Introduction to Macrobiotic cooking

Friendly Madrid recently attended a macrobiotic cooking class at La Magdalena de Proust.

La Magdalena de Proust, is a bakery, organic grocery store and cooking school located in the charming Justicia neighborhood at 8 Regueros Street, with 200 square meters dedicated to gastronomy, high quality organic product.

The school offers weekly classes on natural cuisine, baking bread, and international cuisines such as creative sushi.

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We chose the introductory macrobiotic cooking course because we are looking for ways to eat more healthily.

Macrobiotics is not the same as a vegetarian diet; it is based on the principle of balance between yin (sodium) and yang (potassium) and reflects an adaptation of the culinary traditions of the Far East.

A macrobiotic diet is composed of whole grains, vegetables, various animal products, and foods like seaweed, miso, tamari, soy and green tea.

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We learned to cook a vegetable soup that while deceptively simple, requires a special knowledge of unusual ingredients and their particular method of cooking.

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We also made brown rice with almond sauce, lentils, and different types of algae.

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Tasty dishes that can be prepared everyday as they do not require excessive preparation.

And these were the results:

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Eat & drink in Madrid: our selection


C/ Meléndez Valdés, 54.
Telephone number : 620 70 93 99.
One of the hottest restaurants in Madrid. Open at 9pm, no reservations so go early and don’t be surprised if there are already people waiting.
The space is modern with open kitchen, a bar with stools for 10-12 people, the menu is on a blackboard.
The food is Asian fuision cuisine from quality Iberia nigiri, garlic shrimp, dim sum, yakitori and spring rolls all delicious and inexpensive.
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C/ Ventura de la Vega, 5
Tel. for booking: 914 20 44 74
This new tapas bar and restaurant located in Barrio de las Letras has a cozy decor and a remarkable covered terrace with live music.
We recommend the leek cocotte with Edam and Parmesan cheese, salmon tartare with broccoli and mild or spicy steak tartar.
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la foto 3 la foto 4
C/ Castelló, 12
Telephone number: 917526586
High-end French pastries have just landed in the Salamanca district.
Modern, sophisticated and homely coffee with its own bakery and shop. All products are made on site and are of high quality.
We recommend the lemon cream tart with Italian meringue and strudel with vanilla cream.
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C/ Bárbara de Braganza, 2
Tel. for booking: 913199457
A tapas bar on the top floor and cocktail lounge on the lower floor.
The perfect place for an afterwork drink or after dinner near the lovely Plaza Salesas. The price of a cocktail is around 12 euros. Le Cabrera has a relaxed after work atmosphere.
Try some of the best cocktails in Madrid including the mango mojito.
Cabrera1 Cabrera2
Cabrera 3

Madrid, tourist friendly

Madrid is one of Europe’s five most visited cities along with London, Paris, Rome and Berlin.
The average spending per tourist is 158 euros per day, the average length of stay has increased and is less affected by seasonality.
Bloom Consulting has created the “Country Brand Ranking”. Spain is the European country most searched on the Internet as a possible tourist destination and fourth as a possible investment destination.
The most common internet searches by tourists include heritage sites, beaches and golf destinations.
After Spain, tourists search for information about Germany, France and the UK. In addition to Spain, Investors search for information on UK, France and Germany.
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Street art Madrid

An update on the street art scene in Madrid and urban safaris.

The Madrid Street Art Project guides customers through the streets of Madrid to see some of the most inspired outdoor art.

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Attendees receive information about the work and the artist, and the guides respond to questions along the way.

foto safari 1          fot safari 9


foto safari 8      fot osafari7

The tours intended for all audiences. There are several possibilities:

Open group in which you can join individually for 5 euros.

A private group of 10 to 20 people.

Education: aimed at high school and university students, a virtual program, and conference and workshops with street artists.

An original and informed way to discover the street art of Madrid.

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For more information visit:

Booking available via email:










Sergi Arola Gastro restaurant

One of the most famous restaurants in Madrid, Sergi Arola was the first chef in the world to be awarded two Michelin stars at once.

Dine in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, with dim lighting and dark leather tablecloths.

restaurante sergi arola

First you are offered hors d’oeuvres and a selection of tapas “Las locuras de Sergi Arola”, an innovative take on classic Spanish cuisine: gazpacho, a miniature calamari sandwich, shrimp omelet and patatas bravas.

aperitivo 1                         aperitivo

Next you are served in a ceramic bowl in the shape of a tin can, “False tuna” which is actually finely chopped beets.



The bread, olive oil and butter are all homemade and delicious.


For starters we recommend the homemade pumpkin ravioli with celery and smoked eggplant puree on a bed of spinach.


As a main course, we recommend the twice cooked duck with pears stuffed with wine foie. Exquisite.


For dessert, we recommend the chocolate dish called “Chocolate gives life” served in a small pale.


The presentation, flavors and textures of the dishes, as well as the great care that you receive from the attentive waiters, who carefully explain each dish, make for a special experience.