Today Friendly Madrid presents the newest most exciting restaurants in Madrid.

Dray Martina

C/ Argensola, 7. Tel for booking: 910810056.



A beautiful restocafé, cozy and cute place to have a coffee, have lunch or dinner with friends. Simple but flavorfull food.

We recommend the goat chease Shell with figs, carmelized onion, rocket, natural artichokes cooked on the grill with mango vinagrette, the hamburger with brie, shallots, and fresh greens. For dessert, try to the Apple crumble with ice cream.


La Maruca

 C/  Velázquez, 54 Tel. for booking: 917 81 49 69




A Cantabrian restaurant  from the same owner as Cañadío in Santander. A beautiful modern and elegant space. The restaurant has a small terrace beside the entrance.

Quality dishes at reasonable prices: octupus, salad, cut meats, shrimp with garlic, steak tartar, foie in terrine, marinera clams, and well well presented fish.

If you go, make sure to try the Santoña anchovies with grilled peppers, cod dumpings and hake with potato cream sauce.

Don’t forget to book in advance!




Combat the cold with stoles and scarfs.

Stoles and scarfs can adorn a simple outfit and create a chic look.

All the photos of accessories are from the webpages of each designer of this season and you can find these clothes now at stores.

We hope you like them. Keep warm!

Starting with these attractive yet low cost options:

foto 1 post 1

Printed geometric scarf by Pull & Bear 15,99 euros.

The same scarf in grey:

foto 2 post 1

Ethnic style, also from Pull & Bear, 15,99 euros.

Fular estilo étnico

In Mango you can find this thinner scarf with stars, which comes in black, burgundy and beige 15,99 euros:

Fular estrellas

If you are looking for a beautiful scarf that is not too expensive here are some other options:

Blue, black, and white spotted scarf with frayed edges by Maje 90 euros.

Fular Maje

Stole from Sandro, 125 euros.

Echarpe Sandro

Cotton scarf with multicolour leapord print, flower design, camouflage and geometric pattern, 105 euros.

Echarpe Acidulé Sandro

If your budget permits, we recommend you:

Cashemere scarf adorned with a map by Chanel, 820 euros.

Estola Chanel

Cashemere scarf  from Hermes 690 euros.

Estola de Hermes

Cashemere and silk scarf from Hermes, 875 euros.

Chal de Hermes

Cashemere and silk scarf  from Hermes, available in a variety of colours, 875 euros.

Estola en cachemira y seda

Tell us what you think about this selection of scarfs by Friendly Madrid and let us know what you are wearing this season.

This is how famous people are wearing their scarfs:

Jessica AlbaBlake+Lively+Boots+Flat+Boots+1TNbJrWjYRXl

Miranda KerrAlessandra+Ambrosio+Scarves+Patterned+Scarf+9_yz-8SwXi2l