Encuentro Bazar with Guillermina Baeza

The Encuentro Bazar with Guillermina Baeza took place at the Tse Yang Dim Sum Club in La Moraleja, Madrid, Tuesday 29 April.


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Guillermina Baeza and Javier Ares from Dim Sum Club

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Victoria Lorenzo from Friendly Madrid

Encuentros Bazar are organized by Bazar me lo pido, a section of Metrópoli. Bazar me lo pido highlights products and services from around Spain in a casual and selective manner.

Bazar me lo pido

Events are held once a month and organized around a theme and a person from the world of culture, fashion, art or gastronomy.


The event took place at Tse Yang Dim Sum Club (dim sum means “touch the heart” in Mandarin), a trendy and elegant restaurant in La Moraleja. There is a smaller outpost of Tse Yang on the gourmet floor the El Corte Inglés at Callao, and the long-standing flagship Tse Yang restaurant at the Villa Magna Hotel.

The Dim Sum were as delicious as they were varied.

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It was the first time Friendly Madrid attended this get-together and we were very fortunate to have as special guests, Guillermina Baeza and her daughter Belén Larruy, who currently heads the creative team of the firm.


Ana  Zuazo from Bazar me lo pido, Guillermina Baeza and her daughter Belén Larruy. 


Alejandra from Tic Tac  News Blog, Guillermina and Belén.

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Guillermina Baeza and Victoria Lorenzo from Friendly Madrid.

Designer Guillermina Baeza was born in Morocco, an inspiration for many of her creations. She now lives and works in Barcelona.

Baeza started as a designer in 1971 and is a major reference in swimwear in Spain, making collections for major textile groups such as Massimo Dutti, Cortefiel, Hoss Intropia, Tuc Tuc.

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Summer 2014 swimwear collection

For Guillermina Baeza design and the quality of the fabric are very important in her creations and she is always thinking about how to innovate.

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In Madrid you can find Baeza’s swimwear collection at Tim de Kir, Mimoki and Papaya.