Chinese New Year’s celebration & Promodelia bloggers breakfast

CHINESE NEW YEAR: The Year of the Goat Wood

We attended the celebration of Chinese New Year February 20th at Hilario Alfaro shop in Platea (C/Goya, 7) with the Chinese community in Spain.



Alfaro presented their new spring collection, already available in stores.


Peter King offered his cocktails garnished with a variety of berries and citrus fruits from Gold Gourmet, premium grocery, located in Platea.


From left to right, Silvia El Blog de Silvia,  Alejandra from Tic Tac News Blog and Victoria from Friendly Madrid.



This week Promodelia Fashion Showroom hosted a breakfast for bloggers.


The porpose of the meeting was to show their space and the new collection of the fashion designer Lorena Panea.


The designer with one of the models from her new collection


Group photo of the participants


Video summary of the event

Oysho Spring Summer 2015 Collection

Oysho Spring Summer 2015 collection is characterized by shapes and designs of pure lines dedicated to cosmopolitan and feminine women.




White is the principal color in this collection, with soft and dusty tones, as well as blues and pinks.



Campa§a SS15 Oysho  9


Evolution and perfection in the volumes of the clothes is based on simplicity in order to transform them into unique pieces made with linen, guipur and natural cotton.





Shades of silver and gold refine the designs that have lightness and freshness. Oriental inspiration, large shirts with different volumes and palazzo pants. 

Clothing that provides movement and dynamism to the female figure.




The collection offers a wide palette full of light and contrasts.



Oysho Gymwear Collection SS15





Athleisure: a new term to denote athletic and leisure combined this spring in the gym wear collection. Fashion  and sport at the gym and the street.


Original tribal prints recall Africa with exotic and sophisticated colors (black, white and neon).


Crop tops, leggings, tank tops: an original and trendy collection with seamless, bonded and quick dry clothes.

Campa§a Oysho Gymwear SS15 (3)

Rene Furterer Hair Care Masterclass

Recently we attended the Rene Furterer Paris hair care masterclass.

Diego Perez, an international trainer of the firm, highlighted the importance of a healthy scalp, using the example of a plant needing to grow in fertile land.


Each of the attendees was given a personalized hair diagnosis (visual, tactile, dialogue) by answering the following questions:


1- How does your hair feel?

2- Do you have a sensitive, dry or greasy scalp?

3-How often do you wash your hair?

4- How long does your hair stay clean?

5- What products do you use normally?

6- Are you losing your hair?

7- If your hair falls out, is it only during certain periods or more habitual?

Rene Furterer has created different product lines for hair covering all its necessities. Depending on how you would answer these questions you identify which product to use.

Curbicia– For greasy scalp or hair


Karite– Very dry scalp and hair

Melaleuca– Eliminates dandruff and improve the scalp


Anti-hair loss care – Solves both types of hair loss

Astera– For sensitive and irritated scalp

Tonucia-Helps regain strength and density in hair

Okara-Protects and sublimate the brightness of colored hair

Fioravanti– Increases shine

Some tips for healthy hair:

Prepare hair before washing by applying concentrated essential oils that tone the scalp, regulate sebum, stimulate blood microcirculation and reinforce the action of other treatment products.


Astera Soothing Serum (sensible scalp) or Complexe 5 to promote roots (normal scalp).


Instructions: spread the product in line with the hair roots massaging from the occipital region to the front, making upward circular motions with your fingertips to stimulate the circulation.

Wash hair when needed, no matter how often but always with the right products.

After washing apply the treatment (mask, conditioner, hair loss lotion, brightening spray)

Brush hairoften without touching the scalp with the brush. The sooner you remove any dead hair, the sooner new hair can grow.


We tested some Rene Furterer hair products from the different lines and the results have been very positive.


For more information you can visit Rene Furterer’s website:

“Club Reserva 1925” hosts Jacobo Serra

Alhambra Reserva 1925, one of the iconic brands of Mahou San Miguel, the leading beer company in Spain, has launched “Club Reserva 1925” a musical initiative that welcomes different artists and musical styles in the legendary Clamores Club in Madrid.


November 6th the musician Jacobo Serra, one of the most brilliant singers of his generation, will perform at  “Club Reserva 1925”. His unique style and passion for Anglo pop and American folk-rock is reflected in his music. His first LP “Don t Give Up” was a big success.


Club Reserva 1925” is where high quality emerging artists, who turned their passion into a profession thanks to Alhambra Reserva 1925, display their work to audiences in a unique and special atmosphere, while enjoying all the flavor of Alhambra Reserva 1925.


A few months ago we told you about “Art for discovering” where Alhambra Reserva 1925 supports the work of great artists such as “The New Raemon”, “Templeton”, “Pony Bravo”, “Jacobo Serra”, “Novedades Carminha” or “Joe La Reina”.

Concerts begin at 21:30. Alhambra gives all fans the opportunity to get 3 free pairs of tickets for each concert.

If you want to see Jacobo Serra live, you just have to go to Twitter ( Alhambra Reserva 1925 and participate in the competition starting today October 30 until Monday November 3, when the winners will be announced.

For those who do not want to risk missing the concert, you can buy your tickets here


At Club Reserva 1925 you will enjoy a live concert with an intimate atmosphere accompanied by the taste of Alhambra Reserva 1925. Don’t miss it!

Mahou San Miguel

Mahou San Miguel is a Spanish family owned company and leader in the beer industry in Spain with a market share of over 37%. There are eight brewing centers, seven in Spain and one in India, two springs, bottling plants and a team of over 2,500 professionals.

Mahou San Miguel has almost 125 years of history, beginning with the birth of Mahou in 1890. In 2000, Mahou acquired San Miguel. In 2004, Mahou incorporated the Canary Island brand Reina and in 2007, Beer Alhambra. It has also diversified its business with the purchase in 2011 of Solan de Cabras. The company has a portfolio of beer which includes, among other brands, Mahou Cinco Estrellas, San Miguel Especial, Alhambra Reserva 1925, San Miguel and San Miguel 0,0%. It also has a wide range of international beers from agreements with partners such as Carlsberg, Molson Coors, and Warsteiner.

Internationalization is one of the strategic pillars for the development of Mahou San Miguel. The company produces more than 75% of the Spanish beer consumed in the world and is present in over 50 countries.

For more information:

Facebook (

Twitter (


Voyage to Ceylan by Adolfo Dominguez

Recently we attended the presentation of the new Adolfo Dominguez perfume, Voyage to Ceylan.

la foto 3.PNG

Voyage to Ceylan is the name chosen by Adolfo Dominguez for the luxury brand’s new perfume. The exotic attraction of Ceylan inspires a world of emotions and passions.

la foto 1


The new fragrance evokes the exoticism of the island with notes of tropical flowers, spices and scented wood.

la foto 3

Fresh like the sea, the fragrance hints of grapefruit and lemon and develops a spicy (jasmine and rose) scent and sandalwood and patchouli.

la foto 2

la foto 4-2

Amaia Salamanca represents the perfume in the promotional video where she encounters Eduardo Noriega in a story of ardent attraction.

VIAJE A CEYLAN WOMAN de Adolfo Dominguez from feelthebrand” on Vimeo.




The presentation for the press was held at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Madrid.

la foto 2.PNG-2

la foto 3.PNG-2

Victoria Lorenzo of Friendly Madrid

la foto 5


Special decoration, food and drink that evoked Ceylan.

A trip. A passion. A perfume.



“The Gentleman’s wager”
 article sponsored by Johnnie Walker Blue Label

To the sweet whirling rhythm of a clarinet, we join Jude Law, the British star and Giancarlo Giannini, the famous Italian actor relaxing aboard of a beautiful wooden schooner anchored in a bay in the British Virgin Islands.

Not just any boat. In a schooner built in 1928, by the Blagietto Varazze shipyard in Italy. Unique in the world and unrepeatable.

The English performer asks his friend to sell him the amazing boat but the Italian actor tells Law that it is not for sale. So the Englishman challenges his friend to accept a bet. That he will win the boat with a dance.

Giancarlo, reluctant to sell the ship, but amused by the challenge, accepts. We remember Giancarlo on his role in Casino Royale, a great example of the classic gentleman like his partner in this short film.


The video reminds us that the best things in life are not purchased with money, as they have another kind of value.

Jake Scott directed this short film that takes us to a marvelous seaside location. The message is that we cannot buy stories and good times, we must live them.

About Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Originally Blue Label whiskey was offered only to the British royal family. Composed of 40 whiskies made ​​in distilleries and aged over 50 years. A clearly different whiskey, with hints of wood and spice.


DIAGEO is the world’s leading premium drinks company with an outstanding collection of beverage alcohol brands ranging from spirits, beer and wine categories. These brands include Johnnie Walker, Crown Royal, JεB, Buchanan’s, Windsor and Bushmills whiskies, Smirnoff, Cîroc and Ketel One vodkas, Captain Morgan, Baileys, Tanqueray and Guinness.

Article sponsored by Johnnie Walker, but all thoughts are our own.

Beatriz Peñalver Catwalk at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid Samsung EGO

Forgiveness is the name of the new collection of the Granada based designer Beatriz Peñalver.

Tradition and our roots are what make us what we are. Forgiveness is forgetting, forgiveness is beginning again, forgiveness is a new opportunity.


25 dresses in a collection full of flared silhouettes, draped with fine silk, based on rigid backings, mixed with straight lines.

Oversize patterns resulting in dramatic volumes are the hallmark of the designer.

The colors most highlighted are purple, emerald green, blue, gray, cherry, black, white, gold and silver. Serigraph and prints that tell a story, the exaltation of gypsy women.

Before the caltwalk, Perfidia a short film by Raúl Rosillo was projected, paying tribute to gypsy women.

PERFIDIA from Raúl Rosillo on Vimeo.