet is useful in an emergency since your medical information and contact detais are stored in the QR code.

Through the QR code, anyone with a smartphone or tablet can access a personal profile and find important information such as name, relevant medical information or contact the people you have chosen in case of emergency or disorientation.

Friendly-Madrid- Silincode-SOS- QR

A gadget to protect children, the elderly, people with serious illnesses and for those who engage in high risk sports. With SOS SilinCode you always have your vital data at hand for emergency services.

To activate SOS SilinCode follow these simple steps:

  1. Scan the QR code with a mobile device (phone or tablet with QR code scanner). A website will appear where you register.
  2.  Upon registration you will receive an e-mail with a link to actívate the account.
  3. Edit the profile of the person who will take SilinCode SOS.

A profile can be modified to include the most relevant data such as:

Personal information: Name

Contact person to be notified in case of emergency. SilinCode issues warnings via email to all the contacts incorporated.

Medical Information: blood type, drug allergies, heart disease, diseases such as epilepsy or Alzheimer’s, etc.

SilinCode SOS makes a bracelet for adults and one for children, both in different sizes and a sticker version to identify belongings.


Friendly- Madrid- Silincode-SOS pegatina

Also for pets:


SilinCode SOS (bracelet or adhesivePrice 19.95 euros

For sale in pharmacies.

Café de Chinitas. Flamenco in Madrid

A few days ago we attended the Bazaar Meeting held in a very special, traditional Spanish place, Café de Chinitas




la foto 2-2




This café opened in 1970 and is located at 7 Torija street in Madrid in a beautiful eighteenth-century palace. The decor is inspired by Federico García Lorca and bullfighting, and you will be immediately under the spell of flamenco. Paella is one of the star dishes.









The most important Spanish artists have passed through the café: José Mercé, Enrique Morente, Pastora Imperio, Serranito, La Chunga etc.





A male dancer, five women dancers, three guitarists, three singers, an authentic act where you feel the charm and flamenco feeling.














Many illustrious people have passed through the café including Don Juan Carlos I of Spain and Doña Sofia of Greece, Prince Charles and Lady Di, Hussein of Jordan, other famous people as Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, Rafael Nadal, Pedro Almodóvar and many other and celebrities.








la foto 4-2



In addition to being able to enjoy dinner and the show you have the opportunity to participate in a flamenco class.


Information and reservations:

Telephone numbers 91 559 51 35 / 91 547 15 01

Schedule from 20.00 to 00.30 Sunday closed. Flamenco shows 20.30 y 22.30.

Price for the show is 25€ per person plus one mandatory drink.

Set menus from 63,50 euros show included


Eyefi Mobi WiFi card

Today we share with you our latest tech discovery, the Eyefi Mobi WiFi card.
With the Eyefi Mobi you get a WiFi connection for your camera, without need for additional accessories.
Transfer photos and videos instantly from your camera to your smartphone or tablet.
No wireless network is required since Eyefi has created its own WiFinetwork.
How does it work?
You need to install the Eyefi application on a smartphone or tablet to connect to the Eyefi Mobi WiFi card.
Once matched, the card transfers photos and videos whenever new content is detected in the device. Once the transfer is complete, the card disconnects from the WiFi network to save battery life.
Smartphones are sometimes inadequate as cameras, especially when extra zoom is required, for high-speed shooting, low light and other situations where digital cameras show superiority.
Eyefi offers photography enthusiasts a simple solution: high quality photos and videos from a digital camera and instant access on your smartphone to share and enjoy them.
Transfer images to the reel or photo album on your smartphone or tablet, so they are ready to use on Facebook, Instagram, Camera Awesome, in a text message or email.
Eye-Fi Mobi
What do you need?
1. Camera
Digital camera with SDHC card slot.
2. Device
Smartphone or tablet with WiFi connectivity and iOS or Android operating system.
3. Application
Eye-Fi app installed on your mobile device. App Store, Google Play or Kindle Fire.
4. Code
Activation code 10 digits indicated on the back of the box Mobi card.
Are you already using the Eyefi Mobi card? Let us know your feedback.

The new Visionlab store in Madrid

Visionlab has opened their flagship store in Madrid. Calle de Preciados,27.
la foto 5
The store has the latest technology in eyecare: over 480 square meters on two floors, where visitors receive personalized advice by specialists on both their vision and aesthetics.
la foto 3
Some of the attendees Martha Casado y Jesús Reyes from Cool Hunting Madrid and Victoria Lorenzo, founder of Friendly Madrid.
la foto 2
Before buying glasses one must look at the physiognomy of the face, eyes and hair color, nose type and skin tones.
At the Visionlab Sun Fashion Day 2014, sunglasses of all types were on display: mirrored, sophisticated, transparent, sports lenses with 100% protection grapes, vintage, wood, round shape, cat eye, camouflage. 
foto 4
There were sunglasses with velvet rims, fluorescent colors (green, orange, fuchsia and yellow), mirrored lenses, retro touches, animal prints and wooden frames.
foto 5
Visionlab also sells prescription glasses with a clear urban style. Good for any occasion, either for the office or parties or bright summer colors.
Pase modelos gafas Callao 3